The old man’s heart and children know how much

The old man’s heart and children know how much

Recently, have you been accompanying your parents for shopping, whether you have dinner with your parents, whether you are chatting with your parents. It’s the Nine-Year Chongyang Festival. If you forget these things, I hope you will stop again today and in the days to come.Forgot to care for your parents.

In fact, 70% of the elderly have psychological problems.

  Mind 1: The children are over-stressed, but the old man is not mentally 89-year-old Wu Lao and his wife originally lived alone. Later, the daughter bought a large house of more than 150 square meters and decided to take the old man back to the housing room.

After the two old people went to catch up with their daughters on business, the female students were afraid of taking care of the elderly. They made breakfast for the elderly on the table, told the old people when they wanted to eat, when to get up again, and told them not to go to the street.In order to avoid the car touching.

  At noon, my grandfather took a taxi and went home to cook for the old man. The two old people really took up their clothes to reach out and lived in the mouth.

Three months later, the two old people returned to their residences, and the old man who had cooked himself found that he would not cook.

Neighbors found that the old man did not have the spirit of the past, and the aging was very fast.

  Experts puzzled: This is an age-old degeneration.

The less the elderly are exposed to things, the weaker their ability to adapt, and some even the things that would have been done will not be caused. This requires children to provide an independent living space for the elderly to do things every day.

Careful care for the elderly, in fact, will make the old man think that he is old, useless, psychologically withdraw from the world and accelerate aging.

  Mind 2: Eat and wear, the lonely old man is “ill” Wang Auntie is 69 years old, his wife died two years ago, and his daughter works in the field.

Wang Auntie has a generous pension, she can’t eat it, she can’t wear it, but she always feels that there is something in her life. She often dazes in the empty room every day, and she still sighs.

Wang Auntie really wants her daughter to spend more time with her, or talk to her daughter a few more calls, but she is afraid of affecting her daughter’s work.

Wang Da Niang was annoyed, and gradually she found herself with chest pain, leg pain, and uncomfortable feeling.

  On the phone, her daughter knew that her mother was ill. She hurriedly took her leave from Changsha to Changchun and accompanied her mother to the major hospitals to see a doctor. However, she went to major hospitals and did various kinds of examinations, that is, she could not find out.

The daughter can be anxious, and finally, under the doctor’s reminder, the daughter brought Wang Auntie to the psychological research institute to see the psychiatrist.

  Experts puzzled: Wang Auntie actually did not get sick, or because of the psychological problems of loneliness, but he was not willing to express his emotions, and adopted a method of depression, which has been suppressed for a long time.An irrational expression, that is, a physical transformation disorder, which is more likely to occur in the elderly.

Some elderly people, because of their extreme eagerness for their children’s attention, admit that they are “ill” in the internal mind and subconscious, “can’t do it”, and even pee in the bed and pull it in the pants.

When this happens, it is necessary to think about the psychological problems of the elderly in a timely manner. Take her to see a psychiatrist and care more about her.

  Mind 3: The empty nest old man hopes that a companion Zhang Auntie’s wife has got lung cancer. She met Zhao’s grandfather when she was taking care of her husband in the hospital.

At that time, Uncle Zhao’s wife also got a serious illness. Two people were connected with each other. Coupled with the same age, there are naturally many words.

Later, the husbands of two people passed away. Although the family conditions of both sides were very good, the two old people felt that they couldn’t talk to their children, so they often talked together and gradually the old man had the idea of rebuilding the family.

  However, when they said that they were exported, they were strongly opposed by the daughters and daughters of both sides. So the two old people no longer dared to mention marriage, and they did not dare to meet.

Both sides feel more and more uncomfortable. Zhang Auntie is unhappy every day, and she doesn’t say anything, eats less, and sleeps badly.

Later, when she was placed in a psychological clinic by her daughter, after the doctor’s guidance, the old man cried awkwardly. “It’s so old, I don’t want to drag my children, I want to have a partner around me, even if there is something, someone around me helps.The phone is OK too!

Experts confuse: empty nesters are easy to get this occult depression, manifested as insomnia, less words, bad diet.

The old man always has some of his own experiences and psychological words that are not understood by young people. When you are old, you want to have a partner. At this time, when children want to fully overcome the opinions of the elderly, don’t be too selfish and hinder themselves.The feelings.

It is necessary to fully consider the situation of the elderly and to know the material satisfaction, not the entire needs of the elderly.

  The elderly also have “five fears”. In fact, in addition to a lot of thoughts, the elderly also have “five fears.”

  I am afraid that the awareness of the closed old people will be degraded by the growth of age, and the elderly are reluctant to accept new things.

Facts have proved that the more closed the elderly, the faster they age, the more they think that they are not in harmony with this society, so that getting the elderly out of the closed environment will be more conducive to the health of the elderly. If the elderly can be as loyal to the Internet as some people are., tourism, then the elderly will be physically happy and reduce the incidence of disease.

  I am afraid that when I am young, I often hope that when I am old, I will have no worries and no need to work.

However, when you are old, you will find that the spirit is untrustworthy and you can’t afford to be able to do it every day. When you are old, you should do something a little bit. Even if you help people send newspapers and collect water and electricity bills, you can let themLife is full and reduces the incidence of depression.

  I am afraid that the lonely old man is most afraid of being alone, no one is accompanying.

But today’s young people are working outside, and there is very little time to spend time with their parents. At this time, the elderly should come out, participate in some group activities, make more friends, find a few people who can talk, and stay away.Lonely, optimistic and upward emotions will benefit the elderly.

  Some people say that they are called Andu’s later years. The age of the elderly is increasing, and the psychological capacity is lower. The most unbearable changes in life, even if it is only a small frustration, the old man does not think about rice for several days.

In fact, once there is a change, the family will give the elderly more attention and psychological solutions.

  People who are afraid of disease are old and weak. Some diseases often invade the body of the elderly. The old-age mentality of suffering from diseases will become more and more fragile and lose confidence in life. Such bad mood can easily lead to the deterioration of the disease.The health of the elderly is extremely unfavorable.Such an elderly person needs to see a psychiatrist frequently to conduct psychological counseling, which is conducive to his optimistic mood, victory over disease, health and longevity.

  Talking to my parents, Professor Zheng Xiaohua said that the elderly have poor adaptability to the society, social activities have shrunk, and their value recognition has been reduced. The psychological gap has caused them to accept new things in society, and the elderly will become stubborn and difficult to communicate.

At this time, children should become listeners of the elderly, do not argue with the elderly, become more and more happening to the elderly, and encourage the elderly.

  For example, the old man should pat him when he is defecation. “It’s really good. The bowel movements are always so regular, and the body is definitely fine.”

“The old man will understand that he is doing well, stick to it, and let the elderly accept more new things, exercise more, and participate in some group activities.”

The society should also pay more attention to the elderly, and some better ways to participate in the elderly.

Eating something too cold in summer can affect digestive function and reduce resistance

Eating something too cold in summer can affect digestive function and reduce resistance

On a hot summer day, drink a glass of cold beer or beverage and immediately feel the heat.

In fact, this is just a temporary enjoyment. As everyone knows, these delicacies in ice coats will affect digestive function, reduce resistance, and make people more vulnerable to heat stroke.

  Experts told reporters that enzymes must be involved in the metabolism and transformation of cells. The human body has thousands of enzymes. Almost all life activities, from the secretion of glands to the normal operation of the immune system, require enzymes.

The enzyme has the best activity between 35 ℃ -40 ℃, the most active at 37 ℃, and loses the activity above 60 ℃.

If too much cold food is absorbed in summer, the temperature of the human body will be lowered in the short term.

At this time, because the human body is unable to adapt to such a low temperature at once, the digestive system will be affected first, and then the normal functioning of various system functions in the whole body will be affected.

In the hot summer, it is easy to cause heat stroke.

  In addition, cold drinks pass high blood pressure faster than food at room temperature, and they drink more and thirst.

Therefore, cold drinks such as cold beer and ice cream are actually fireballs in ice coats, but the transformations they contain make your weight loss plan fail and become more vulnerable to summer heat.

Cold drinks are not savage beasts. If you eat them moderately and slowly, they will not cause the substitutions mentioned above.

Moreover, different people have different degrees of acceptance of cold drinks, and they are frail. People with cardiovascular disease are advised not to eat cold drinks.

Infants and young children due to gastrointestinal dysfunction, should also eat cold drinks.

Women should eat fresh jujube for health

Women should eat fresh jujube for health


6 benefits of eating dates1. The ruddy doctor said: Women are more likely to develop iron deficiency anemia.

On average, about 20% of adolescent women and 50% of pregnant women will develop anemia.

Iron arsenic in jujube has an important effect on monthly anemia and postpartum blood loss, and its effect is usually incomparable with drugs.

Jujube also contains a large amount of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which can regulate the body’s metabolism, enable new cells to be generated quickly, and old dead cells can be eliminated quickly.
2. Skin Moisturization Dermatologists believe that long-term work in front of a computer will cause many skin problems, the most serious of which is dryness.

Jujube is very rich in nutrition, with the highest content of vitamin C and vitamin P, ranking first among various fruits.

Vitamin C is 7% higher in fresh dates than citrus?
10 times, 75 times that of Apple.

Generally accepted lemon is a representative of vitamin P-rich, but it is several times worse than fresh jujube.

Eating jujube often can increase the elasticity of the skin, make the subcutaneous tissue plump, and make the skin tender and smooth.

3, to reduce wrinkles and grow red is not only a legend, wrinkles can not be long, but can grow later, later!

Vitamin C contained in jujube is a highly active reducing antioxidant, which can participate in the reduction of physiological oxygen in the body, prevent the deposition of melanin in the body, and effectively reduce wrinkles and pigmentation.

4, standing upright often backache back pain, can not talk about any elegant posture; nails are soft and fragile, do not want to make any crystals, French details to create beauty, but no health, no details!

Calcium phospholipids in dates have an important role in implanting osteoporosis and can help you extend the shelf life of your body.

In jujube foods, the nutritional loss of drunk jujube penetrated, and vitamin C was almost completely destroyed. However, after the wine was soaked, the mineral content increased.

Therefore, the calcium content of drunk jujube is the best of these kinds of jujube products, containing about 75 mg per 100 grams.

5. It is best to wear XXS for slimming clothes—skinny and skinny women can also find reasons to lose weight in themselves.

For women, weight loss is sometimes not a thing, but a way of life!

Jujube has the function of promoting intestinal peristalsis, which is the best product for weight loss.

When lying on the sofa, watching TV, playing games, you can also chew a red date when you can’t rest your mouth.

You should have heard that chewing gum has a slimming effect. Chewing red dates is even better!

But it is worth reminding that the sugar content of jujube is very high, and the transition is not low naturally, so if your purpose is to lose weight, please control the intake of jujube.

6, the cancer that is not easy to get sick, the problem of AIDS has not been overcome, and the so-called new type of flu has appeared!

A headache is dead!

Ordinary influenza is often recruited. How should this new type be dealt with?

Not to mention cold weather, more terrible diseases need to be prevented!

Jujube extracts, including jujube juice, have anti-fatigue effects.

In addition, jujube can also promote the reproduction of spleen lymphocytes, improve people’s immunity, make people less likely to get sick, and have a long-term physical fitness will obviously improve.

Eat jujube coup 1, fresh jujube: It is best to eat raw, which is beneficial to the absorption of nutrients.

Fresh jujube has a short shelf life and will lose its crispy texture at room temperature for a few days, so it is best to eat it the same day after you buy it.

2. Dried dates: Dried dates have a sugar content of up to 50%, which is converted to 309 kcal per 100 grams of flesh, which is similar to rice and white noodles. Therefore, it is more suitable for porridge or soup, and can release nutrients very well.
3. Candied dates: Making fresh dates into candied dates is another way to preserve jujube for a long time.

Hexian jujube and dried jujube are the local ones. The nutrition of jujube is the lowest and the sugar content is the highest.

Similar to dried dates, candied dates are best used for porridge and can replace the sugar concentration in dates.

Taboo on jujube 1. Jujube skin: Jujube is a nutritious and nourishing product. It can be eaten often, but it should be avoided. Excessive consumption will cause problems such as excessive stomach acid and bloating.

And the jujube skin of red dates is difficult to digest, so you must chew slowly.

2. Love teeth: The high sugar content of red dates is harmful to teeth.
If you eat too many red dates without enough water, it is easy to damage your teeth.
People who have already suffered from dental problems are not suitable to eat dates.

3. It is best not to eat red dates with cucumber or radish.

Radish contains ascorbase, and cucumber contains vitamin degrading enzymes. These two ingredients may destroy vitamins in other foods.

4, do not eat red dates with animal liver.

Copper, iron and other elements of animal liver cancer, copper and iron ions can easily oxidize vitamins contained in other foods and lose their efficacy.

5. Do not consume red dates when taking antipyretics.

Taking antipyretic drugs while consuming foods with high sugar content tends to form insoluble complexes, reducing the initial absorption rate of the drug.

Jujube is a food with high sugar content, so it cannot be eaten with antipyretic drugs.


Zero-year music education

Zero-year music education

There is no doubt that some physiologists, psychologists, and educators have found that the abilities of babies are surprising. They correctly recognize and evaluate the abilities of babies and treat them as people with mental and ability.

It is unrealistic to think lightly that children cannot be heard or read, and that there are no intelligence or other statements two or three months after birth.

  Experiments by researchers working in the hospital’s nursery showed that newborns already have hearing and hearing discrimination.

If someone in the nursery cries, it will cause a cry.

Give them beautiful music at this time, it is amazing that the babies will immediately stop crying and listen to the music.

The well-known pianist Gu Shengying’s father recalled: “The baby with the full moon was lying in the cradle, his mother was playing a record, and the little baby closed his eyes and fell asleep quietly.

However, when the song was over and the mother changed the record, the cradle became uneasy. Xiao Shengying opened her eyes and looked around, looking as if she was looking for something.

When the music resounded, the child was quiet again.

My mother was amazed. She told her family, relatives and friends about this discovery, and ‘performed’ again and again.

  The role of music education in this period is firstly, spiritual education, with beautiful and melodic melody, lively and elegant music, to cultivate the temperament and character of children, regulate emotions, and enrich emotions;Music, influence, exercise children’s hearing, and promote the development of hearing ability.

Listen to music for children. The sound quality of music should be pure, clear and free of noise.

Whether someone sings to a child or listens to music, the tone must be correct. Inaccurate tones can damage the child’s hearing discrimination ability.

  When you begin to listen to music for your children, you can choose famous and outstanding music works, and the types can be unlimited. Whether it is symphony or piano, songs, as long as they have beautiful melody, they can be elegant.

Moms should use music to come to match their children’s life activities and regulate their emotional changes.

  1. When the child is going to sleep, listen to the child’s quiet and soft lullaby, make his mood stable and comfortable, and gradually fall asleep.

After getting used to listening, when it was time to sleep, he could fall asleep quietly and quickly as soon as he played music.

  2. When the child is irritable and crying, listen to happy and lively music, divert his focus and make him cry.

  3. When feeding the child, you can listen to the beautiful and lively music to make him happy and eat sweet.

Note a few points: ① Slower.

At first, it was a musical composition selected by babies. The speed should be moderate or slower. The mood changes in the music should not be too big.

② The tune is shorter.

The time for continuous listening to music for children is generally not more than 15 minutes, rest for a few minutes before listening.

③ The volume is weaker.

The playback volume should be moderate or slightly weaker. Gradually decrease the volume and listen continuously, change the child’s listening fatigue, and even damage the hearing ability. Do not take care.

④ Repeatedly.

In one or two months, listening to two or three songs repeatedly, so that the child has a memory process, the brakes deepen the impression.

⑤ Don’t talk.

The mother can speak some guiding language to the baby before listening to the music, but in the process of listening to the music, it is said to disturb the child.

Kidney stones treatment recipe

Kidney stones treatment recipe

What is a kidney stone treatment recipe?

Looking for a recipe for kidney stone treatment.

  The formation of kidney stones is mostly related to diet. Therefore, the diet of kidney stones is very easy. People who have had uric acid stones, animal viscera, goose, sardines, etc. should eat less.

While drinking plenty of water to prevent hypertension, try not to urinate.

For patients who have suffered from kidney stones, the current medical profession believes that drinking more water does protect the kidneys and treat kidney stones, but it cannot be understood one-sidedly. It should be based on the specific situation of the patient.

The following are several commonly used kidney stone recipes for reference: 1. Walnut porridge recipe: walnut kernel 100g rice 100g rock sugar 30g making: 1.

Wash the rice clean, remove the walnuts and remove the kernels, add them to the rice pot, add 500 ml of water, crush the rock sugar, and put them in the pot.


Bring the pot to a boil over the fire and simmer for 30 minutes to serve as porridge.

  How to eat: 3 times a day as a staple food.

  Efficacy: nourish the lungs and kidneys, and eliminate stones.

  2. Steamed Chicken Recipe: Chicken 1 Coix Seed 30g Walnut Kernel 30g Chicken Internal Gold 15g Sea Golden Sand 20g Amber 15g Dihuang 15g Red Dates 10 Salt 10g Scallion 20g Ginger 15g Shaw Wine 20g Sesame Oil 30gProduction: 1.

Put coix kernels, walnut kernels, chicken inner gold, sea golden sand, amber, rehmannia glutinosa, red dates into the pot, add 500 ml of water; cook on medium heat for 25 minutes, filter, and save the juice.


After the chicken is slaughtered, put on the wine, salt, put the green onion and ginger into the chicken belly, put the cooked medicinal juice into the steamer with the chicken; put the steamer in the steamer and steam for 1 hour and a half.

  How to eat: 2 times a day, eat chicken and drink soup.

  Efficacy: nourishing qi and blood, dissolving stone to row stone.

  III. Coix kernel porridge recipe: Coix kernel 50 grams of rice 150 grams of white sugar 30 grams Production: 1.

Wash the coix seed and rice, put them into the pot, and add 1000 ml of water.


Bring the pot to a boil over medium heat and cook over medium heat for 50 minutes. Add sugar and mix well when eating.

  How to eat: Take it 2 times a day for breakfast and dinner.

  Efficacy: Dehumidification and spleen, diuretic swelling.

  Four, bamboo shoots fried duck gizzard recipe: 30 grams of chicken internal gold, 100 grams of duck fat, 200 grams of bamboo shoots, 30 grams of black fungus, 20 grams of wine, 20 grams of green onion, 10 grams of ginger, 50 grams of vegetable oil Production: 1.

Wash and slice the bamboo shoots, grind the chicken inside into a fine powder, slice the chicken gizzards, make the black fungus thoroughly remove the mud and stalks, cut the shallot into sections, and slice the ginger.


Add the plain oil to the frying spoon. When the roast is mature, add the green onions and ginger to stir-fry, add duck gizzards, bamboo shoots, fungus, and wine, season with salt, stir-fry and add the chicken powder.

  How to eat: Once a day, eat with a meal.

  Efficacy: Xiaoshiji, Tongshilin.

  This is the recipe for kidney stone treatment.

  Lao TCM Health Net recommends: Lao TCM Kidney Tea http: // www.


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Physical health, lip color tells you

Physical health, lip color tells you

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the lips can pay attention to the windows of health.

The color, gloss, and thickness of the lips all reflect the health of the human body.

Normally healthy lips are generally rosy and shiny, with moderate wetness and elasticity.

If there is a problem with the body, the lips will change.

So get up early in the morning, may wish to look in the mirror, take a closer look at your lips, and see if the following conditions are present: Lips are purple: If lips appear bruised for a long time, modern medicine calls them “purple cyanosis”, indicating that your heart may have problems, So appropriate for a long time to go to the hospital for examination.

Some respiratory diseases can also cause changes in lips brightness, not enough ruddy.

  Pale lips: If you have pale lips for a long time, you can go to the hospital for a check. The doctor will check you accordingly based on their performance and conscious symptoms to rule out the problem of anemia.

In addition, some patients with spleen and stomach deficiency and indigestion can also show symptoms such as rosy and dry lips, and some even have cold limbs.

  Red lips and lips: The normal lip color is mostly pink. If the red color is too bright or dark purple, it may be caused by the so-called “big fire” in the body.

If accompanied by bad breath, hiccups, indicating that the spleen and stomach are hot and humid;

  Dark lips: If one or more dark spots appear on your lips, you should go to the department of dentistry or dermatology of the hospital to rule out the possibility of pigmented diseases or vascular diseases, such as pigmented nevus or hemangiomas.Do related checks.

If the overall color is dull and dark, also pay attention to the digestive system.

If a circle around the lips is black, it may be related to dampness in the body or deficiency of the spleen and kidney.

  Yellow lips: It is rare to see yellow lips. If your lips are yellow and your face and body skin are yellow, you must be careful if your liver has any problems. You can go to the hospital to check if you have hepatitis.

  Lip and palate: One of the manifestations of cheilitis is lip and palate.

Some people with allergies, such as lipstick allergies, or people with poor digestion, will also have this manifestation.

Of course, the same phenomenon occurs in the body due to lack of water or B vitamin metabolism.

  Herpes labialis: also called herpes simplex on the lips, caused by herpes virus infection. It is often caused by decreased body resistance, such as overwork, cold, excessive oily or spicy food, and excessive humidity.

  Therefore, care of the lips must start from the root cause of the body.

While treating the primary disease that causes changes in the lips, pay attention to regulating normal functions. Pay more attention to it normally. I believe that your lips will maintain a charming luster.

Self-matching herbal tea can not be 100 people

Self-matching herbal tea can not be 100 people

In order to cope with the advent of spring, many people have begun to make some homemade sparkling grass tea at the table.

What is your style of herbal tea?

Is casual pairing harmful to the body?

  Old Chinese medicine reminds that herbal tea refers to a herbal beverage that decomposes or brews the roots, stems, leaves, flowers or skin of the plant to produce an aromatic taste.

Because each flower, grass has its corresponding sex, taste, efficacy, if used properly, herbal tea does have a certain health benefits, but can only be replaced inside, need to adjust according to their own physique, sometimesExcessive amounts can also cause physical discomfort.

  The old Chinese doctor said that the combination of herbal tea, from the sexual taste, as the edible flowers and plants are mostly sexual warmth, sexual cold and sexual flat.

The edible flowers and flowers of the warmth mainly include plum blossom, jasmine tea, rose flower, rose flower, saffron, etc.; the edible flowers of the cold are mainly Prunella vulgaris, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, silk flower, etc.; the flat flowers are mainly acacia flowers, corn mustard, hibiscus, lavender, etc.

When pairing, those herbs with warm herbs are best not to be compatible with the cold flowers.

In terms of efficacy, such as lavender has the effect of soothe the nerves and nourish the yoghurt, so that the earlier god’s herbal tea and lavender can be soaked together, the effect will be weakened; and if the cassia has a certain laxative effect, if it is with the lotus heartCollocation, due to the effect of the lotus heart, will reduce the diarrhea effect of Cassia.

  In addition to the medicinal properties, drinking herbal tea also requires attention to physical condition.

Every kind of herbal tea has special effects, so when choosing, you must clear your physical condition. For example, people with hot physique should replace cold flowers, while people with cold physique should apply warmth.Flowers and plants, for those who have a flat flower, most of them are optional.

At the same time, if you are taking drugs, you should be more cautious in replacing herbal tea. If you are taking antihypertensive drugs, if you drink cassia tea, you need to monitor your blood pressure to prevent excessive blood pressure.

According to the physical condition, you can choose the herbal tea you need to enjoy the herbal tea while achieving the purpose of health care.

  In fact, herbal tea, like traditional Chinese medicine, must vary from person to person. It cannot be “one hundred people”. It is possible to find a suitable herbal tea to achieve physical fitness and beauty.


Anti-cancer, anti-aging and young vegetables

Anti-cancer, anti-aging and young vegetables

Eating these 4 kinds of vegetables often can effectively prevent cancer and aging and help you to be 10 years younger.


The bitter gourd The bitter gourd is particularly popular for its bitter taste.

  The nutritional health features of bitter gourd are: first, it contains a variety of vitamin C, vitamin B1, and alkaloids; second, it contains galacturonic acid and pectin.

The bitter taste in bitter gourd is embedded in quinine in alkaloids.

These nutrients have the effect of promoting appetite, diuretic, activating blood, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and refreshing.

Modern scientific research has found that the “doped-P” substance in bitter gourd is an insulin-like substance that has the effect of lowering blood sugar.

Xi’an Medical University has extracted oral insulin from bitter gourd.

American scientists have also discovered that bitter gourd contains a protein and lipid substance that has the ability to stimulate and enhance the ability of immune cells to swallow cancer cells in animals, and it can play an anti-cancer role in the body together with quinine in alkaloids.

  Although bitter gourd is bitter, it tastes bitter and cold when eating, refreshing and not greasy. It is refreshing and comfortable in summer, and has the effect of refreshing and appetizing.

And it will not pass on the bitterness to “others”, such as using bitter gourd to burn fish, catfish, and the fish pieces will never be bitter.

Therefore, bitter gourd has another name of “gentleman in vegetables”.

If bitter gourd is made into herbal tea and combined in summer, people can feel refreshed and relieve their anxiety.

In some areas, bitter gourd is cut open, salted slightly to reduce some bitterness, and eaten as a vegetable; in some areas, bitter gourd is cut into circles, stewed with minced meat, garlic, and tempeh, and cooked for food.

Hakka Shoushan sang: “People talk about bitter gourd, I say bitter gourd is sweet, and you can choose whatever you want. If there is no bitterness, how can it be sweet?

That is to say, bitter gourd is bitter, but it brings sweet-health and happiness to people.


Tomatoes are said to have been unknown for hundreds of years.

Later, there was a girl in Peru who suffered from anemia and the pain of being broken in love. She wanted to eat a poisonous plant from her heart. Who knew that she swallowed the tomato fruit, her face turned red, and then she ate more ruddy.Instead of dying, she recovered and became more beautiful.

What is the reason?

It turns out that tomato fruits are very rich in protein, traces, residues, agaric acid, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, and C. Among them, the content of vitamin C that can be beauty is equivalent to 10 times that of watermelon, which is simply a warehouse of vitamins.

The body contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals that promote growth hormone growth, as well as lycopene that inhibits bacterial growth.

With all this, Peruvian girls are not healthy, and they are so beautiful!

  In recent years, scientists have found that tomato also contains an anti-cancer, anti-aging substance-glutathione.

Clinical measurement shows that when the concentration of glutathione in the human body rises, the incidence of cancer decreases significantly, so eating more tomatoes can prevent uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, etc.The aging of these cells can lower blood pressure, prevent night blindness, and gum bleeding.

  Because there are so many benefits to eating tomatoes, Europe and the United States are gradually eating tomatoes in every family. The purpose is to prevent cancer, disease, and beauty.

  When eating tomatoes, pay attention to how to eat.

Raw food is not anti-cancer or disease-resistant, because tomato contains lycopene, which is combined with protein, and is surrounded by cellulose. It is difficult to come out. It must be warmed to a certain degree before it is released.

So tomato scrambled eggs, tomato egg soup, tomato tofu, tomato fried meat, fried tomatoes are delicious and nutritious dishes.

    3. Pumpkins In the era of food shortages, pumpkins used to be good at rice, but even today’s well-off society, why are pumpkins so pretty?

There are three reasons: one is that pumpkin is sweet and delicious; the other is that pumpkin is rich in extremely rich vitamin A, which can strengthen the mucous membranes, prevent colds, and prevent rough skin at the same time. It has cosmetic and fitness effects, and can prevent corneal desiccation and night blindness.Modern medicine has found that pumpkin contains trace elements such as cobalt, zinc, copper, and pectin, which can promote the normal secretion of human insulin, so that pumpkin can effectively prevent diabetes, hypertension, and some complications of the liver and kidneys, and can increase resistanceAnemia, ability to fight cancer, can eliminate bacterial toxicity in the body, reduce the risk of colon cancer, prevent and treat atherosclerosis.

  4. Carrot, also known as yellow radish, is a kind of good vegetable with rich nutrition, suitable for young and old, known as “little ginseng”.

The most prestigious of carrots is carotene-a yellow pigment that was first discovered in carrots more than a hundred years ago.

It is now known that carrots contain 1 per 100 grams.


25 mg of carotene, far more than other vegetables, is 360 times that of potatoes and 36 times that of celery.

After carotene enters the body and is absorbed, it can be converted into vitamin A, so carotene is also called provitamin A.

It is valuable that although the carrots are boiled and exposed to sunlight, the loss of carotene in them is very small.  Regular consumption of carrots has many benefits to the body: First, it enhances immunity, anti-cancer and anti-glass, such as the lack of vitamin A in the human body, which has a large impact on the eyes and skin, and has poor resistance, which is prone to respiratory and urinary diseases.If you eat carrots often to meet the body’s needs for vitamin A, in addition to seductive eyes and mucous membranes, it is not easy to get night blindness and colds, and can enhance the disease resistance of the human body. In addition, carrots are rich in lignin, which also improves the body’s resistanceThe role of disease capacity can reduce and prevent the occurrence of cancer.

According to the British and American cancer research institutes, after more than two decades of observations, people who eat carrots and other vitamin A regularly have a 40% less chance of developing diabetes than people who do n’t eat such foods.

The second is beauty and fitness.

Vitamin A’s other function is to maintain the normal function of the human epithelial tissue, to transform and secrete glycoproteins, to keep the skin moist and delicate, so regular consumption of carrots can maintain a glorious youthful image.

In addition, carrots contain mustard oil and amylase, which can promote a slight metabolism, prevent excessive slight accumulation under the skin and gain weight, and maintain a healthy body.

Therefore, Americans believe that carrots are beauty dishes that can raise hair, skin, and mucous membranes.

Europeans now eat carrot cakes, and even Russia eats carrot dumplings.

There are both carrot drinks and carrot apple beauty juices, but they are generally fried, roasted, stewed, and cooked for cooking.

Adding garlic to condiments can reduce sugar and laxative

Adding garlic to condiments can reduce sugar and laxative

Star celebrity archives: also known as amaranth, amaranth, bamboo leaf vegetables, general vegetables, rattan vegetables.

Mostly use the tender stems and leaves to stir-fry or make soup, which is very rich in nutrition.

  Reason for selection: April in the lunar calendar is the best season to eat condiments.

At this time, the water spinach is not only crispy, juicy, delicious, but also the best vegetable for detoxification.

  Health advantages: Chinese medicine believes that water spinach has a strong detoxifying effect.

It is cool and sweet, has the functions of relieving summer heat, clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood to stop bleeding, moisturizing intestines and laxative, etc. It has been hailed as “Vegetable Vegetable” by “Southern Herbs”; it is suitable for hemorrhoids, blood in the stool, wounds, insects and snakesBite, gonorrhea, diarrhea, and food poisoning.

Usually urinary tract infections, or children with nosebleeds, drink soup with convolvulus, which has a therapeutic effect.

  Nutrition highlights: Modern nutrition has found that water spinach has a strong detoxification function.

The crude fiber content is extremely rich, consisting of cellulose, lignin and pectin.

Pectin can accelerate the excretion of toxic substances in the body, lignin can improve the vitality of macrophages to swallow bacteria, and sterilize and reduce inflammation.

Water spinach can also prevent bowel movements, accelerate bowel movements, and have a positive effect on correcting constipation and reducing tandem cancer.

Contains a large amount of vitamin C and carotene to enhance physical fitness and prevent disease.

Modern medicine has also proven that water spinach can reduce blood sugar and can be used as a dietary vegetable for diabetics.

  Picking tricks: The wider the leaves, the more crispy and tender.

At the same time, you should choose to have no macula and the stem is not too long.

  Tips on how to eat: Inappropriate heating time, tend to deteriorate the color of water spinach, nutritional damage.

It is best to eat the stems and young leaves separately.

The young leaves are suitable for quick-fire stir-fry and cold dressing. Paired with yuba, tofu, fish, meat sauce, sesame sauce, etc. can make the nutrition mix more reasonable.

The stem can be cut into diced and fried with soybeans, bean dregs, etc., with unique taste and rich nutrition.

In addition, water chestnuts are cold and slippery, weak in constitution, spleen and stomach are cold, and those who have bowel movements should not eat more. The blood pressure is low, and those with cold stomach should eat with caution.

When eating cold or stir-fried waterweed, it is best to put some garlic, because garlic can cure cold.

Semi-finished man: It’s too early to get married!

Semi-finished man: It’s too early to get married!

A group of reporters went to the event. Although it was a noisy party, everyone still felt very bored. Some male reporters proposed to take female reporters to play in “a lot of handsome guys.”Do you like men or women?

After the coquettish laugh, everyone boasted that the younger sister was very conscious, and the older sisters sighed: “Now many handsome guys have been wasted. Where do we women look for handsome guys?”

“However, these are not wasteful, and the semi-finished males who do not love or marry in another circle are the real waste.

  Although there are many older single women, the other side is that there are not many single men. There are too many single male friends around. When they are in their 30s, everyone still thinks that there is nothing wrong, but watching the red lines across the 40-year-oldIt seems, but there hasn’t been much movement.

These boys are very good in all aspects, but they do n’t have much interest in love and marriage. They generally have a good job, but they are not workaholics and talented, especially have their own interests, sometimes travel, mountain climbing, playing chess, and evenIt is stock speculation. I live very well by myself. At least I do not want to change this comfortable life state at present and in the future.

  There is a traditional saying that marriage and childbirth can make life more complete. Then, these men who are not very interested in talking about love are semi-finished men who have incomplete lives. They must not have not been in love, but they are veryMaybe in the previous love, “I was bitten by a snake, and I was afraid of straw rope for ten years.”

Their problem is too clever. They are good at summarizing what has happened before, and can predict what will happen to what has not happened. If one thing has not started, you will know its ten endings.Not perfect, it’s hard to be interested in making it.

However, things like marriage require a little foolishness, a little bravery, a little impulse, and people who lack these basic elements will basically stay away from it.

  These indifferent men who lack enthusiasm for life, not many will continue to be old like this, most of them will be in their 40s and 50s, and they will choose another life in a smart and timely manner.An eight-year-old girl who is a companion in the second half of her life can live a well-off life without having to work hard with her male partner. This is the dream of most women.The older woman is in a more pessimistic situation.