2015 NBA Finals fourth game prediction: Zhan Huang improved the shooting rate Curry VS Della

2015 NBA Finals fourth game prediction: Zhan Huang improved the shooting rate Curry VS Della
On June 11th, after winning the third war, the Cavaliers had a 2-1 lead.The fourth round of the Finals, which starts at 9 am on the 12th, will still be the Cavaliers’ home ground. Can James continue to lead the Cavaliers to victory against the sky?Curry finally showed the firepower of the MVP in the third quarter of the war. Does this mean that he has found a way to deal with Delaware?(The game starts at 9:00 a.m. Beijing time on June 12th) Curry hopes to be able to pull back a city in tomorrow’s game.  In the history of the Finals, 83 teams won the third game after 1-1 in the first two games.8% chance of winning.James scored 123 points in the first three games of the NBA Finals in 3 games, and his amazing performance seems to correspond to 83.8% this concept.In the third battle, Champert and Delaware were successively injured. The overall defects of the Cavaliers became more and more magnified, and the leadership of James was also intensified.  James averaged 41 points, 12 rebounds and 8 in the first three games.3 assists.But ESPN pointed out that James has not reached the best state yet.This is because James shot only 40 points in three games.19%.He missed 21 per game.3 goals, this figure is even more than Curry’s average shots per game (21 times).This firstly definitely shows that James’ leadership responsibility and importance are far greater than Curry, so his shooting efficiency has also improved.Key matchup: In the third game of Curry VS Della, in the situation where the Warriors were 20 points behind, Curry, who scored only 10 points in the first three quarters, finally demonstrated the offensive explosiveness in the final quarter with a single quarter of 17 points.He scored five three-pointers in a single quarter to tie Ray Allen’s historical record of three-pointers made in the finals.Does such a final performance mean that he will break through Della’s strict defense?  In the second and third battles of the Finals, Curry shot 5 of 20 shots under Dera defensively, and made 4 of 12 three-pointers. He scored a total of 14 points and made 6 turnovers.It wasn’t Della’s case. Curry made 9 of 16 shots and made 5 of 11 3-pointers. He scored a total of 30 points and made only 2 turnovers.Obviously, Curry also needs to prove that he can break through Della through practical actions.Team status: 1-2 must turn over?  I mentioned 83 before.The figure of 8%, but this season’s playoffs seems to be overturning the rules of the finals: the playoffs have appeared six times in the series before the two games to 1-1, 6 lost the thirdThe teams that fought eventually won the series.The Warriors and Cavaliers have experienced 1-2 backwards.  Harrison Barnes lost all 8 shots in Game 3 and Draymond Green made 2 of 10 shots. This directly explains why the Warriors lost in Game 3.After the Warriors trailed by 20 points to form a big counterattack lead, both sides needed more experience. The Warriors enlarged the scope of the screen cooperation and transferred the Cavaliers’ defensive players to follow up in advance; when they got the offensive space, Curry and others’ attack speed increased significantly.  Warriors coach Cole revealed: Green has appeared in a series of cutting-edge situations, but it will not affect him in the fourth game.The Cavaliers also confirmed that in the 3rd game, Champlain, who had a shoulder injury and cramps, could play in the 4th game.Focus remarks: Zhan Zandrakuri is confident that Della scored 20 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists in the third game. James said: He has been working hard.I saw him fall on the court many times.His 38 minutes and a half minutes on the spot have been trying his best.I’m very happy to fight alongside him.  Cavaliers coach Blatter revealed this situation: When Blatter told Della to prepare to control his playing time in the fourth game to avoid cramps, Drad told the manager: do not do this.  Magic Johnson criticized and criticized the Warriors players such as Curry and Green for always arguing.He pointed out that if James can continue the leading status of the first three games, he will create the best personal leading performance in the history of the Finals.  Regarding the Warriors’ 1-2 backward situation, Curry said: We have no problem with the game, and we will continue to play in the previous way.What needs to change is that we have to work harder.We have full confidence in reversing the current situation.(Heavenly fire) Expected to start the first-level Cavaliers: Mozgov, Tristan Thompson, James, Champert, Delaware Warriors: Bogut, Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes, Klay Thompson, Curry

Claire Danes refused to enter Titanic, but now wins the highlight

Claire Danes refused to enter Titanic, but now wins the highlight
“Homeland Security” stills starring in the US drama “Homeland Security” at the end of the season, the influence has spread to the White House; the maniac female agent he played has caused controversy due to excessive mania. In 2012, near the center of Charlotte, North Carolina, the United States, hugeAnd the second season of the American drama “Homeland Security” inside and outside the empty studio.Hearing the defamatory words of the script boss, Claire Denise, who played the agent of the bipolar depression agent Carly, was instantly questioned, humiliating emotions swept, and her hands shook gently with fists.After shooting four shots, the director shouted “Ka” with satisfaction, showing an excited smile, Claire walked to the chair next to him and sat down quietly, wiping tears from the corners of his eyes.  In 2020, Claire Denise was 41 years old. In “Homeland Security”, her dark circles, pores, and every wrinkle were exposed in front of the camera, and her body conveyed a strong and full of negative emotions.There are screenshots of her facial features everywhere on the Internet, even loyal movie fans jokingly spit out her suit and ticket messenger messenger bag, wrapped in old headscarves, and a “nerve-like” personality.  The main story of anti-terrorism, suspense, spy warfare has been filmed in the American drama for eight seasons. It has swept the major awards and won the Golden Globe Award for Claire. The best female host announced the award three times, and the Emmy Award was nominated five times.Season is still popular.Some critics commented that the most clever point of “Homeland Security” is the starring role called Claire Denise.  Reluctant to be a sweet Juliet director Baz Ruchman praised her as “Meryl Streep of this generation”, Leonardo said “She was the only audition actor at the time who dared to look directly at meof”.  In 1996, director Buzz Ruchman made a modern version of “Romeo and Juliet”, the male and female protagonists were 21-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio and Judi Foster 16-year-old recommendedNew York girl Claire Denise.In the adaptation of this classic masterpiece, in addition to modern elements such as cars, police, flower shirts, violins, Time magazine and post-modernist visual styles, there are two unmatched eyes and smiles.  This movie made the two quickly become idols in the minds of boys and girls. Soon, James Cameron gradually invited the two to appear in “Titanic”.But Claire refused to play the heroine Rose on the grounds of “just made a love epic and didn’t want to make a similar movie with the same partner”.  Claire, who gave up her big opportunity, chose “to do the stupid things while you are young.”In 1998, a recommendation letter written by her director Oliver Stone went to Yale University to read psychology and live the life of an ordinary female student to make up for the youth time she was absent from acting in her childhood.”At the age of seventeen, I have been married twice on the screen and died twice. It is not always the case.”Although I missed” Titanic “, I didn’t miss my life.”This person was chosen as one of the 50 most beautiful women in the world by” People “magazine, and she was not satisfied with the image of a Hollywood lady. She did not continue to be a sweet Juliet.After the movie road, she began to cooperate with Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Jacques Phoenix, Sean Pan, and also chose to break through.  After two years of no drama, Claire once said that she always loves the roles that turn acting into extreme sports. “I am studying a diagnostic manual for mental illness. Anyway, the mental symptoms give me .” in “Homeland Security””Crazy woman” Carly is not Claire’s first breakthrough.  At the age of 8, she saw Madonna’s performance on TV and began to want to become a professional actor.At the age of 11, she played the abused girl in the short film.At the age of 15, she was engaged in the American drama “My Adolescence” and won the best title of the Golden Globes drama series. A reporter stopped her from trying to interview after the awards ceremony. Claire, who was still in high school, replied in an understanding: “But I stillYou have to go back and write a paper.In 2010, Claire played the American zoologist Trimble Grantin, an early childhood slender autism, in the HBO biographical film “Autism Course”.In order to play this role, Claire observes the life and speaking habits of autistic patients, studies Grantin’s records and biography, and invites Grantin to talk at home, recording videos to imitate and practice daily.Director Mick Jackson said: “We have barely rehearsed.But when Claire opened the first shot, everyone was stunned.Her performance is almost terrifyingly similar to that of Grantin himself!”After the film was released, Claire won the Emmy Award, the Golden Globe Award, the Satellite Award and the American Actors Guild Award in four mini-series best actress awards, but it also prevented her from coming out for a full two years.  Her decades of acting career have allowed her to explore how to interpret various symptoms of mental anxiety, from domestic violence, autism, paralysis, to adolescent delusions, she has tried.However, before Homeland Security, Claire had been unemployed for two years. There was no suitable job opportunity, and he once thought about switching to interior design.  When she was pregnant, she reacted strongly. She once gave the then President Barack Obama a signed “Homeland Security” boxed disc. Later, when she met, Obama said to her: “You are better than me as president.”When signing the first season of” Homeland Security, “Claire did not read all the scripts. She was only moved by the heroine Carrie, who has bipolar disorder and needs long-term medication to maintain mental and emotional stability, hoping to see herCan go further.During that time, she found that some people with bipolar disorder would speak to the camera when they were in a low mood, and then publish it on social networking sites. She often opened their videos to experience their status and then used it in performances.Claire described her emotional state when she played Carly: “My body started to tremble unconsciously, completely subconsciously.”This experience is very interesting and somewhat mysterious.”Director Leslie Grat praised Claire’s performance:” I have always and clearly planned the shooting, but when encountering a fearless actor like Claire, you will very much want to see the charm she gives to this role.When Claire was pregnant with her second child during the sixth season, her daily mood changes made her feel a strong reaction of tension. She put her hands on her stomach to correct it and was helpless: “It’s really difficult for me to play a realBad mother, especially when I was pregnant. “  Although Claire was startled when she received the invitation for the second season, she wanted to retreat, but she insisted that she did not repeat even playing the role of Carly: the lonely helpless speculator in the first season, the persistent in the second seasonPioneer Pioneer Officer, frustrated and frustrated in the third season, fiercely determined female agents in the fourth season, involuntary legal counsel in the fifth season, single mother who struggled and tired in the sixth season, seventh seasonIn the eighth season, he was a lonely antagonist, a “traitor” who traveled far away.  Bipolar disorder challenges the limits of the audience. “The charm of her (Carly) is that she can express resentment, distress, entanglement, unwillingness, despair and many other different mentalities in a hierarchical manner.”But such performances are not acceptable to everyone.  Since the start of the first season, Claire ‘s role as Carly has been controversial.In the play, she often has exaggerated mad performances and “intolerable” behaviors. She cries when she collapses, is irritable when thinking about clues, and has some crazy thinking logic. When a bipolar disorder occurs, it is more likely to become an audience.Unbelievable craziness.  Faced with the audience’s attack and confusion, Claire replied in an interview: “Obviously Carly is a very stubborn, morbid, and dangerous character. I think she can really challenge the limits of the audience because they are the most annoying characters.Just a mother who doesn’t even love her children.This is a huge challenge for me, because I want to bring the audience into her inner world, I must convince myself.But do n’t worry, I do n’t look like Carly at all.”The media asked her the most heartbreaking moment in the whole drama. She thought about it and answered that Brody, Quinn’s death and having to abandon her daughter, she was so sad that she could not accept it.”But,” she added, “this is her choice.The reason she is her.And she is my choice.”Author / Sauna, Ye Yan

She playing Zhao Jinmai’s girlfriends, the first drama is Step by Step | New actors

She playing Zhao Jinmai’s girlfriends, the first drama is “Step by Step” | New actors
Chai Wei started filming since she was a child. Many viewers felt very familiar when she saw her. Chai Wei faced the sauna. Yenet said frankly: “When I was a child, filming was more like playing someone else’s daughter, or when someone was a child, it was more like finishingtask.”Now, Chai Wei has her own complete story in the film and television works, which also makes her feel novel and overcome the pressure.In the face of the college entrance examination two years later, Chai Wei’s biggest wish is to be admitted to the Beijing Film Academy to receive more systematic and professional training to better improve his ability.He Xin’s strength imitates Lin Pioneer.Motion News produced Chai Wei Birthday: December 7, 2002 Birthplace: Zhejiang Cixi Masterpiece: “Step by Step Frightening”, “The First Love”, “Mian Yue Zhuan”, “Prince’s Promotion” Photography: Sauna, Ye Wang Guo YanbingBecause “Golden” plays He Xin, Chai Wei is actually very slow in character. When she has no expression, she will bring “Golden” temperament.But it was this characteristic that made her successful in the corner of He Xin in “The Little Love”.Chai Wei said that he was very nervous when going to the trial: “When I get nervous, I will show a cold look. I don’t like to talk, and I’m a little shy.Directors and producers may think that one of my conditions at that time was very similar to He Xin.”Chai Wei said frankly, when he first entered the group, the lead actors were very rusty, but because everyone was of similar age, they went out to dinner and chat together after work, and they soon became acquainted.Very real, we get along in private.”Cai Wei also revealed that he was actually very funny in private:” I am Sagittarius. Sagittarius is relatively lively and enthusiastic.It was only later that everyone discovered that I was not as cold as it seemed.My character is actually closer to He Xin, which also surprises everyone.”In this play, the thing that touched Chai Wei the most was the scene of college graduation,” because I haven’t experienced this kind of graduation, and this time I realized it in advance.After the filming of the scene, the whole drama is about to kill.After spending three months with the crew, I thought that everyone would soon be separated.”His childhood was called” Xiaolin Qingxia “. The first play was” Step by Step “Chai Wei’s hometown is in Zhejiang. There are many clothing factories nearby, and there are many opportunities to shoot print ads.When Chai Wei went to kindergarten, a magazine recruited a parent-child model to shoot the cover. Chai Wei’s mother used the mentality to try out the photos, but she was selected unexpectedly.”My mother likes to post blogs. She often posts my photos online. Later, many netizens said that I was” Xiaolin Qingxia “, and when I said it, my mother thought it seemed a bit like it.”When Chai Wei was about 8 years old, the staff of the” Step by Step Fright “crew found her and invited her to play the talented Cheng Huange.When talking about the experience at that time, Chai Wei found it very interesting, but the details were not clearly remembered, “I remember when I was a kid, I always laughed.”She added that because her previous experience was shooting in the plane, the first filming of a TV series suddenly caused special harassment,” I don’t know what I’m doing. “The goal of the former “Jiang Juyue” was that after the film school finished “Step by Step Fright”, there were successive film crews to contact Chai Wei.Chai Wei, who often performed “Zhen Huan Biography” at home when he was a child, did not expect that he would have the opportunity to appear in the young Zhiyue in “Jianyue Zhuan”.Speaking of having played other people’s childhood more often, Chai Wei said: “This kind of role is more to complete the character’s mentality, and it will be expressed with some skillful performances.”Chai Wei really felt the pleasure of acting because he appeared in” Mr. Underwear “,” You can have your own life experience and play a relatively complete role, there will be a sense of responsibility and pressure.You need to run in with the opponent actors.”But Chai Weiwei still doesn’t dare to watch his own work,” I will watch the retrospective of the scene, because I want to improve my performance, but the whole work after the broadcast is still not too dare to watch, there will be a sense of shame.Talking about his studies, Chai Wei said that his elementary and junior high schools are ordinary schools, but when he chose high school, he made his goals clear, and he passed the Beijing Modern Conservatory of Music.Chai Wei, who is about to face the college entrance examination two years later, said that her goal is the Beijing Film Academy. She is looking forward to receiving more systematic and professional training to improve herself.Fresh Q & A: Sauna Night Net: In “The Little Love of First Love”, you played Zhao Jinmai’s girlfriend. Is your private mode of getting along some kind?Chai Wei: We actually get along in and out of the movie in the same way. We often start shooting while we are still chatting, and we do n’t know yet.Sauna Nightnet: Can you chase the show yourself?Chai Wei: I quite care about what other people think and think of me, so I might go to see the barrage, but I dare not watch my own performance, and I do n’t know why I feel a sense of shame.Sauna Nightnet: Do you care about bad reviews?Chai Wei: I’m more sensitive and pay too much attention to some bad reviews.So I might go and see these comments and then improve myself.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Kunyu Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Li Shihui

[Can Xiaomi and Yam congee together_Can Xiaomi and Yam congee together]

[Can Xiaomi and Yam congee together_Can Xiaomi and Yam congee together]

In daily life, porridge is not only a common food for many people, but also has rich nutritional value. It is suitable for breakfast or dinner. It is not only conducive to digestion, but also has good absorption in the stomach. Both yam and millet areThe two more common foods, millet and yam, can be used to congee together. Yam millet porridge is rich in nutritional value.

Can yam and yam be cooked together?

Materials Millet, yam, wolfberry, oatmeal practices 1, wash millet, peel and cut yam.

2. Add water to the pot, bring to a boil, pour millet and yam, and cook for 20 minutes.

3, wolfberry foaming, broken with a food machine.

4, the broken wolfberry into the pot, add a handful of oatmeal, and boil.

Can millet be cooked with yam? Millet contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, trace amounts, cellulose and carbohydrates. It has a very high nutritional value. General food does not contain geocarotene, and millet also has it, especially its vitamin B1 contentThe first of the grain, the iron content is very high, the phosphorus is also rich, it has the role of blood and brain.

In addition, millet contains a lot of carbohydrates, which has great ground effect for relieving mental stress, tension, fatigue, etc.

In addition, Xiaomi Diyi also has a high content, about 4 times as much as rice.

The combination of millet and yam is the material that can be used to cook porridge together. Millet yam and wolfberry oatmeal practices 1. Wash millet, peel and cut yam.

2. Add water to the pot, bring to a boil, pour millet and yam, and cook for 20 minutes.

3, wolfberry foaming, broken with a food machine.

Millet mung bean porridge Step 1: Put rice and rice in a clean bowl.

Pour cold hidden water that has not been millet into the bowl and stir it a few times in one direction with a chopstick. You will see that the rice grains sink to the bottom of the water, and there are impurities floating on the water surface.

Remove the water and floating impurities, and Xiaomi will be washed.

The decomposed water mixed in the pot, the water burning in the pot makes a sound, the water surface seems to be open.

Wash the millet into the pot.

Stir millet several times in one direction with a spoon, cover the pot, and cook on high heat.

Put the mung beans in a clean small bowl, stir a few times in one direction with a chopstick, and drain the water.

Step 2: Bring the water to the pot and pour the washed mung beans into the pot.

Use a spoon to stir several times in one direction.

Cover the pot, cook over low heat and simmer slowly.

During the cooking process, you will see that the formed rice soup pours on the lid, and there is a phenomenon of overflowing the pot. You can leave Xiaomi boiled in the pot like this regardless of it.

At present, we are currently using gas stoves or induction cookers. We are afraid of the danger of overflowing the pot for a long time. You can use a chopstick to stand on the side of the pot to make a crack between the lid and the side of the pot and continue to cook on low heat.

Step 3: Boil on low heat for about 40 minutes. You will see a mixture of rice grains and plenty of water. Rice soup yellow has a light green color, and the skin is agglomerated to form a bright and transparent film called rice oil. This way, the rice porridge is cooked.

Spoon some rice grains and mung beans with full bloom.

[Fried rice weight loss method]_How to lose weight_How to lose weight

銆 愮 倰 綫 冲 噺 閧 駮 揮 韬  塶 銆 慱 Hope  硶 銆 慱 _ 濡 綍 鍑 忚 伟
鬦 ㄥ 噺 閠 ヨ ヨ ヨ ヨ ヨ ガ ガ ガ ガ エ ヨ ヨ ?  鏄  咄 鍒 嗙 殑 鍦 ㄦ 姰 嬼 嬉 曉 湉 氃 湉 湜 會緝宸紝鎵€浠ユ牴鏈氨涓嶈兘澶熷噺鑲ユ垚鍔燂紝瑕佹兂鎴愬姛鐨勫噺鑲ワ紝纭疄鏄渶瑕佹湁涓€瀹氱殑姣呭姏鐨勶紝涓€鑸潵璇存渶鍋ュ悍鐨勫噺鑲ユ柟娉曞氨鏄繍鍔紝褰撶劧杩愬姩纭疄浼氳浜烘劅鍒版瘮杈冪疮锛屾墍浠ラ渶瑕佷竴瀹氱殑姣呭姏鎵嶅彲浠ャ€備笉杩囦粖澶╂潵缁欎汉浠垎浜竴涓瘮杈冪畝鍗曠殑鍑忚偉鏂规硶锛屽彨鍋氱倰绫冲噺鑲ョ槮韬€傞€変笂鍑犳枻绫筹紙绫崇殑璐ㄩ噺銆佺绫讳笉闄愶紝鍙槸寤鸿浣犲埆閫塩锛屼絾鏈€濂芥槸閫夐偅绉嶅厤娲楃背锛岀渷鍘讳竴閬撴礂鍑€銆佹櫨骞茬殑鎵嬬画锛夛紝鐒跺悗鐢ㄧ倰鑿滅殑閿咃紝鐑х儹锛屼粈涔堜篃涓嶆斁锛屾妸绫冲€掕繘鍘荤倰鑷冲彂榛勫氨鍙互浜嗐€傝娉ㄦ剰浠ヤ笅鍑犵偣锛?銆佺倰绫崇殑鏃跺€欙紝瑕佷繚璇佺背鏄共鐨勶紱 2銆佽涓嶅仠鐨勭倰鍔紝鍚﹀垯涓嬮潰浼氱儳鐒︾殑锛?3銆佺背涓€瀹氳鐐掕嚦鍙戦粍锛岃嚦浜庢槸娴呴粍杩樻槸娣遍粍锛岄偅灏辩湅浣犵殑鍙e懗鏉ュ畾浜嗭紝浣犲枩娆㈠悆閿呭反灏辩倰娣遍粍涓€鐐癸紝涓嶅枩娆㈠氨鐐掓祬榛勪竴鐐广€?4銆佺叜鐨勬椂鍊欙紝灏卞儚骞冲父鐓█楗殑鍋氭硶灏辫浜嗐€?杩樻湁鍏朵粬鍑忚偉绮ュ彲渚涢€夋嫨锛氫簲娆剧畝渚挎槗鍋氱殑鍑忚偉绮?I am afraid that I am afraid of my back, and I am afraid that I am afraid of my heart and soul, and I am afraid that I will be accompanied by a bee.噾榛勮壊涓烘锛岀劧鍚庣洓璧锋潵锛岃鍚冪殑鏃跺€欑叜涓€涓嬪氨琛屼簡锛?璺熺叜绮ヤ技鐨勶紝鍙槸姘磋鏀惧涓€鐐癸紝绛夌背鐓埌寮€鑺变簡灏卞彲浠ヤ簡锛岀倰绫崇殑鏃跺€欏鐐掍竴浜涳紝鏀惧湪閭i噷涔熶笉浼氬潖锛岃鍚冨灏戠叜澶氬皯锛屽緢鏂逛究銆? 鍑忚偉鍘熺悊鍦ㄧ倰鍒剁殑杩囩▼涓紝绫抽噷鎵€鍚殑娣€绮夊叏閮ㄨ鐮村潖銆佸垎瑙o紙褰撶劧鍒殑钀ュ吇绱犱篃閬埌浜嗛噸澶х牬鍧忥紝鍥犳锛屽畠鍙槸璇存槸涓€绉嶆鏃犺惀鍏荤殑涓滆タ浜嗭級锛屽彉鎴愪簡娲绘€х偔銆傛椿鎬х偔杩欑涓滆タ锛屽彲浠ユ妸闄勫湪鑳冮噷銆佽偁瀛愰噷鐨勮剛鑲惛璧帮紝鎺掑嚭浣撳銆傚洜姝わ紝瀹冪壒鍒殑鈥滃埉鑲犮€佸埉娌光€濓紝娑堟殤瑙f复锛岃€屼笖鎶よ儍銆傝繖涓笢瑗挎兂鍚冨灏戝氨鍙互鍚冨灏戯紝鑰屼笖鍙互鎼厤浠讳綍鑿滄潵鍚冿紝鍖呮嫭澶у鎯冲悆鑰屼笉鏁㈢殑鑲夊晩銆佹补鐐稿埗鍝佸晩锛屽浜庡噺鑲ユ渶濂戒簡锛?

[Can pregnant women eat shiso?

】 _Pregnant_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat shiso?
】 _Pregnant_Can you eat

Perilla is actually a side dish for some friends, because you will see the use of perilla to make various alternatives.

Perilla is actually used as a vegetable or as a tea, and it will also help to flavor the ingredients.

Perilla is rich in soluble sugar and vitamins. It has many benefits for pregnant women, so pregnant women can eat it with confidence.

The benefits of perilla for pregnant women are also useful in a few regions of China for vegetables or tea.

Perilla leaf is also called perilla leaf. It has the functions of relieving colds, relieving qi and stomach. It treats cold, cold, cough, fullness of chest and abdomen, nausea and vomiting.

Perilla leaf is a good antipyretic medicine, with the effects of antipyretic cold, qi and stomach.

It is often used for the treatment of colds, colds, cough and vomiting. It is safe for pregnant women to take.

In addition, perilla leaves have qi and stomach effects, and have a certain therapeutic effect on pregnancy and vomiting.

Perilla leaf can be used for vomiting during pregnancy, uneasy fetal movements, stuffy chest and abdomen, and is often combined with Chenpi and Amomum villosum. After taking it, it can achieve the effects of pain relief and birth control.

So what are the benefits of eating perilla in pregnant women?

Now, let ‘s take a look at some of the benefits of eating basil in pregnant women.

1. Shiso helps pregnant women to relieve stomach and relieve heat. Although it is just a leaf, it cannot be underestimated.

Perilla is rich in nutrients. Pregnant women who eat perilla can eat rich soluble sugar, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

For pregnant women with poor appetite, pregnant women eat perilla, the aroma of perilla and its nutrition can help pregnant women smooth air, stomach, and relieve heat.

2, Shiso helps pregnant women to conceive, and is still a Chinese herbal medicine that pregnant women can eat.

If the pregnant woman is weak, causing uneasy fetal movement, pregnant women eat shiso, which can soothe the mood, healthy body, and maintain the fetus.

3, Perilla helps pregnant women relieve vomiting during pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers have particularly severe vomiting during pregnancy. At this time, eating perilla for pregnant women can also help.

In addition, pregnant mothers have noticed that perilla stem can also increase endometrial enzyme activity, which is also good for pregnant women.

4, Shiso helps pregnant women to relieve gastrointestinal upset for ten months, pregnant women will inevitably have diarrhea, bloating, less food, constipation.

At this time, pregnant women eat shiso, warm shiso can relieve stomachache symptoms.

If a pregnant woman has a cold, shiso can also help.

5, Perilla helps pregnant women with antibacterial and anti-oxidant special substances in perilla, as well as bacteriostatic and antiseptic effects. At the same time, perilla has strong antioxidant and anti-cancer capabilities.

Pregnant women eat shiso, which can enhance immunity, protect blood vessels, and prevent cancer.

[Does sugar affect intelligence? Do children eat sugar?]

[Does sugar affect intelligence? Do children eat sugar?]

Children are more likely to eat sweet foods. Although sugars such as sweet maltose also belong to the energy not in our body, eating too much sugar will increase the workload for our digestive system, because sugarIt contains a lot of traces, and if you do n’t brush your teeth in time after eating sugar, it will easily cause tooth corrosion and cause oral diseases. So, will sugar affect children’s IQ?

Sweets are common to children.

Sweetness in food comes mainly from sugar.

Sugar is an irreplaceable substance in the human body. It can supply body variables, promote growth and development, and participate in many life activities.

However, excessive consumption of beverages with sugar-containing snacks may cause adverse effects.

In addition to causing hypertension, inducing diabetes, inducing dental caries, etc., for young children, it may also lead to adverse effects on personality and intelligence.

Too much sugar in the human body can lead to mental disorders, because too much sugar causes a significant increase in metabolites such as acidity and lactic acid in the body, and the removal of these wastes will inevitably consume a large amount of vitamin B1.

Vitamin B1 is not naturally synthesized in the body, and can only be ingested through various foods.

Most of the children who are addicted to sugar have a habit of partial eating, do not like to eat miscellaneous grains and fresh vegetables, the nutrients they absorb are not comprehensive, and they often make the absorption of vitamin B1 relatively insufficient.

Due to the lack or severe deficiency of vitamin B1, which has a nutritional regulating effect on the nerves, metabolites such as crystalline acid and lactic acid continue to accumulate in the brain, which will affect the activity of the central nervous system. It is manifested by energy concentration, mood swings, and crying.Easy to lose temper, impulsive, willful, easy to annoy, intrusive others, such as lonely and strange behavior.

Children who eat too much sugar can also easily reduce their intelligence.

This is because the pH of the human brain’s body fluids (ie, the pH value) is directly related to IQ.

When the body fluid is more acidic, the IQ is higher; when the body fluid is higher, the IQ is higher.

Human body fluids usually have a pH of 6.


Swing between 5 and directly affect its change is the diet.

Sugar is a typical acidic food. If you often eat too much sugar, its pH value will be acidic; on the other hand, if you often eat alkaline foods such as vegetables, fruits and soy products, its pH value will be alkaline.

In addition, if you eat sweets for breakfast, you can increase the serotonin in the brain that has a sedative effect, causing the person’s intelligence to reach its peak in the morning.

The advantage of sugar is that it can promote the secretion of endorphin-like chemicals inside the brain, making people have a pleasant feeling.

However, eating too much sugar can cause too much.

The solution is to eat more fruits instead of sweets. Fruits not only provide you with natural sugar and inject your sugar-loving hobby, but also provide you with many vitamins, trace elements, and fiber that make you feel full.

[Can pregnant women eat honey]_Honey_Pregnancy_Can you eat

铚傝湝鍦ㄧ敓娲讳腑鍗佸垎鍙楀埌浜轰滑鐨勫枩鐖憋紝铚傝湝鍛抽亾鐢樼敎锛岃€屼笖缁忓父椋熺敤铚傝湝鍙互鏀瑰杽韬綋鐤剧梾锛屽叿鏈夌編瀹瑰吇棰滅殑鍔熸晥锛屽韬綋闈炲父濂斤紝瀛曞鍦ㄦ€€瀛曟湡闂村彲浠ラ€傚綋鐨勯鐢ㄤ竴浜涜渹铚滐紝鍙互甯姪瀛曞鐫$湢锛岃繕鍙互棰勯槻瀛曞鏈変究绉橈紝瀵瑰瓡濡囧拰鑳庡効闈炲父濂姐€?1銆佹湁鏁堥闃叉€€瀛曟湡鐨勫悇绉嶇柧鐥?This is a new version of this article: a version of this version: a new version of a new version: a new version of a new version: a new version of a new version of a new version犺传琛€銆佸濞犲悎骞惰倽鐐庣瓑鐤剧梾銆傛偅鏈夐珮琛€鍘嬬殑瀛曞锛屾瘡澶╂棭銆佹櫄钖勯ギ1鏉渹铚Can you tell me how to do it? I’ll tell you how many things are happening: how many things are happening? How many things are happening? How many things are happening? How many things are going on?瑙河川骞宠;瀵逛簬链夎傻镶犻亡亡幂幂鑳藉寮轰綋璐ㄣ€傛澶栵紝瀛曞鍐ぉ濡傛灉鍑虹幇鍜藉攪骞茬嚗鍙婅偤鐑挸鍡斤紝鍙互鐢ㄥぇ闆ⅷ1涓紝鎸栧幓鏍稿悗涓?0 鬏 嬭 據 铚 滃 難 頣 栴 杴 炴 湇 5 鈥?澶╁彲鑾烽鐤椾匠鏁堛€?2銆佹湁鏁堢紦瑙e瓡濡囩殑渚跨 瀛曞鍦ㄥ瓡鏈熶細鍑虹幇渚跨鐨勭幇璞★紝鑰岃渹铚滃叿鏈夋鼎鑲犻€氫究鐨勪綔鐢紝鎵€浠ラ鐢ㄨ渹铚滆兘鏈夋晥鍦伴闃蹭究绉樺強鐥旂柈鍑鸿銆備絾濡傛灉椋熺敤澶锛屽 揄 揿 Tweet and chat with your friends, and you ‘re awkward: ? sore?3 銆 侸 畨 绁 炲 姪 鐪?瀛曞鐫″墠楗竴鏉渹铚滄按锛屾湁瀹夌琛ヨ剳銆佸吇琛€婊嬮槾涔嬪姛鏁?鑳藉娌荤枟澶氭ⅵ鏄撻啋銆佺潯鐪犱笉棣欍€傚彟澶栵紝铚傝湝涔嬫墍浠ヨ兘鏀瑰杽渚跨鏄洜涓哄叾涓殑娲绘€х敓鐗╅叾鎴愪唤璧风殑浣滅敤銆傛墍浠ワ紝瀛曞瑕佸枬铚傝湝鏃讹紝瑕佺敤45搴︿互涓嬬殑娓╂按鍐诧紝杩欐牱鍙互淇濇寔铚傝湝涓殑钀ュ吇鍜屾椿鎬т笉琚牬鍧忋€?銆佹粙娑︾毊鑲ゃ€佸吇棰滅編瀹?It ‘s hard to tell if you ‘re going to do it, and you ‘re going to do it, and you ‘ll be able to see if you ca n’t do it, or if you do n’t know how to do it, you ca n’t do it at all.Strong gallium is not a good choice, but it ‘s weak, and it ‘s a good idea to set it up. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea.Hong 毊 閑 殑 揂 餲 栠 h A 鑳 姏 銆?

[Assorted Burrito’s Practice]_Assorted Burrito’s Common Practice_Assorted Burrito’s Practice Daquan_How to Make Assorted Burrito

[Assorted Burrito’s Practice]_Assorted Burrito’s Common Practice_Assorted Burrito’s Practice Daquan_How to Make Assorted Burrito

In order to survive, we must work hard every day.

The consequence of struggle is to have a good body, and good body needs nutrition to maintain.

So where does this nutrition come from?

Diet, of course.

Therefore, from now on, please follow the editor to learn the recipe of assorted burritos, I believe it will definitely be good for you.


Squeezed purple cabbage and pour into flour 2.

1 Pour the batter into a pan and cook 3.

2 Add an egg and stir into the pasta 4.

Pour in a small amount of oil, stir-fry the sausage, crab sticks, white fungus, and bean skin in a wok and stir fry (when it is ripe, add rice vinegar and soy sauce) 5.

The healthy and nutritious food of kelp cold salad (this is what I mixed yesterday) starts from cooking. Then you must have learned the assorted burritos shared by you today, then go and practice it yourself, and let the food present to youLet’s go to the dining table at home.

Nengke (603859): Public offering to start manufacturing transformation and upgrade solution provider started

Nengke (603859): Public offering to start manufacturing transformation and upgrade solution provider started
Event description: Nengke Technology Co., Ltd. issued a prospectus on November 21, 2019, publicly issued 12,892,000 shares, and raised a total of 299,996,840.00 million, of which 134 million yuan expands the product life cycle collaboration platform based on digital replacement products, 76 million yuan expands the high-end manufacturing assembly system 杭州桑拿网 solution platform, and 90 million yuan supplements the working capital.The issue price is 23.27 yuan / share, not less than the average price of the company’s A shares on the trading day immediately before the publication of the prospectus letter of intent on November 21, 2019 (T-2).This issuance will be a priority placement to the original shareholders of Nenko, and a maximum of 12,878,550 shares can be subscribed, accounting for about 99 of the additional issuance.90%.Among them, the holders of the original unrestricted shares can subscribe for up to 11,583,120 shares.In this additional issuance online, the preset issuance quantity ratio offline is 30%: 70%. Core point of view: The boundaries of smart manufacturing business are constantly expanding, and the company has established a market-leading organization with high brand awareness.With the advancement of the Internet of Things technology, digital synchronization technology, intelligent control technology, big data analysis, industrial robots, VR / AR technology, cloud platform technology and application promotion, the boundaries of intelligent manufacturing are also expanding.According to the “China Intelligent Manufacturing System Solutions Research Report (2017)”, the market size in 2019 will reach about 230 billion.The company has established a high brand awareness in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and has exceeded the market-leading catalogue of the industry’s scientific and technological innovation companies. In December 2018, it was selected as the first batch of “Smart Manufacturing System Solution Supplier Specification Conditions” directory.The company’s business scope covers high-end manufacturing industries such as aerospace, ordnance, oil and gas refining, nonferrous metallurgy, shipbuilding, coal mining, power systems, electronic technology, automobile manufacturing, and rail transportation, and has accumulated many high-quality customers. The demand for the smart electrical business has grown. The company has a brand effect and is in the leading position in the industry.The long-term pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction in the international community has driven the development of the domestic energy-saving industry. At the same time, the internal industrial transformation and upgrading provide a good opportunity for energy conservation and consumption reduction, and the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry has driven the investment demand for charging equipment.According to the “13th Five-Year Plan” Short-term Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation issued by the State Council in December 2016, by 2020, the total output value of green and low-carbon industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy equipment, and new energy vehicles will exceed 1 billion yuan, becoming a pillar industry.The company is one of the earliest enterprises in the country’s military industrial energy efficiency management business. It is based on technical advantages in electrical transmission, mechanical transmission, automation control, data acquisition and other aspects, covering industrial electrical products and systems, charging power supplies and systems, power quality products andFour business units, including system and energy management system, form the core electrical equipment with independent intellectual property rights. By providing customers with customized electrical equipment and corresponding software control systems, the management system meets customers’ requirements for industrial drives, safe power supplies and energy.The demand for energy management has formed a certain brand effect and belongs to the first echelon of the domestic energy-saving industrial energy-saving service field. Company profit forecast and investment rating: The company has obvious technical barriers and customer resource advantages, and its long-term growth logic is clear. We expect the company to return to its mother net profit for 2019-2021 respectively.12.1.57 and 2.17 trillion, corresponding to EPS are 0.81, 1.13 and 1.56 yuan.The current sustainable corresponding PE values for 夜来香体验网 2019-2021 are 29, 21 and 15 times respectively.Maintain the “Highly Recommended” rating. Risk reminders: risks of changes in macro-industry policies, risks of intensified market competition, risks of loss of core personnel, risks of technological development, risks of changes in performance, risks of intellectual property rights, risks of receivables recovery, etc.