Yu Ganzi


Yu Ganzi

[Chinese medicine name]Yu Ganzi[Pinyin name]Yuganzi[English name]FRUCTUS PHYLLANTHI[alias]Dian olive, olive[Yunnan.

Sichuan], Mole, Nectarine[Source]”Chinese Pharmacopoeia”-This strain is a traditional Tibetan medicinal material.

Phyllanthus emblica L.

Dry ripe fruits.

Harvest from winter to the next spring when the fruit is mature, remove impurities and dry.

  ”National Compendium of Chinese Herbal Medicine”-roots, leaves, bark, etc. can also be used as medicine.

The root and bark can be harvested, fresh or dried; leaves are harvested in spring and summer, fresh or implanted.

  [Character]”Chinese Pharmacopoeia”-this product is spherical or oblate, diameter 1.

2-2 cm.

The surface is tan to dark green, with light yellow granular components, wrinkles and inconspicuous 6 edges, and the fruit stalk is about 1mm.

The thickness of the pericarp is 1-4mm, which is hard and brittle.

Endocarp is yellowish white, hard-core, with 6 edges on the surface. There are several veins on the dorsal suture, which can be split into 6 petals when dry.

Seeds 6, subtriangular, brown.

Slightly aura, sour, sweet aftertaste.

  [Sexual flavor return classics]”Chinese Pharmacopoeia”-fruit: sweet, sour, astringent, cold.

The lung meridian and stomach meridian.

  ”National Compendium of Chinese Herbal Medicine”-Root: Light and flat.

Ye: Xin, Ping.

  [Function Indications]”Chinese Pharmacopoeia”-Fruits: clearing heat and cooling blood, digesting and invigorating stomach, replenishing and relieving cough.

For blood heat and blood stasis, indigestion, bloating, cough, sore throat, dry mouth.

  ”National Compendium of Chinese Herbal Medicine”-Root: used for hypertension, stomach pain, enteritis, and lymph node tuberculosis.

Ye: Dispel dampness and diuresis.

For edema, skin eczema.

  [Usage and dosage]Fruit: 3-9g.

Root: 0.

5-1 for two, leaves for 3-6 for money; appropriate amount for external use, wash the affected area with decoction.

  [Storage]Store in a cool and dry place.

  [Excerpt]The therapeutic value of “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” and “National Compendium of Chinese Herbal Medicine” on the fruit of Euphorbia oleifera woody plant.

Also known as 庵 Moller, nectarine, Yunnan olive.

China Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou and other places across the country.

Autumn fruits are harvested when they are ripe, and dried after being steamed or salted.

  [Performance]Sweet, bitter and cool.

It can clear the lungs and relieve throat, dissolve phlegm and cough, regenerate jin and detoxify.

  [Reference]It is rich in vitamin C, fermented substances (including gallic acid, gallic acid, etc.), gallic acid, gallic acid, mucoic acid and other ingredients.

  Extracts have inhibitory effects on staphylococci, typhoid, paratyphoid, E. coli, and tuberculosis.

The extract is administered orally to rabbits and can increase body weight and total protein content in the blood.

  [Use]For sore throat, paralysis of the throat; lung heat or cold wind fever, cough and dry throat; hot and thirsty.

In addition, it is also used for poisoning caused by eating puffer fish or gastrointestinal upset.  [Usage]噙 containing, decoction.

  [附方]  余甘甘桔汤:余甘子30g,桔梗10g,玄参12g,甘草6g。Add decoction.

  This recipe uses Yuganzi with black ginseng to clear heat and detoxify, soothes throat, and uses Chinese bellflower and licorice to declare lung and throat.

Swelling and sore throat caused by fever poisoning, dry mouth and thirst.

The Internet triggers a new type of mental illness!

The Internet triggers a new type of mental illness!

Changfeng (pseudonym) is a 19-year-old boy who chats on the Internet all day and likes to play girls in it.

However, this gradual change of sex has turned his normal life into a mess.

Psychologists believe that Changfeng is suffering from a new type of mental illness brought about by the typical Internet.

  Changfeng’s problem has to start with the novel.

It turned out that his mother always wanted to have a girl when she was pregnant. After the son was born, the mother always raised him as a daughter, had a weak child, and spent all his clothes.

It was not until elementary school that the mother changed her skirt from Chang Feng.

As a child, this special life experience made Changfeng disgusted with his gender.

Ever since he was sensible, he often imagined himself becoming a girl.

This mental shadow grows with age.

In life, he was a little hesitant and didn’t want to associate with male classmates.

The emergence of the Internet seems to have caught him in a deep-water driftwood. In the virtual world, he plays a female role and cannot be exaggerated in it.

Over time, he found himself becoming more introverted in real life and uncomfortable with people.

  It was 2004, and Changfeng was accidentally exposed to online chat.

In that virtual space, people chat freely and can play their favorite roles at will. No one knows whether the other party is male or female.

This allows Changfeng to fully expose his inner feelings.

He defines himself as a woman, regardless of her name, avatar, personal description, and business card.

Every day, he talks with others as a girl, talking about studying, living, and even feelings.

Slowly, Changfeng found himself more and more obsessed with playing the role of a girl, and sometimes even thought that he should be a girl.

He chatted intimately with many “boyfriends” on the Internet, and was very happy to be coaxed by the sweet words of “boyfriends”.

And leaving the Internet and returning to real life, he is like a wooden man, unable to socialize and live, and is often teased by his classmates and people around him.

  On the issue of Changfeng, the reporter interviewed Professor Wang Xumei, a psychologist at Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University.

Professor Wang believes that this situation of Changfeng is a new type of mental illness brought by the Internet.

The parents’ mistakes caused the son’s gender orientation disorder, and the Internet provided a stage for performance, which caused his communication obstacles and gender disorder.

This situation should be brought to the attention of parents.

It is the same as the kind of gender dislocation caused by the daughter as a son. It will affect the normal psychological development of people over time.

After this, Professor Wang reminded readers that many young people like to chat on the Internet as the opposite sex. This is understandable, but young people who are still mature in their mental age should stay away from the virtual environment to avoid affecting normal psychological development.

If there is a problem, you should go to the psychological department for consultation.

Takeaway quality is worrying, how to eat takeaway healthy?

Takeaway quality is worrying, how to eat takeaway healthy?

Take-out is a must-try lunch for most office workers. The lunch break is short, and they are too lazy to go downstairs to buy it.

But now the quality of takeaway is worrying, how can we eat takeaway healthy?

  1, a small amount of at least one vegetarian and one dish plus a bowl of rice is the most common takeaway pairing.

Some people like to eat ravioli, order a braised pork ribs; some people like vegetarian, often ordered vegetarian stir-fried cabbage, no matter how to replace, there is a nutritional deficiency when paired with the staple food alone.

Therefore, when ordering takeaway, you must pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables. You must have meat and vegetables. You can use eggs instead of meat.

If you ca n’t finish two dishes at a time, we recommend ordering a half-and-a-half vegetarian dish, such as fried pork with green peppers and scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

  2, less oiled vegetables, braised eggplant, dried bean curd . When ordering takeaway, many people prefer dry pot, dried these kinds of practices.

As everyone knows, they are all heavy oil and salt dishes. A large amount of oil is used in the cooking process. The restaurant oil is often used repeatedly and repeatedly, which is not good for health.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not order more or less fried and oily dishes, and steam, boil and stir-fry as appropriate.

  3. Select staple foods such as rice, steamed buns, fried noodles, fried rice . These various kinds of staple foods are often taken out by people, high oil, high salt or high sugar. They often have one or two characteristics.

Because takeaway may inevitably have more oil, more salt, and more polysaccharides, so when choosing staple foods, try to choose simple rice dumplings, steamed buns, or dumplings and buns filled with meat and vegetables.

If the staple food can add some original sweet potatoes, corn, taro and other miscellaneous grains, it is ideal.

  4, noodles, rice noodles, vegetable noodles and rice noodles are also popular takeaways.

However, the noodles and rice noodles will be added with a few pieces of meat and a few leaves, which seem to be rich in ingredients, but they are single in nutrition.

Because a bowl of noodles or rice noodles is mainly carbohydrates, meat, vegetables, and the amount of normal additions is too small, especially vegetables, usually just garnish, resulting in insufficient nutritional intake in a meal.

So if you order noodles or rice noodles, remember to add vegetables separately.

  5. Self-provided balanced nutrition of fruits and vegetables Want to solve the problem of a single type of takeaway food. The most practical way is to go to work every day to bring some fruits and vegetables suitable for raw eating, such as cucumbers, virgin fruits, apples, etc.

When floating, eat your own fruits and vegetables as cold dishes.

If you can eat some nuts such as walnuts after a meal, it will be more perfect.

  6. Chinese restaurants are relatively healthy than Western fast food. Generally speaking, many Chinese restaurants have relatively healthy food choices. Such cold dishes, simmered vegetables such as simmered vegetables, millet porridge, corn paste and other grains, soybean milk,Sugar-free drinks such as tea.

In foreign fast foods, there are often no choices other than fried foods, white rice noodle staples, and sweet drinks. It is unlikely that a relatively healthy takeaway pairing will be available.

  7, when the freshness storage technology is guaranteed, takeaway, it is best to choose those that are delivered in a timely manner, and must be stored in freshness-preserving conditions, use sealed fresh-keeping boxes to hold dishes, and use low-temperature cold-chain distribution, etc. These measures can help curbMicrobes grow and reproduce to avoid causing foodborne diseases.

Cold cough drink ginseng mint tea


Cold cough drink ginseng mint tea

There are many complications of colds, such as sore throat, phlegm, cough, and chills, etc. Although the cure of a cold can only be the body’s own immunity, taking medicine is just to make people feel better.Food therapy can also be used as an adjunct to alleviate the discomfort of cold symptoms, and the boots promote human healing.

If the cough does not stop after a cold, it does not prevent you from drinking Chinese herbal tea-American ginseng mint tea.

American Ginseng Mint Tea Ingredients: American Ginseng 7.

5 grams, 25 grams of Ophiopogon, 10 grams of peppermint, 25 grams of yam, 10 grams of bitter almonds, appropriate amount of water: 1. Soak the bitter almonds with water one day in advance to remove some bitter toxic substances; 2. Wash the herbs, slice the yamAfter that, put all the ingredients and herbs except mint into the pot, add enough water to boil on high heat; 3, turn to low heat for 10 minutes after boiling, add mint evenly, and continue to cook for another half an hour,Turn off the fire and pour out the juice.

American Ginseng Ophiopogon Lung Yin, those with lung deficiency can take American Ginseng alias American ginseng, American ginseng, American ginseng, Canadian ginseng, American ginseng called American ginseng. The methods are divided into boiling, stewing, steaming, and sliced., Grinded into fine powder and so on.

Ranked in China, Korean ginseng and American ginseng have a more peaceful taste and weaker medicinal properties, which is suitable for daily replenishment.

American ginseng is cold, sweet and slightly bitter, can nourish qi and nourish yin, clear heat and promote hydration, and is often used for symptoms such as deficiency of yin, sputum, asthma, asthma, fatigue, dry mouth and dry throat.Serum protein synthesis, bone marrow protein synthesis, organ protein synthesis, etc., improve the body’s immunity, inhibit vitamin growth, and effectively fight cancer.

Ophiopogon is slightly bitter, has a mild coldness, returns to the heart, lungs, and stomach meridians, can nourish yin and promote fluids, nourish the lungs, and clear the heart. It is a well-known nourishing yin medicine.Thirst, internal heat and thirst, upset insomnia, dry bowel and constipation.

The combination of Ophiopogon and American ginseng is particularly beneficial to the long-lasting cough caused by deficiency of lung qi and dryness of the lungs. It has a relief effect on dryness caused by yin deficiency.Patients with fever should not take it.

Almonds are divided into sweet and bitter, and bitter almonds are a common nut when used. Almonds are divided into sweet and bitter in terms of taste. Generally, we eat sweet almonds as snacks. Sweet almonds are not toxic.It can be eaten with confidence, but when using almonds as medicinal materials, it is best to choose bitter almonds.

Bitter almonds can relieve cough, asthma, laxative, and laxative. It is commonly used for cough and asthma, full chest and sputum, blood deficiency and dryness, and intestinal dryness and constipation.Eat bitter almonds directly, and cook them in boiling water appropriately to ensure that the toxicity is removed.

Women are most prone to spotting at some time_1

Women are most likely to develop spots at some time

Maybe you have unknowingly spotted it, but you do n’t know why, it suddenly appeared.

Looking back on my recent lifestyle, regular routine, healthy diet, and good values, but the stains appear inexplicably, and it’s hard to prevent them. In fact, women are naturally born with six major spots that are prone to spotting.Too big, maybe the problem followed.

  Women have five periods of susceptibility to plaques. The first period: freckles are a congenital genetic disease that mostly appear at the age of five or six, and gradually increase with age. The depth is related to sun exposure.

  The second period: puberty due to the strong secretion of sebaceous glands, easy to form “post-pigmentation.”

  The third period: women in their 20s and 30s working hard in the workplace, long-term sleep deprivation, high mental stress, excessive fatigue, decreased adrenal sebum function, causing pigmentation.

  The fourth stage: women are prone to melasma during pregnancy, which is the most common pigmented skin disease in women; after 40 or 50 years of age, ovarian function gradually declines, and women’s hormone secretion is also prone to melasma.

  Fifth period: Age spots will develop in the twilight, which is a skin aging response and is also related to family inheritance.

  Endocrine disorders are the main causes of pigmentation. Overall, starting at the age of 30, it is due to external factors that lead to the high incidence of long spots in women, which requires special vigilance.

Of course, endocrine disorders are a preliminary example of women’s plaques after 30.

The origin of skin spots is diverse, and different types of spots are different.

For example, liver spots, dermal spots: Mainly due to the decline in hormonal secretion of young women after 30 years of age, or endocrine changes after reproduction, and work and family stress after 30 years.

  Other genetic plaques, such as freckles, are also related to kidney deficiency and hormone secretion. Abnormal hormone secretion and excessive UV absorption can cause increased genetic plaques.

Sunburn is caused simply by excessive ultraviolet radiation and pigmentation.

Chloasma is mostly due to postpartum bleeding, blood flow and menstrual flow, and stasis of blood and blood. Pregnancy patches occur after skin disorders after termination of pregnancy.

  Freckle Frequent Life Tips 1.

Sleep and diet are very important to the skin, especially sleep, even if you close your eyes for 10 minutes, the skin will be radiant only if there is no lack of oxygen and water.

Drink more water, more soup, and more fruit. Of course, the protein in eggs and lean meat can also help smooth and delicate skin.


In summer, sugar should be supplemented appropriately. The liver, kidney, spleen and other organs all need sugar, and women with healthy organs have darker hair and ruddy complexion.


Sun protection, because wrinkles and spots are mostly caused by photoaging.

Sunscreen skin care products are essential in summer, but products with too high sun protection index can also irritate the skin, so use sunscreen products with SPF30 or above should be washed off after 2-3 hours.

Special recommendation: Old Chinese medicine “Freckle King” herbal tea link: http: // www.


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Fire therapy-Chinese medicine fire therapy

Fire therapy-Chinese medicine fire therapy

Fire therapy is the abbreviation of traditional Chinese medicine fire therapy therapy; also known as moxibustion, law.

  Ancient and modern fire therapy is divided into 14 categories, with a total of 115 types. Fire therapy is the only unique and important part of acupuncture medicine. The treatment and acupuncture are also called acupuncture.

  Fire therapy has obvious national characteristics, is a wonderful work in world medicine, and is recommended by people from all over the world.

Such as “Lingshu?

“Plasma” has the record of “doing nothing by needles and doing something by moxibustion”.

The “Bian Kui Xin Fa” states: “When people are not sick, they often moxibustion Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, Ming Men, Zhong Zhong. Although they have not had a long life, they can still live for more than 100 years.

The unique role of fire therapy has not only been confirmed by a large number of clinics, but it has also been further developed.

At the same time, the mechanism of fire therapy has been extensively and systematically discussed.

  Menstruation fire therapy is a new type of health and fitness project based on traditional Chinese medicine “fire therapy” combined with advanced western techniques; the use of biotechnology, nanotechnology, percutaneous substitution, and replacement of precious traditional Chinese medicine.

There are more than 300 indications for traditional fire therapy. Jingjing fire therapy technology has selected some of them that have significant curative effects, are highly targeted, and have alternative operations for development and research. They are mainly suitable for: cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, and lumbar muscles.Strains, arthritis, stomach pain, abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea; waist and knee weakness due to kidney deficiency, insomnia, night sweats, night sweats, etc. The traditional method of menstrual fire therapy technology is more targeted and the process is moreRelaxed, the most significant effect, more permeable, without any toxic side effects.

Therefore, the establishment of the Mental Fire Therapy has attracted much attention and recognition from people from all walks of life.

  Fire therapy is a new method to achieve weight loss through body-burning fires, local body shaping, body five-element healing, strengthening internal organs, and curing diseases.

The masseuse uses point, push, knead, rotate, pull and other technical actions and combines fire therapy with medicine to accelerate the circulation of blood in the body, increase the metabolism of the body, and allow the unfortunate to effectively transform, decompose, and enhance the role of internal organs.

The project includes nourishing kidney fire therapy, stomach stomach fire therapy, ovarian maintenance fire therapy, open back fire therapy, hand and foot fire therapy and other projects.

  The effects of fire therapy: weight loss, expelling colds, relieving fatigue, relieves soreness on the waist, scapulitis, spondylitis, dizziness, brain swelling, insomnia, kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency, stomach cold, bloating, detoxification, rheumatismPain, dysmenorrhea, palace cold, palace cold and other symptoms are very effective.

Treated with illness, without illness and strengthening.

Enriching beauty raw soup five tablets soup

Enriching beauty raw soup five tablets soup

The magical use of honey: how do longevity, beauty, and weight loss potatoes be used for beauty?

Bee pollen beauty formula Daquan flavor characteristics, dietary tonic effect: sea cucumber has a very high nutritional value, protein and protein (protein food) and other nutritional ingredients, and the content of protein is extremely small.

Therefore, it is a treasure that nourishes the human body and is listed as “Seafood Eight Treasures”.


hzh {display: none; }  此外,海参的再生能力很强,有人认为,海参的这种再生能力,使它具有滋养、生肌、修补组织的功效。The five-boiled tang soup takes sea cucumber to nourish yin and nourish blood, pork nourish yin and nourish dryness, bamboo shoots remove internal heat, chicken breasts nourish qi and nourish qi, and contribute to the benefits of nourishing qi and nourishing yin, and emollient beauty (cosmetic food).

Applicable to qi and yin deficiency, weak constitution, dry skin and malnutrition.

  Ingredients: raw chicken breast, water-fat sea cucumber, pork tenderloin, pork loin, 50 grams each of cooked lean ham, 40 grams of fresh bamboo shoots, 10 grams of cooking wine, 5 grams of cooked lard (oil food), 3 grams of refined salt, 2 MSGG, chicken broth in moderation.

  Production method: Raw chicken breasts, water-fat sea cucumbers, pork tenderloin, cooked lean ham, and fresh bamboo shoots are sliced with a blade; all two halves of the pork loin are cleaned, and the blades are sliced into thin slices.
Heat the wok, add chicken broth, add boiled chicken slices, sea cucumber slices, fillet slices, ham slices, bamboo shoots, waist slices, add cooking wine, refined salt, and immediately see all the ingredients are removed with a colander after boiling.Inside the soup pot, skim off the floating foam in the soup, add MSG, drizzle the cooked lard, and pour into the soup pot filled with five slices to serve.

Pay attention to your baby’s small heart

Pay attention to your baby’s small heart

Often, when the mother touches the baby’s heart, she will feel that the heart beats very fast.

  What issues should I pay attention to during pregnancy so that my baby’s heart can develop healthily?

Do you know how your baby’s heart will grow after the baby is born?

  According to researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, babies born to women who are overweight before pregnancy are more likely to have heart defects than babies born to normal-weight expectant mothers.

  There are many causes of congenital heart defects in babies. Some intrauterine infections, such as rubella, influenza, mumps, and coxsackie virus; others, such as exposure of pregnant mothers to large doses of radiation; metabolic disorders, such as diabetes,Hypercalcemia, etc .; Drug effects and chronic diseases that cause intrauterine hypoxia.

  If mothers are overweight before pregnancy, they seem to be more likely to have all kinds of hidden dangers that cause congenital heart defects after pregnancy.

For example, for the proportion of obese women with normal weight, their physique will be significantly reduced, and their disease resistance will be insufficient. Therefore, the chances of suffering from various infections, especially the above-mentioned viral infections, will greatly increase, and they will also have to increase their fetal risk.The chance of an intrauterine infection leads to blocked heart development.

  According to relevant clinical data, the incidence of huge malformations and malformed fetuses in patients with diabetes is increased, with congenital heart malformations being the most common.

  In the early stages of the baby’s heart development, complications form after the mother’s conception. In the first month of gradual formation, the heart begins to beat rhythmically.

But at this time, the heart is still a rudiment, and the internal structure is not clearly differentiated. The development of the heart, the growth and differentiation of cells, the heart gradually differentiates into four internal cavities, and gradually perfects its own functions.

  28 cases of neonatal AIDS neonates were discharged from the hospital. At this time, the heart had basically some structures and functions.

It’s just immature and fragile, and it takes more time to continue to grow and mature.

After the dialysis of plasma, the umbilical vessels are ligated, the alveoli are inflated and ventilated, and the oval foramen (the channel between the heart chambers during the fetal period) is functionally closed, allowing the blood circulation of the newborn to enter a new state.

The heart changes as part of the blood circulation system.

  Early childhood babies from three to seven years of age have slower heart development, weak myocardium, thin heart walls, and small volume. At this time, the vegetative nerve’s regulating function on the heart is developing. When muscle and limb loads increase, young childrenThe main advantage is to increase the heart rate to increase the blood supply.

  The heart in infancy is only 16-17 grams, and the heart doubles at about 1 year of age.

At the age of 16, it can reach 160 grams, while in adulthood, the heart is 250-340 grams for men and 230-280 grams for women.

  Points for baby heart care The sleeping position of the baby lying on the right side of the baby is very particular about it. Generally, it is better to take a supine or side lying position.

Because supine can fully expand the baby’s body, which is conducive to blood circulation throughout the body.

However, when the baby is supine, the baby should lie on the side in time, and gently pat the back to avoid choking into the trachea.

  When lying on the side, it is better to lie on the right side with the top of the body facing up, so as to avoid the compression of the complications of the heart.

  Due to the influence of traditional habits, the confinement room has to stay in the house for a month without leaving the house to be healthy and safe. The confinement room often fails to circulate indoor air for this reason, and the oxygen contentToo low, it is likely to increase the load on the baby’s heart.

Therefore, regular ventilation during good weather and keeping indoor air fresh are good for the health of new mothers and babies.

  I ca n’t hold my breath about sports. The opinions of new mothers are different. Some think that babies are not suitable for sports, while others want to let their babies learn to run as soon as possible. Expect high parents to take care of their babies when they are 2 or 3.

In fact, the effect of exercise is to determine the method and amount of exercise.

Generally, when you find that your baby is out of breath, stop it immediately.

Also, it’s best not to let your baby need belching exercises.

Because the baby’s cardiopulmonary function is not strong enough, can not bear too much pressure, and can cause heart failure in severe cases.

  Experts answer the heart murmur. Q: My baby was just half a month old. During the physical examination, the doctor told me that he had heart murmur. Is this a sign of heart disease?

  A: In the days when the newborn is newborn, the baby’s heart may have murmurs, and the heart rate may be pulsating.

But don’t panic.

Noise is often the sound of blood flowing because the arterial canal is not closed.

Functional cardiac murmurs are normal.

It is unscientific to blindly equate heart murmur with cardiovascular.

  Abnormal heart rateQ: My baby’s pulse and heart rate will fluctuate 20 days after birth. The number of heartbeats is faster than that of an adult. What is going on?

  A: The heart rate of a newborn is usually beaten 85-145 times per minute within 24 hours of birth. It can change between 100-175 times per minute within one week after birth, and 115-190 per minute within 2-4 weeks after birth.The frequency of fluctuations between times is normal, so don’t worry too much because your baby’s pulse is uneven or slightly faster.

How to avoid replacement after tile stickers

How to avoid replacement after tile stickers

Clean the base surface before tiling, such as lime plaster, latex paint, wallpaper and other decorative objects on the wall surface, or dirt on the ground, be sure to clean it, otherwise the cement mortar and the base layer can only be weak; in addition, if the wall itselfThere are cracks, which should be properly treated before tiling, so as to avoid cracking or shifting of the wall bricks due to the increase of the basic structural cracks in the future; and, for the ground or wall with too much difference in flatness or verticality,The cement mortar is leveled.

Compare the color difference of the tiles before the shop.

  Wall tiles should be fully immersed in water. The height of the wall tiles is high, and this property must be taken into consideration when dividing.

The base layer before tiling should be fully watered and drained. Otherwise, the moisture in the mortar is quickly absorbed by the dried base layer and the tile, which will affect its firmness.

Otherwise, the wall tiles will absorb moisture from the cement, making the cement unable to embed the agent.

  Paving the floor tiles should first lay the ground and spread the unpainted floor tiles on the ground. After knocking the floor, the cement slurry is covered with floor tiles and laid on the ground. The diagonal positions of the four bricks are flush.

The order above is also very particular.

The floor tiles should be extended from the inside. If there is slope or floor drain on the ground, you should pay attention to the slope according to the drainage direction; the wall tiles should be laid from the bottom to the top. For the sake of beauty, the roughest brick should be attached.

After the wall tiles are finished, press the floor tiles.

In addition, a wall cannot be attached to the top at a time to prevent the tile from penetrating and causing collapse.

Do not step on the floor tiles for a short time.

  Tiles try to make more summers, because the materials are more common than usual, so for tiles, tiles and other materials that need to be treated with water, it is necessary to extend the time of soaking water and convert the water to near saturation.

In this way, it will not rise up in the case of gypsum, because the tile is dry and absorbs water from the cement, so that the bond with the cement is not strong, and the phenomenon of airing is caused, which brings you some troubles.

  In order to cater to the trend of consumers, there are some new methods on the market, such as tile adhesives, colorful caulks, and seams.

Tile adhesive (also called dry paste method), the tile does not need to be pre-soaked, the base surface does not need to be wet, as long as the foundation of the pavement is better improved, the homework condition is greatly improved.

What are the benefits of aerobic exercise

What are the benefits of aerobic exercise

What exercise is best to lose weight?

Aerobic exercise is the best option.

If you can combine strength training with aerobic exercise, you can achieve particularly good weight loss results.

So what exactly is aerobic fitness?

Can aerobic exercise achieve certain benefits?

Let’s find out next.

   What is aerobic fitness1, the meaning of aerobics Aerobics refers to the physical exercise that people perform under conditions of too much oxygen.

That is, during the exercise, the oxygen absorbed by the human body must be replaced with the required oxygen, so as to achieve a physiological balance.

To put it simply, aerobic exercise refers to any kind of rhythmic exercise. These exercises take a long time, and the intensity of the exercise is medium or upper.

At the same time, aerobic exercise is a constant exercise, even if it lasts more than five minutes, there is still power.

   2. Benefits of aerobic exercise In the process of aerobic exercise, muscles in each part of the body need a lot of oxygen, so that the blood circulation in the body can be intensified, and breathing can be exacerbated.The muscle will continue to contract, and the waste in the muscle will be taken away by oxygen.

In addition, in the process of aerobic exercise, the accumulated sugar in the body will be oxidized, so there is effective consumption, the slightness in the body will be quickly burned, and it can also promote the cardiopulmonary function of the human body.

  Through the above sharing, we know what aerobic fitness is, and also understand the benefits of aerobic exercise.

In fact, there are many common aerobic exercises. Except for skipping and swimming, running and climbing stairs are aerobic exercises.

Friends who want to do aerobic exercise can choose a better exercise method according to their preferences.