Tactile Stimulation Game-Tumble

Tactile Stimulation Game-Tumble

This game is suitable for one and a half to two years old.

  Dad and baby face each other. Dad’s feet are stepping on Dad’s feet. Dad slowly raises his hands. Baby’s feet move upwards on Dad’s calf. The body then leans forward.At this time, the baby’s legs have gradually surpassed the head, and the father’s hands are pulled back slightly to allow the baby’s legs to extend and turn. At this time, the baby has turned over a tumble and turned 3 to 4 times in a row.

  Tip: Tumbling is very meaningful to the baby, because when the tumble is turned, the baby’s vision changes.

With the spines on your feet, you can see the ceiling with your eyes, and then turn over, the whole space is turned upside down.

It is conducive to the coordination between themselves and space, forming the concept of space, cultivating the baby’s interest in large limb movements, and developing the ability to exercise.

It is not advisable to do this exercise after meals.

Soothing music is better for the heart and lungs

Soothing music is better for the heart and lungs

In everyday life, the joy that music can bring to people is self-evident.

At the same time, some research in the past has shown that music can help relieve tension.

However, some kind of music can soothe people’s emotions.

A recent research report published by British scientists shows that soothing music can relax tension and emotional fluctuations, and that after the music stops, the heartbeat rhythm and blood circulation system of listeners will be further adjusted.

And those who have some music training can get more obvious health benefits from music.

  Researchers who participated in the study said that their tests proved that slow-paced, quieter music can make people’s respiratory organs slow down the rate of intake and exhalation.

This is also the first time that scientific research has proved that music can easily make people’s breathing slower.

When a person’s breathing rate slows, their blood pressure usually drops, and it helps the lungs work more efficiently.

  In this study, researchers invited 12 musicians and 12 ordinary people without professional music education to participate in physiological response experiments.

Researchers have selected music of different styles and rhythms, including very slow-tempered Indian classical music, the soothing Beethoven’s ninth symphony, the faster-paced classical music of Vivaldi, electronic synthesis music, and Anton?

Weber slow-moving but rapidly changing music.

  Researchers require each step to first listen to the selected pieces of music for two minutes in a different order, then every two minutes, and then listen to the same music for four minutes.

The test results show that a concert with a faster rhythm and a simpler melody structure speeds up the person’s breathing speed, and as the blood pressure rises, the heartbeat speeds up.

When the music stops, heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing rate begin to drop, sometimes even lower than the original starting point.

And soothing music can slow the heart rate.

Among them, Indian classical music has the most obvious effect of slowing heart rate.

  Researchers said that before that, no one had done a comparative study of the effects of different music on the cardiovascular and respiratory system of people.

And their comparative research shows that the key to whether listening to music can overcome the stress relief is not the type of music the listener likes, but the speed set by the music itself.

  Researchers also say that stress and nervousness can have complications in the person’s cardiovascular system.

And music can not only reduce people’s tension, but also increase the treatment effect of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, music can help patients with damaged nervous systems improve their motor function during rehabilitation.

Nine yoga poses for perfect body

Nine yoga poses for perfect body

This is a very simple set of weight-loss exercises. You can usually practice on the floor at home. You can not lose weight and can bear the pressure brought by work.

  Triangular method: · Start with the mountain posture, right foot Mike back; turn right foot and the outside of the leg at 90 degrees, left foot forward.

  Use your legs as the center point and turn forward.

The right heel is aligned with the left instep.

  Raise your arms and your palms down.

Straighten your legs (if you can’t, you can bend the implant 90 degrees) and stretch your torso and arms.


Place your other hand on a bone, ankle, or floor.

Keep your left and right arms in a straight line.

  · Look up.

Hold for 5 breaths.

Return to the original position and start on the other side.

  Efficacy: Tighten the side waist, reduce waist feces, stretch leg ligaments, beautify leg curves, promote facial blood circulation, and prevent skin diseases.

  Hero cow face method: King Kong sits and adjusts his breath.

(··········· Inhale, stretch the right arm, elbow, exhale, pull the right elbow with your left hand, try to lower your right hand between the two shoulder blades.
  · The left arm is bent backwards, with fingers facing each other.

  Straighten your back, look straight up, hold for 20 seconds, and breathe naturally.

  · Do it 3 times on each side.

Let go.

Do it on the other side.

  Efficacy: beautify the carbon dioxide curve, and have an adjuvant treatment effect on periarthritis of the shoulder.

Flexible knee and hip joints to improve the symptoms of arthritis pain.

Severe knee rheumatism, those with arthritis should avoid it.

  Cobra-style method: · Prone, legs straight, noses on the ground, hands under shoulders, fingers separated, left and right middle fingers parallel.

  · Keep your legs close together (you can separate your legs if there is an adjacent disease).

  · Tighten both knee and hip muscles throughout the exercise, take a controlled breath, and breathe longer.

  Inhale, slide your nose along the ground, slowly lift your head to look upwards, and lift it upwards, drive the tilt away from the ground, do not straighten your elbows, keep bent, close to the rib cage, and do not pull up to the earlobe.

  ? Hold this position for 6 breaths, then exhale and lower your body.

  Efficacy: Flexible back waist, reducing abdominal stools, nourishing the kidneys, firming the hips, and muscle groups on the back of the legs.

Those with severe lumbar disc herniation should avoid it.

  Sit well, straighten your legs together, put your hands on your knees; inhale, straighten your arms up, your spine extends upwards, and your body leans back slightly; exhale, gradually bend your upper body upwards from the lower tail,Grab your feet with both hands; Slowly lower the upper body weight and extend the elbows slightly to help the main shaft fall; Relax your body and soul, with your head hanging down naturally, close your eyes, focus on the eyebrows, and finally reach your head and knees, keeping 10-30Second, breathe normally; · Inhale, straighten your arms, lift your upper body, exhale and lower your hands.

  Efficacy: Stretch the posterior ligament of the thigh to reduce your aunt.

The front of the fracture, the lumbar muscles, relieves sciatica.

  Camel-style “Camel-style” is a reclining posture suitable for beginners and seniors. It not only makes the neighbors soft but also refreshing!

But it must be noted that when doing “camel style”, the thigh and buttock muscles must be forced, especially when bending backwards, the pelvis and thighs must be pushed forward.

Tighten your thigh and hip muscles so you don’t get hurt.

  Methods: · Kneel down with your calf flat on the ground, aiming to open your hips wide and your feet facing the sky.

The thighs and the main shaft are aligned in a straight line at an angle of 90 degrees to the ground.Place your hands above the pelvis, bend your elbows, straighten your back, fracture your shoulders, and your elbows forward and backward.

  Inhale, starting from your upper back, slowly bend your body backwards, tighten your quadriceps, hips and abdomen.

Face up to the ceiling, don’t over-coax the neck.

  Exhale. Put your right hand on the right heel, palms down, fingers back, and then put your left hand on the left heel in the same way.

  Inhale, press your hands toward the soles of your feet, and instantly use your strength to make your chest taller.

The pelvis and thighs are perpendicular to the ground.

Relax your head and keep breathing natural.

Hold this position for about 15 to 30 seconds.

Then put your hands back over the pelvis, slowly return to the original position, and then rest your feet on the heels.

  Efficacy: Beautify the skull and waist curve.

Prevent sagging.

Those with severe lumbar disc herniation are not allowed.

  Tree-style method: · Stand with your feet close together, expand your chest and abdomen, knees, and your big toes to concentrate and stand, with your forehead slightly raised.

  · After inhaling, align your right knee while exhaling, so that the instep is attached to the hip joint with the soles facing upward.

Use your left leg to support your body weight, tilt your hands up, palms folded, breathe slowly, and stand still for 20 seconds to 1 minute.

Do the same exercise with the other leg.

  · After the movement is completed, stretch your body and relax fully.

  Efficacy: Improve balance and concentration.

Strong leg strength, shrink the upper and lower tibia, and extend the length.

  Riding method: ? Try to represent the left leg backwards.

Bend your right leg at the same time, but keep your right foot in place.

  · Keep your arms straight and your palms closed.

  At the end of the action, the body is heavy enough to be supported by the right foot, left knee and left toe.

  · In the final position, your head should be tilted back, your back arched, and your gaze up.

  Efficacy: Extend the patellar ligament, reduce the thigh area, the front aunt, flexible back waist.

  Double lotus sitting method: · First do a sitting posture, legs straight forward.

  · Grasp your left foot with both hands, place it on the right thigh, the heel under the belly button area, and the bottom of the left foot board facing the sky.

  · Grasp your right foot with both hands, and pull it over the left calf and place it on the right thigh.

Place your right heel under the belly button area, and the bottom of the right foot is also facing the sky.

  ? Keep your spine straight, and try to keep your knees on the ground.

Keep this posture for a long time.

  · Swap your legs and repeat this exercise.

  · After each meditation, massage your knees, thighs, extremities and two calves.

  Efficacy: Promote blood circulation in the legs, flexible toes, insteps, and greatly help meditation.

Breathe calmly, calm your heart.

  Fish-style variants: ? Lie on your back ? Support the ground with two elbows, raise your chest, raise your chin, and arch adjacently.

  Put your head on the ground.

  · Arch your hips as high as possible, put your hands together on your chest, straighten them back, close to the ground, and keep breathing deeply.

  · Slowly restore and rest.

  Efficacy: Stimulate the Baihui acupoint above the head, prevent hair loss and white hair.Beautify the skull, waist, exercise legs, abdominal strength.

Watch out for long night sleep injuries and sadness

Watch out for long night sleep injuries and sadness

Modern people are not the only ones who focus on health.

People who know how to keep fit are generally at the forefront of consciousness. Generally speaking, the more people who have a higher education level pay more attention to their physical health, the more they focus on keeping fit.

And how to maintain health can make one’s own body the best. This is a problem that many people are actively seeking and acting.

  Health care refers to “three-point adjustment, seven-point maintenance”, which means that when the internal organs of the human body are imbalanced, although special foods, health products or medicines can be used for recuperation, it can completely play a certain role, but there are still seven points.Develop good habits in sleep, diet, emotions, exercise and other aspects, so that the body can restore balance and maintain balance as soon as possible.

If you want the balance between the internal organs and the body to be healthy, you must conform to the natural laws of the heavens and the earth.Years, to go hundred years old! ”

  First, the nature of sleep 1.

During the Warring States Period, the famous doctor Wen Zhizhang Weiwei said that his health regime was to put sleep first. People and animals can only grow when they sleep, and sleep helps the spleen and stomach digest food.

Therefore, sleep is the first major supplement for health. If a person does not sleep one night, the loss of one hundred days is difficult to recover.


Li Yu, a medical doctor in the Qing Dynasty, once pointed out: “The secret to health is to put sleep first.

Sleep can regenerate, sleep can nourish qi, sleep can strengthen the spleen and stomach, sleep can strengthen bones.

“3, the common people often say:” Medicine is not as good as food, but food is not as good as sleep.

“People must follow the rules of nature and follow the sun. When they wake up, I wake up, when I sleep, I sleep, and develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Don’t face the sun.

  Second, what is the misunderstanding of sleep in modern people?

  The reason why most people find it difficult to develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, in addition to some people’s own bad sleeping habits, there are many misunderstandings about sleep: 1.

Some people think that as long as they sleep for seven or seven hours a day, it doesn’t matter that they stay up late at night, and make up sleep during the day.


Many people fall asleep or sleep poorly, only knowing that they will feel mentally exhausted the next day, and they don’t know how much it will hurt the body.


Many people think that insomnia and difficulty in falling asleep are only a small problem. It is enough to take a few tablets of sleeping pills. They don’t think that it is caused by the imbalance of internal organs.


Some people like to read books and write articles at night. They feel quiet after 23 o’clock, and they are also very energetic and efficient.

  In order to get out of the above several misunderstandings about sleep, we must first know the harm of bad sleep habits to the human body and when sleep is good for health.

  Third, long-term late sleep or lack of sleep has some kind of harm to the body?

  9pm to 3am is the best time to nourish the liver and gall.

If a person does not sleep when he bears a child (23-1 am), he will hurt the gall and liver.

The initial manifestations are dark circles, dry eyes, tiredness, depression, dizziness, headache, mental fatigue, and inattention. Serious imbalances and various complications will occur.


Eye diseases: The liver is open to the eye. If you do not sleep, you may cause liver deficiency, blurred vision, presbyopia, and tears in the wind, and then develop eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, fundus arteriosclerosis, and retinopathy.

(So there are eye problems, usually caused by liver problems) 2.

Bleeding Symptoms: The liver has blood in the liver, which regulates blood functions. If you don’t sleep when you are asleep, it will cause insufficient blood in the liver, which will cause vomiting, nosebleeds, subcutaneous bleeding, gum bleeding, fundus bleeding, ear bleeding and other bleeding symptoms.


Liver and gallbladder diseases: bile should be replaced when the child is born, if the person is not sleeping when the bile is strong, bile replacement is unfavorable, too thick and crystallized into stones, gallstones will be obtained after a long time.

At present, an average of about 5 people in Guangzhou have a carrier of hepatitis B virus, mostly because they violated the laws of nature and did not go to bed when they had passed their birth.

Hepatitis B virus carry means that 40% to 60% of cirrhosis of the liver will occur in the future, and severe cases will form liver cancer.


Emotional diseases: It ‘s easy to lose courage when you do n’t sleep when you have a child. The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Inner Life tells you to “strengthen guts”. When a person with guts is weak, it is easy to prevent anxiety, doubt, timidity, and depression, anxiety, etc.Problems, even hate the world, and commit suicide.

Nowadays, adolescents suffer from depression and even suicide. Most of them are hurting their liver and gall due to staying up late.(So depression, anxiety, etc. can’t just look for psychological factors, psychological abnormalities often come from physiological imbalances) 5.

Cardiovascular disease: Not sleeping when you have a child can cause liver blood deficiency.

Due to the blood flow of the main body of the heart, the function of the liver to store and regulate blood is impaired, which can lead to insufficient blood supply to the heart, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension.


Regarding the lungs: do not sleep when passing birth, unable to nourish Yin Qianyang, rupture of liver and yin, cause liver fire and burn the lungs, dry cough or cough, coughing blood and other symptoms of wood fire punishment, and easily lead to various skin diseases such as psoriasis.
(A cold is sometimes not a simple cold or wind. It may take a lot of days to take a medicine or an injection or even an infusion. A cold can be cured as long as the liver is replenished and the liver fire is reduced.

The lungs are mainly fur, and many skin diseases can not be cured by applying ointment, it is only a cure for the symptoms, not the root cause, and the liver problem must be solved).

Kidney: Hai, Zi, Ugly (21:00-3) is a day of winter.

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter harvest, winter should be kidney, kidney kidney essence, liver and kidney are similar, liver failure, kidney qi is easily consumed if you do not sleep, and thus easily cause osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney failure, infertility, etc.Illness will be affected severely.


Habitual abortion: Most of the habitual abortions of women are caused by men. Most of these men sleep for more than zero, and the liver damage is too heavy.

The liver is a wood in the five elements, the wood is not strong, the sperm is typically weak seeds, the rooting force is weak, and the protein easily slips off.

  Fourth, when is sleep good for health?

  9 pm to 3 am is the effective sleep time and the best sleep time.

Sleep less than half an hour in the evening (21: 00-3pm), and sleep more than 3 hours during the day will not make up.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone grasp the effective sleep time, it is best to go to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening, and do not exceed 10:30 at the latest.


At 21 o’clock to 23 o’clock every day, the Sanjiao Jing is the most prosperous and belongs to the Shaoyang Sanjiao Meridian, “Sanjiao Tongbaimai”. When 23 o’clock to 1 o’clock, the bile meridian is the strongest and belongs to the Foot Shaoyang bile meridian.

One is Hand Shaoyang and the other is Foot Shaoyang.

What is Shaoyang?

Shaoyang is the rising sun!

Only when the person enters the actual sleep state before 23:00, can Shaoyang be sufficient, the human body’s sun can rise, and it can have a good physical and mental state.

Most centenarians go to bed before 9 in the evening.


When 1:00 to 3:00 am is ugly, the liver is the most prosperous.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” says that “when you lie down, the blood belongs to the liver”, and the liver nourishes, and the best time to produce blood is 21:00 to 3 am.

If a person stays up late every day until 1 o’clock, the liver cannot return blood, toxic blood can not be drained, fresh blood cannot be produced, and the human organs cannot get the blood and nourishment, which is very easy to cause imbalance and cause disease.

Insomnia can’t sleep?

5 recipes to help you sleep well all night

Insomnia can’t sleep?
5 recipes to help you sleep well all night

Click to buy modern fast-paced work and life. Many people are under pressure from various aspects, and many people suffer from insomnia.

Insomnia can also be adjusted by diet, so what can eat to relieve insomnia?

Today I will introduce several recipes that can relieve insomnia.


Walnut, Guizao and Porridge millet has a sweet and warm taste, which is good for stomach and spleen, and helps to dehumidify and sleep; red dates has a sweet and warm taste, return to the spleen and stomach, help to nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish yin and blood, and calm the nerves.

Walnuts are sweet and warm, have lung moisturizing, stomach strengthening, nourishing blood, refreshing, and are rich in tryptophan, which can help to add serotonin, stabilize mood, and easily fall asleep.


Millet oatmeal millet and oatmeal are ingredients to help sleep.

The content of tryptophan in millet is the highest in cereals. This chemical can promote brain cells to secrete a neurotransmitter that makes people sleepy and help them fall asleep.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that Xiaomi has the effects of strengthening the spleen, stomach, and sleep.

For busy people, dinner may be the only meal you can cook yourself.

When stress is high, you may wish to make a bowl of millet oatmeal to improve the quality of sleep at night.


Golden needle chicken soup Gold needles can remove annoyance and ease your mind; chicken is another source of tryptophan, which also helps to stabilize your mood; white fungus is sweet and flat, has nourishing yin, nourishes the lungs, nourishes the stomach, nourishes qi, and nourishes the nerves; Black jujube is sweet and warm, return to the spleen, stomach meridian, nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish yin and blood, and play a soothing effect.


Banana Oatmeal Biscuits The compound starch contained in whole grains can stabilize blood sugar and enhance the effect of tryptophan. In addition, oat is also one of the food sources of tryptophan. It can be used with bananas and milk that may be tryptophan.Better emotional stability.

Nutritionists also recommend that, like nut yogurt salad, oatmeal with milk, biscuits with yogurt, bread with cheese, are all good snack combinations.

What are the exercises for constipation patients?

What are the exercises for constipation patients?

Guide: What are the exercises for constipation patients?

Constipation does not affect normal life, but also brings some annoyance to work and emotions.

Therefore, for patients with constipation, it is better to try the following exercises, and may have a good effect on your constipation symptoms.

  (1) Bed exercises.

  This exercise is mainly to do abdominal exercises. The patient lies on his back and lifts his feet so that the feet are 300 to the body for 1 minute, and then both feet rebound strongly.

The above actions can be repeated more than ten times.

  (2) Excercise.

  : With your feet as wide as your shoulders, relax your shoulders, lean your upper body forward, and touch your right toe with your left hand.

The main point of this action is to straighten the contraction and bend over to twist your body.

Get up with your hands on your waist, lean your back, and your belly as far as possible forward.

The above operations are repeated later.

Alternately touch both toes with both hands.

  Tips: Squat directly from an upright position, hold your hands on the ground, stand upright, and repeat several times.

Can promote initial exercise, and can build body.

Twenty criteria for men to marry after 80s

Twenty criteria for men to marry after 80s

First, looks to talk about the past.

Don’t be too beautiful or ugly, just fine.

Women who are too beautiful are worrying, and women who are too ugly are uncomfortable.

The so-called general, is to look straight at the eyes.

Don’t bother with excessive narcissism.

  Second, it must be 80.

I’m 88 years old. It doesn’t matter how old I am and how young I am, but I have to be born in the 80s.

After all, people of an era can talk more together.

Don’t provoke me if you don’t want to die after the 90s.

  Third, personality should be independent.

It doesn’t matter whether you make money or not, but you must have the ability to survive independently.

Don’t count on me for anything, I’m looking for a girlfriend, not a daughter, or a lover.

  Fourth, talk about more than 3 boyfriends do not disturb.

No matter what reason you broke up with the first 3 boyfriends, if you are thrown three times in a row, you are water-borne Yanghua. If you are thrown three times in a row, you are really not a good person, and the poor must have hate.

  Fifth, do not disturb the “non-mainstream”.

My bones are more traditional. Your behavior is too weird. I can’t stand it.

We are not living on a planet, and I am hostile to aliens.

  Six, must wash clothes to cook.

I definitely want to share the household chores. Some sweeping, scrubbing and washing dishes will do, but I do n’t want to do laundry and cook.

  Seven, sensible.

Don’t make troubles unreasonably, let alone give me face in front of friends.

Face is very important to me. I will lose face if you tear my face.

  Eight, I don’t have a virgin complex, I hope you don’t have a virgin complex.

  Nine, do not disturb speaking English.

English is useful, but don’t tell me.

I don’t understand English, especially disgustingly speaking Chinese with English.

I am Chinese, please speak Mandarin.

  Ten, no more than two pierced ears.

I don’t want to see too many holes in you. What I want is a complete person who doesn’t appreciate the incomplete beauty, and I don’t have that much money to buy you more than two earrings.

  Both parents are eleven and eighteen.

At the moment, I don’t have fatherly love, let alone motherly love.

  Twelve, do not disturb the makeup.

Fresh and clean, it can be light makeup, but the black and white is too bright, please wipe it like a ghost or a turkey or a sex worker, please take care of yourself.

  Thirteen, keep your teeth out.

I don’t want to make kissing a nightmare.

  Fourteen, a craft.

Qin, chess, calligraphy, painting, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and manual work can do anything, which can add interest to life.

  Fifteen, correct posture.To walk at normal pace, don’t look for me in the inner eight characters, the outer eight characters and the Lingbo microsteps.

People should go downright and downright, not on crooked paths.

  Sixteen, not too rich.

I am an ordinary person, I have never enjoyed the rich and rich, and I have never seen the big scene. I have never seen anything you eat. You cannot swallow what I eat. A woman who is too rich will definitely not be able to make a beat with me.

  Seventeen, spoiled and spoiled.

I’m not a prince, don’t be a princess, I can’t afford to wait.

Spicy and skinny, don’t look like a glass man.

  Eighteen, with love.

Have basic compassion for the weak and try to help others.

Do not disturb indifferent.

  Nineteen, can not Chongyangmeiwai.

I can take you abroad, but I must know that China is the best.

I love my country very much. If you tell me that everything in the foreign country is better than China, I may make you commit domestic violence.

  Twenty, one night Q and ** L patients do not disturb.

What to eat and lose weight for breakfast

What to eat and lose weight for breakfast

Getting up early to work is a painful thing for many people. In order to sleep more, for a while, eat a few mouthfuls of breakfast, or even eat breakfast.

From a nutritional point of view, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, breakfast is good, fat is not found.

  What are the principles of healthy eating breakfast?



Protein supplements and calcium recommended foods: Milk milk is a very important source of calcium in addition to protein. If you have lactose intolerance syndrome, you can drink yogurt, and the lactose content of yogurt is generally supplemented.

If you can’t drink yogurt, try homemade soy milk.

2 kinds of combinations, balanced nutrition breakfast, do not add only one nutrient: include impurities (corn, sweet potato, taro, porridge, etc.); protein (eggs, salmon, tofu, etc.); if you can add vitamins such as vegetables and fruitsMore balanced

3 try to light the excessive amount of greasy breakfast will cause the burden on the body, and will lead to high blood lipids, should be minimized to supplement fried foods.

  Taboo food: fritters, oil cakes, oil balls, all kinds of high-oil pancakes, pancakes, etc.

  We can try to do the above three principles. Here are a few convenient and quick fat-reducing breakfasts for everyone.

  First, soy milk meal materials: soy milk soy milk with steamed buns and other staple foods, are good choices.

  Practice: In fact, it is very simple to make soy milk, buy a soymilk machine, soak the soy milk the night before, put the soybeans in the soymilk machine in the morning, it only takes 15 minutes, a bowl of hot soy milk just fine, except the soybeansYou can also add black beans and red beans to make your nutrition and beauty.

  Tip: This breakfast has the most Chinese characteristics. The benefits of women drinking soy milk can prevent gynecological diseases. Soymilk is a vegetable protein, protein and protein food, and is rich in nutrients.

  Second, corn diet food: 2 spoons of corn flour, 1 spoon of milk, 1 spoon of cereal This breakfast is corn-based healthy nutritious meal, corn bran is convenient and simple.

  Practice: Mix the materials with boiling water. If you feel that you are not full enough, you can cook a fresh corn the night before, and microwave the next morning with corn bran.

  Tip: Corn is rich in dietary fiber, which is a good health care product in coarse grains, which is beneficial to promote human digestion.

Corn is a slimming staple food, rich in nutrients, and glycogen, which is not easily absorbed by the body, and is good for weight loss.

  Third, fruit and vegetable meal materials: vegetable fruit juice, omelet sandwich simple fruit and vegetable breakfast, can meet the needs of a day of vitamins.

  Practice: Use non-stick omelet (no need to put cooking oil), then take two slices of whole wheat sliced bread, add ham, lettuce and skim salad dressing according to personal taste, and mix fruit with seasonal fruit.

  Tip: Fresh orange carrot juice, melon apple juice, pure kiwi juice, pure cucumber juice will be a good choice, can transform toxins in the body, enhance metabolism.

  Fourth, milk meal materials: milk, soda crackers This breakfast is mainly Western-style milk, suitable for people who do not have time to prepare breakfast.

Milk is rich in calcium, vitamin D, etc., including all the amino acids needed for human growth and development, the digestibility can be as high as 98%, which is unmatched by other foods.

  Practice: The milk purchased by the supermarket can be directly used for cold drinks, and heating is also very convenient.

Fresh milk needs to be boiled for five minutes to ensure that the bacteria are killed.

The correct order for eating breakfast is to eat soda crackers first, then drink milk, and don’t drink milk on an empty stomach.

But pay attention to the level of soda crackers is relatively high, if you want to lose weight in the morning, do not eat more than 75 grams.

Watch your curtains release toxins!

Watch your curtains release toxins!

Everyone knows that formaldehyde comes from wood-based panels, laminate flooring or furniture used in home decoration, but when you look at the beautiful curtains after the decoration, you must be difficult to associate them with the formaldehyde that causes indoor environmental pollution.

  Why is there formaldehyde in the curtains?

This is because in textile production, in order to improve the crease resistance of the fabric, improve the waterproof performance of the textile, pressure resistance, improve color fastness, improve fire resistance and so on, fabrics often add artificial resins and other common additives.

In the process of textile printing and finishing (soft finishing, stiffness finishing, anti-wrinkle finishing, etc.), various dyes, auxiliaries and finishing agents must be added. The resin contained in them contains formaldehyde.

  These formaldehyde-containing resins will have residues after finishing and will release formaldehyde.

First, textiles with decoration and coatings have higher formaldehyde levels.

When textiles are exposed to the air, since the formaldehyde is sufficient, it will be continuously released and pollute the indoor environment.

  Especially nowadays, some residential windows are relatively large, such as floor-to-ceiling windows, viewing windows, decoration of a house of about 100 square meters, and curtain cloth will cost 88,000 yuan, which is why some homes pay special attention to formaldehyde controlPollution, but after inspection, one of the reasons for indoor formaldehyde exceeding standards will still be found.

  So, how to prevent formaldehyde when buying curtains for interior decoration?

  First, pay attention when buying curtain cloth: 1.

Smell the smell.

If the product emits a pungent odor, formaldehyde may remain, so it is best not to buy it.


Pick a suit.

When choosing colors, it is advisable to purchase light shades, so that the risk of formaldehyde and dyeing fastness will be less.


Look at the breed.

Care should also be taken when choosing fabric and curtain products that are shrink-proof, anti-wrinkle, soft, and flat.

  Second, pay attention when using: 1.

The curtains purchased should be fully soaked in water and washed to reduce the formaldehyde content on the fabric.


In addition to curtains, some sheets, quilts, and other textiles that come in direct contact with the skin also contain formaldehyde. Be sure to wash them before using them.


After washing, it is best to dry the curtain cloth in the ventilated place of the radiator, and then reuse it.


If there are more windows in the room, you can choose curtains of different materials, some shutters, roller blinds and so on.

Child swimming can increase appetite and promote growth

Child swimming can increase appetite and promote growth

Some mothers report that their children are always thin and picky when eating.

Experts suggest that children can swim more because swimming can increase appetite and promote growth.

  Mother Tintin: My family Tintin is 5 years old and is tall among his peers, but he has always been very thin, and every time he does health care, the weight is hovering around the minimum standards. How can I make him grow stronger?

  Swimming can increase appetite and promote the growth of very thin children like Tintin, allowing him to swim more, because swimming can promote appetite, enhance digestive function, and help build muscle.

  Because the density and resonance of water are greatly increased compared to air, the magnitude of loss of people exercising in water is several times higher than that of exercising outside water.

In addition, the water temperature is lower than the body temperature, which can make the body release more heat.

With the large consumption of physical energy, under the regulation of the central system, the human body will mobilize the energy stored in the muscles and liver to ensure the supply, especially for children.

Therefore, swimming can increase the child’s appetite, enhance the metabolism of the body, improve digestive function, and appear obese after swimming.

  At the same time, in order to compensate for the energy consumed in the water, the growth hormone level of the child’s body is increased, and the digestive system will actively strengthen the digestion and absorption function to absorb a large number of nutrients, and the child’s growth rate will accelerate.

  Many benefits of swimming for children In addition to increasing appetite and growth, swimming also has many benefits. Parents can encourage their children to swim more.


Letting children swim smarter can effectively promote the development of children’s brain and nervous system, stimulate the child’s potential, and lay a good foundation for improving children’s emotional intelligence and IQ.

Because swimming movements of infants and toddlers are more complicated, and this series of complex movements are completed under the domination of the brain, swimming exercises can improve the child’s brain function, and can promote the brain’s ability to respond to the external environment and intellectual development.


Stabilizing emotions When swimming, the massage effect of water will soothe the child’s body, and the child will feel comfortable and relaxed, and it can also eliminate the loneliness, worry, and fear of children.

In addition, swimming will consume a certain amount of physical strength, so after swimming, the child will be emotionally stable and sleep better.

In addition, swimming can help your child develop a regular sleep habit.

In addition, it is also very helpful to cultivate children’s cheerful personality.


Improving the vital capacity When swimming, the pressure on the chest contour of the water and the vital capacity increase, which has a good effect on the development of the child’s chest contour.

Swimming is a safe and natural way of exercising for children. After insisting on re-launching, mothers will find that the child’s chest contour development and increased vital capacity are obviously accompanied by babies of the same age.


Helping children grow tall infants and toddlers can effectively stimulate the development of children’s bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, promote children’s height growth, and make children more physically fit.

Swimming is a whole-body exercise, and children can move their limbs freely in the water, which is conducive to the complications of the skeletal system and gentle development.

In addition, when swimming, the child’s body is horizontal in the water, and the joints and spine of the limbs will not be directly impacted by the ground reaction during the exercise, so swimming is a good opportunity to correct the poor posture caused by various reasons.