Moderate life to avoid injuries caused by five strains

Moderate life to avoid injuries caused by five strains

Healing blood for a long time, lying down for a long time, sitting for a long time, hurting his body, staying for a long time, hurting his bones, staying for a long time.

It means that five workers are injured.

  -“Su Wen Xuan Ming Wu Qi Pian” means above.

Long-term vision strains vision and hurts blood gas, long-term bed rest causes yang to be stretched and hurts righteousness, long-term sitting causes blood flow to be impaired, and muscles to be injured, long-term strains to the waist, knees, and knees and bones, and long-term fatigueIt hurts in the meridians.

This is called Wu Lao injury.

  ”The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” has always recognized the combination of work and rest, movement and quietness, both against sitting still, and overworked may be an important factor in causing losses.

The “Injury by Five Workers” described in the book was not only valued by medical doctors of all ages, but also repeatedly cited by future generations.

  Long-term blood damage Many students read books or do homework for a long time without paying attention to rest. Some people often use computers for a long time. These behaviors will seriously damage the eyes and cause various eye diseases. Over time, some people are uncomfortable with eye diseases.If you don’t pay attention to rest and treatment in time, and continue to use the eye continuously, it will increase the damage to the micro blood vessels in the eye, worsen the condition, and even cause fundus hemorrhage or various retinopathy.

If people can protect their eyes and use their eyes sparingly, they can naturally avoid the occurrence of various eye diseases.

When using the eyes normally, the distance between the eyes and the book should not be less than 20 cm, and the distance from the computer screen should be more than half a meter, and it is best to take a few minutes of rest every 1 hour.

  It is important to sleep for a long time, but it is not as long as possible.

Long lying not only damages yang, reduces immunity, but also easily causes various diseases and reduces lifespan.

Japanese experts have tracked 114,000 people aged 40-79 years in 50 regions of the country for 10 years, and found that those with the lowest cancer mortality are those who sleep 7-8 hours a day; if they sleep 9 hoursIf it exceeds, the cancer death rate will increase by 28% in men and women will increase accordingly.

What is even more surprising is that from the proportion of deaths from all diseases including cancer, people who sleep more than 9 hours per day, compared with people who sleep 7-8 hours, have a 60% higher fatality rate for men and a mortality rate for women.It should be 76% higher.

If the daily sleep time is shortened by 4 hours or more for a long time, the life span of a person will also be severely shortened.

Therefore, if people want to live longer, they must not only sleep redundantly, but also not sleep too much, and not sleep often.

Approximately, adults can sleep 7-8 hours a day, children, the elderly need a little longer, about 9-10 hours.

  Sedentary injuries can cause accumulation and accumulation in the body, causing tiny accumulations in the abdomen, causing the abdomen to protrude, sagging ends, and bloated body, and easily lead to hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Sitting for a long time can damage muscles, make muscles loose and weak, and endanger physical health.

Relevant German experts point out that the number of immune cells in the human body will increase with the increase in the number of conference activities. These immune cells can prevent disease and suppress tumor formation.

Sedentary people are difficult to produce enough immune cells, so they are most vulnerable to cancer.

Therefore, it is best to get up and move around every hour.

  For a long time, the injured bone and kidney hide the essence, while the spermatogenesis is the bone fluid, which can nourish the bone.

For a long time, it will damage the lumbar kidney, kidney essence deficiency, and bone marrow emptiness, but the bones will be weak, the bones will be fragile, and osteoporosis will be easy to occur.

After a long time in advance, you should pay attention to rest your feet properly. If you have no conditions to sit down, it is best to alternate your feet to take time to rest.

  For a long time, it hurts the muscles and knees.

There are a large number of ligaments, tendons, and fascia around the knee joint. Walking the knee for a long time is excessively tired. Once the knee joint is strained, multiple muscle tendons passing through may be involved and may even induce some cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, it is best to act within your ability when walking, not to let your feet feel tired, so as to promote the body’s metabolism and be beneficial to health.

The practice of taking fish with yuba

The practice of taking fish with yuba

Don’t want to beat the side stove for the winter season?

Then we might as well make a yuba.

In the winter, you can do whatever you want.

The seafood in the seafood market is getting colder and fresher every day. In addition to a cold frost, you can occasionally buy fresh seafood.

The scalloped scallops have a golden-yellow feel, adding a touch of warmth to the cold winter days.

Plus the fried yuba is golden brown.

Ha ha, after eating this dish, it is estimated that it can glow.

  Ingredients: strip fish, red pepper, yuba, ginger, garlic, salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, star anise, spiced powder.

  The practice of taking fish with yuba

Change the knife and cut into sections. Cut the fish body into a flat flower knife. Marinate with salt and cooking wine to taste.


After the yuba is soaked, cut into sections, and use red peppers (not spicy ones) to cut into small pieces.


Add an appropriate amount of oil to the pan, pat the strips of fish evenly with flour, add the oil when the oil temperature is 70% hot, and fry until golden.


Leave the base oil in the pot, lower the star anise, ginger, garlic and sauté, cook cooking wine, soy sauce, water, add yuba, add scallops, add appropriate amount of vinegar, sugar, salt, and simmer for 10 minutes.


Add red pepper, add allspice powder before the pan, add the sesame oil and boil it. Turn off the heat and simmer for another 2 minutes.

What are your requirements for the other half?

What are your requirements for the other half?

Core tip: Test and test. What do you want from the other half?

  Question: If you can choose a neighbor, which one would you choose?

  A, people in the cultural, educational and academic circles B, fashionable people (fashion industry, music art or movie circle, etc.) C, small flower shops, hair salons, commissions, tea art shop owners D, office workers E, dignitaries or celebrities F, Owner G, who is a boutique, brand store, etc., no one should answer the analysis of choice A: Your mate selection conditions are not complicated, as long as you have a slightly higher level, you do n’t need to be too good-you may think that you ca n’t reach it;Not too bad-always have to live a lifetime together!

  Option B: Recognizing material life is your main focus. Of course, you will also take this into consideration when choosing the other half.

Can’t say that you are realistic, after all, everyone has a part he admits, but you happen to see something more materialized.

  Choice C: You, absolutely idol worship, your spouse selection conditions must meet one: appearance should not be too bad.

Not only do you have high requirements for your appearance, you also have harsh conditions on the other half.

Do you think that people who have to open their eyes every day must not be too ugly!

  Choice D: There is a saying: Ordinary is extraordinary.

This sentence is full of your mood.

For the other half of your life that is about to be held, your requirements are not high, you can even say that there is no condition, because the life is what you want, and the person you can get the conditions, the relative you pay isThe more, everything is content.

  Choice E: The conditions are too good, so I also want my future partner not to be too bad. In addition to having a family background, talent, and most importantly, really have a few brushes, fame and gain, in short, the worldAll the elite conditions on the other side should be involved.

  Choice F: You are an independent with a personal style. Of course, your spouse selection conditions are also quite specific.

You will not ask the other party to be more gold, or more handsome, more beautiful, the only condition you require is: talent.

As long as the other person has an awesome entertainer who admires you, whether he is an ugly man or an ugly woman, you will love him because of his talents, and follow him.

  Choice G: Basically, everything is handled by yourself, so once you really need to make a choice about this, you will want the other person to be an independent person. At least after you get married, you don’t need to spend too much time looking after him.

In this way, everyone is convenient, and they all enjoy the beauty and benefit of the two people’s world.

Tonic for male infertility

Tonic for male infertility

Usually male infertile patients will find some food therapy or something, hoping to treat infertile wounds. In fact, some of the male infertile patients are caused or exacerbated by inadequate diet.

  First, tobacco and alcohol are the most powerful poisons.

Excessive tobacco and alcohol can affect epididymal function, interfere with sperm DNA, etc., thereby hindering our “man-made” plan.

  Second, partial eclipse, nutritional deficiencies and excess nutrition can also affect birth.

Amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements in the diet are closely related to sperm production, maturity, and ability to move. If these substances are lacking, sperm production can be reduced, and vitality can be reduced to cause infertility.

Those who are addicted to meat and don’t like vegetables should be vigilant.

  Third, some foods can affect sperm production, such as celery, kale, water chestnut, cottonseed oil, etc. Long-term consumption may cause sperm quantity and quality to decline.

  Fourth, seafood is a good thing, but you can’t overdo it.

Today’s environmental pollution is getting worse, and the mercury content of seafood is also increasing.

Therefore, it is necessary to stop eating seafood. Excessive eating may cause long-term accumulation of mercury in the body, which not only affects sperm activity and quantity, but also damages the body.

  Some people may question whether the above statement exaggerates the impact of food on inherent capacity.

Take an example to refute: we all know that too much nutrition can lead to obesity, especially in adolescents. Slight deposition causes milder posterior pituitary gland, affects pituitary function, reduces male hormone release, and shrinks testes.The penis is not developing, etc. When such a boy grows up, he is most likely to be infertile.

  As the saying goes: “Medication is not as good as food.

“Diet is divided into yin, yang, cold, heat, warm tonic and clearing diarrhea, so diet therapy is just” tonic “, and there is conditioning.

It must be authentic, convenient, affordable, delicious, and have a certain targeted conditioning and nourishing effect.

  The following recommends several food therapy methods that are of practical value to infertility for doctors and patients.

  All kinds of eggs and caviar are the best raw materials for making eggs or sperm after digestion and absorption by the body. They are high in protein and should be eaten frequently.

Eggs 1 per day?
2 only.

The eggs are too hot and the duck eggs are cold. They can be used alternately. If the infertility is cold, you can eat more eggs.

Bet on hot and humid, often urinary tract infection, yellow belt, red belt can enter duck eggs.

According to popular rumors, “Children cannot eat caviar.

“There is really no scientific basis.

  Investigate its cause.

It may be that “one fish roe lives one life and has sinned” (according to a Zhejiang Shuru), which is in line with the old mentality of good morals.

In Russia, caviar is first-rate food, and people who eat it are not stupid. Real stupid people ca n’t eat first-class caviar.

However, it should be noted that eating caviar requires slow chewing and slow swallowing, a slight squeak, and a fine taste of yolk.

If the roe is swallowed, the egg membrane has a strong ability to resist gastric acid, which is often completely discharged and passed through the intestine, which not only replaces the absorption of nutrients, but also is easy to digest.

Caviar should not eat too much at one time, to 30?
50g is appropriate, 1 per week?
2 times.

  Eat more fish, fish, and other aquatic products, such as sparrows, pheasants, wild ducks, hares, pigeons, silky fowls, boy chickens, beef and sheep pork, and various fish, shrimp, turtles and the like.

These foods are rich in various nutrients needed by the human body, especially the protein is much higher than vegetarian food.

Flesh and blood sentimental goods, nourish the main axis of flesh and blood sentiment.

As the saying goes: “The smaller the sparrow, the smaller the fiercer.

“” You can’t eat finches away from home.

(One of the stems of the penis is called “tit”, the common saying is “little sparrow”).

Venison is rare, and eating more will raise the sun.
Today, there are more and more people with excess nutrition.

Various aquatic products are mostly flat and cool.

Raw shrimp soaked in wine, nourish yin and kidney, and help to sperm.
The value of turtles, lobsters, and hairy crabs doubles. You don’t have to catch up with the trend. The working class has limited income. Pay attention to the price / benefit ratio. Therefore, you must talk about science and buy as many nutrients for reproduction as possible with limited money.

  Eel and conger eel are delicious, everyday dishes.

It has been used since ancient times, and its taste is flat.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Benefit the kidney, strengthen the deficiency.

“,” Experience Wide Collection “said:” If men and women have all fatigue and weakness.

“Rihuazi Materia Medica” said: “Qiyang.

“The freshwater river eel is exceptionally tender, and the market price is several times higher than that of the conger eel. It can be described as a banquet treasure, and the conger eel has no disadvantages of being a” major loan “.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica” believes that eels and snakes “are similar to each other,” and indeed have the effect of expelling wind and beautifying skin.

“The Outline” still exudes eel blood, cream, bones and heads magical effects, fascinating, but has always been struggling to refine and refine, treasure replacements do their best.

  Bullwhip cream Bullwhip is better with insulin pills.

Wash, chop the sections, boil the water, discard the fishy water, and then carefully remove the hair and sundries. You must use chopsticks to clear the “muddle” in the urethra.

Add rice wine 500?
1000ml, white wine 250ml, green onion ginger, the trick is to add a spoonful of brown sugar and half a glass of beer, without adding water, add pressure cooker, stew as low as a paste after boiling.

Bullwhip cream is mainly eaten with protein and admixtures (胨, amino acids).

  For homemade bullwhip cream, you can also ask Chinese medicine to prescribe a nourishing formula. Mix the Chinese herbal decoction, about 50ml per day, and take it on an empty stomach.

The bullwhip in the prescription has the effect of nourishing kidney yang and benefiting yang qi; Epimedium and walnut meat are convenient to assist.

  Bullwhip helps Yang Yijing.

Nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening the muscles and strengthening bones; alfalfa, mature land, Cuscuta chinensis, Ligustrum lucidum can astringent essence, nourish liver and kidney; Huang Jing, Dangshen, Huai yam, Poria, can nourish the spleen, nourish qi, regenerate Jin; supplement with whiteThe function of nourishing yin, tanning, clearing heat and blood, and blood makes the whole formula tonic, not greasy, warm but not dry.

Applicable to kidney yang deficiency, kidney qi failure, impotence nocturnal emission, waist and knee weakness, chills and cold limbs.

  Pork, beef soup or small ribs soup should be broken before cooking. Add a small amount of rice vinegar while cooking, and the converted effective substances will be more dissolved in the soup to increase the concentration.

Bone marrow effective substances help blood production, spermatogenesis, improve sexual function, and improve the quality of sexual life.

  Fungus rock sugar, white fungus moisturizes the lungs, black fungus tonic the kidney, black and white fungus is used together, there is a magical use of gold and water.

The ratio of black and white fungus is self-defining, appropriate amount, first boil black fungus, simmer for 3 hours, add white fungus to boil for 1 hour until rotten and thick like mud, add appropriate amount of rock sugar, spare, 250ml daily, take on an empty stomach.

In winter, you can add an appropriate amount of Tianjin jujube.

  Raw Coix Seed Congee Wash Coix Seed, add water, cook crispy like porridge, take 250ml daily on an empty stomach.

Coix seed, sweet, mild, slightly cold.

The function is to strengthen the spleen, infiltrate the dampness, clear the lungs, relieve pus, slightly cold without hurting the stomach, and benefit the spleen without getting tired.

There are two kinds of domestic and Thai imports in the market. As food therapy, domestic ones should be used. It seems to have rich flavor and remarkable curative effect.

  Ginseng is good for qi, spermatozoa, and has the function of aphrodisiac. It is suitable for men.

The practice of soy stewed chicken

The practice of soy stewed chicken

As the saying goes, “No one can be without beans for a day”, a cup of soy milk in the morning is a good choice.

However, the soybeans are cold, so it is recommended to use warm foods in winter. Soy beans can be eaten a lot.

  Here, Liaoning reader Cao Fengru recommends a nutritious dish suitable for winter consumption-soy stewed chicken.

  Ingredients: 1 chicken (about 2 kg), 20 grams of soybeans, red pepper, green onion, ginger slices, rice vinegar, refined salt, MSG.

  Practice: 1.

Wash chicken and cut into cubes, and simmer for later use.


Put the right amount of oil in the pan, stir-fry the onion, ginger, and remove, then add the chicken pieces and stir-fry with rice vinegar.


Add soy beans to the pot, add enough water, then add the onion ginger slices, salt, boil the water, cook on a low heat for about 1 and a half hours to remove the chicken bones (if no soy beans, at least 3Hours), then add some MSG.

  Nutritionist’s comment: Soybeans provide supplemental fiber, minerals, soy isoflavones and other nutrients, making this dish more nutritious than ordinary stewed chicken.

Moreover, compared with the common collocation-soybean stewed trotters, the content of diabetes is much lower, which is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and people with hyperlipidemia.

  In addition, soy stewed chicken supplies both vegetable and animal protein, which doubles the effect of protein supplementation and immunity improvement.

What are the nutritional needs of older women?

What are the nutritional needs of older women?

According to the changes in the physiological functions of the organs and organs of the elderly, the nutrition of the elderly is sufficient to carry out heavy anti-aging and disease prevention, and seek to maintain human health and longevity.

Therefore, the need for various nutrients is also different from that of young adults.

  1, thermal energy: the transitional needs of the elderly decrease with age.

If 20?
34 years old generally need to be 9623 per day?
At 10878 kJ, 70?
What is the 90-year-old need for 7531?
8360 kJ, this is because of the lowering of the basal metabolic rate and the reduction of physical labor in the elderly.

So the nutrition expert’s advice is 50?
In the 90-year range, energy supply can be reduced by 10% compared to adults, 60?
20% 20%, and 30% after 70 years old.

But a small reduction is often accompanied by a reduction in food accumulation.

The requirements for other nutrients do not necessarily decrease with age, so attention should be paid.

  2, protein: the needs of the elderly protein is not lower than the adult, due to the increase in catabolism and anabolism gradually slow down, negative nitrogen balance is more likely to occur.

Therefore, the protein supply of the elderly is not lower than that of adults, especially when calculated in kilograms of body weight.

Multiple selection of high-quality protein knights can make better use.

In general, the proportion of protein in the daily concentration is also increased, about 12%?
About 14%.

  3, a small amount: the elderly should use different types of carbohydrates, but the proportion of multiple should not be too small, fructose is converted into a small amount of small amounts in the body, so jam and honey can be eaten as part of the sugar.

Under normal circumstances, it is appropriate for carbohydrates to occupy 60% of the total migration.

  4, lipids: the elderly and adults need lipids, it helps the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, improve the flavor of vegetable foods.

Lipids should be based on vegetable oils, but not all animals should be removed slightly. It is not necessarily advantageous to replace excess unsaturated fatty acids.

  5, iron and calcium: elderly women can have varying degrees of anemia, the reasons are complex, including gastric volume decomposition, gastric acid and stomach internal factors, iron absorption capacity, hematopoietic function, vitamin C and trace elementsInsufficient and so on may all be relevant.

However, in general, the quality of iron is a primary problem. The absorption rate of iron provided by animal muscles and blood is higher than that of plant foods. This must be noted.

Older women are prone to bone softening and reduced bone density leading to osteoporosis, which is not only related to hormones, vitamin D, but also to the supply of calcium.

Calcium in milk and dairy products has a better absorption rate than calcium in plant foods.

The amount of calcium supplement should not exceed the standard of adults, and the replacement of calcium by 800 kg for elderly women every day.

  6, salt: the elderly should eat less salt, usually 5 grams per day is appropriate.

Hypertension, coronary heart disease patients should be limited to 3 grams or less.

  7, vitamins: the supply of vitamins for the elderly with young people.

In the nutrition survey of the elderly, vitamin A and B vitamins are often found to be low.

Vitamin C is also important for old age, but the more vitamins A and D, the better.

  8, cellulose: cellulose is more important for the elderly.

Because cellulose is good for digestion and intestinal peristalsis, avoid constipation, help prevent intestinal cancer and lower blood cholesterol.

Therefore, the food of the elderly does not contain the exclusion of coarse grains, paying particular attention to eating fresh vegetables and fruits.

  In summary, the nutritional needs of older women can be supplemented by “three lows”, three appropriate amounts, three metabolisms are low feces, low salt; appropriate deviation, moderate quality protein, moderate amount of trace elements; large amounts of vitamins, large amounts of celluloseExcess inorganic salts (calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.).

Why love baby is angry-

Why do love love anger?

The Korean movie “Savage Girlfriend” swept China.

This is very different from our traditional belief that women in love should be gentle.

Now, scientists have found a theoretical basis for the “savage girlfriends”.

  According to the latest issue of “New Scientist” magazine, the Italian female scientist Marazzetti’s research found that the sex difference in love is not so obvious, because the male hormone levels in men and women tend to be consistent during the love period, in other wordsMen are more like women, women are more like men.

  Men become more tender and affectionate, and women gradually become more passionate.

  In addition, some social and psychological factors have also affected this change in men and women’s love.

  First of all, this is the different requirements of society and culture on men and women.

In our cultural tradition, men are always required to be generous, generous, calm, and tolerant, and do not care about it.

For women, society can accept their changing personalities.

  In essence, when there is a dispute in love, the tolerance of men and women is different, and women are more vulnerable and more angry.

  Third, there are some differences between men and women in self-confidence.

Adolescent girls experience the development of sexual psychology, and gradually pay attention to their gender roles and physical characteristics. Whether they are slim and beautiful are all things that make her suffer and suffer.

Women in love worry about more things, which is why they are angry.

  Finally, men and women have different roles in love.

Men play the active role, the more they are eager in pursuit, the more nervous they become, and the more they are gentler than usual.

And women intentionally or unintentionally set up some obstacles for their boyfriends in love, to see if the boyfriend can allow himself, or simply test it with a temper.

  Psychologist Jung has pointed out that men have some feminine psychological characteristics, and women also have masculine psychological characteristics.

In the special situation of love, these characteristics are fully manifested.

Wash out the Housewife’s Hands _1

Wash out the “Housewife’s Hands”

Washing out and washing out the “Housewife’s Hands” The human hand’s skin originally had a protective film, but long-term use of various detergents will wash away the oil on the surface of the skin, so that the skin on the hands becomes dry.Even long burrs, severe cases of peeling.
This kind of hand skin disease is commonly known as “Housewife’s Hand”. It is actually a skin disease called “chronic contact irritative dermatitis”.
In addition to patients often engaged in household chores, housewives who have unprotected hands touching various chemical detergents such as soap, washing powder, detergent and so on, as well as cleaners, shampoos, beauticians, nurses, etc.
Except for direct contact with chemical cleaning products without protective measures, direct contact with irritating foods such as garlic and onions, or supplies containing metal substances such as hair dyes, and frequent soaking in cold water will cause “Housewife hand. ”
In addition, the “housewife hand” has a certain relationship with the physique. People with allergies are more likely to suffer from the “housewife hand”.
Experts point out that do not believe that some washing products on the market “do not hurt your hands” as long as they are used to remove oil, it will inevitably contain surface active ingredients, and excessive contact with these ingredients will hurt the skin of the hands.
Experts remind that if you want to prevent “Housewives” effectively: 1.
Wear gloves to avoid direct contact with washing chemicals, as they can cause skin irritation and inflammation.
Avoid prolonged or excessive hand washing.
Switch to a soap with a higher fat content.
After washing, wash your hands repeatedly with water, and then apply a moisturizing and revitalizing hand cream.
Those with severe illness must go to a regular hospital.
Skin through the lungs, eat more almonds, Yuzhu, lily, Luo Han Guo and other foods to nourish the lungs.

Men and children be careful with their fingers

Men and children be careful with their fingers

A recent study mentioned in the US “Emergency Medicine Yearbook” shows that middle-aged men and children are at risk of losing a finger, but only to a different degree.

For men, the danger of losing their fingers comes mainly from various power tools, while for children, be careful about every room door and car door in your home.

  The study was conducted at the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

According to researchers, in the United States, there are about 2 every year.

Eighty thousand people were outside the workplace and patronized the emergency room because their fingers were severed.

Among those injured, at least one was a child under five and a middle-aged man.

  Christine in Louisville?


Crainat’s Palm and School of Microsurgery, Raymond?


Dr. Hart wrote a paper for the study.

Dr. Hart said that the number of children with finger injuries in the United States each year is enough to faint, and that number does not include severe finger injuries other than severed fingers.

“Hundreds of injuries have been cut off just at the front of the finger.

The researchers found that the index finger and the middle finger were the most vulnerable; more than half of the finger injuries occurred in the home of the injured person.

  Among children with finger injuries, 73% of injuries occurred when the door was opened and closed; among middle-aged men with finger injuries, 47% of the accidents were caused by power tools.

  Researchers have pointed out that for finger injuries caused by power tools, the most common causes of injury accidents are failure of the safety protection device provided by the tool, or instantaneous judgment errors by the operator.

Many finger injury accidents that occur on children can be avoided by installing safety equipment such as pressure protection on the door. At the same time, manufacturers should also consider how to make some changes in the design to make the door to childrenMore secure.

The Raiders of Anti-Fatigue in Yoga Workplace

The Raiders of Anti-Fatigue in Yoga Workplace

Diet has a huge impact on our lives. Too much liquid food will make people forgetful, while pasta and Chinese food will make the eater tired and boring after an hour.

To avoid these problems, you can refer to the following nutrition recommendations: Eat breakfast even if you are not hungry. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are better than those who do not eat breakfast in both their psychological and physical conditions.

Research from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom has shown that breakfast can help people maintain lower stress levels.

  Strengthen your diet to eat something every 2-3 hours a small daily meal can avoid fatigue caused by too low blood glucose concentration.

It should be noted that adding meals does not make you keep eating, because too much digestive burden will make you feel sleepy.

Fish fillets, nuts, yoghurt, oatmeal, etc. are all good choices. Their protein and glucose rise in your blood sugar concentration, which makes you feel excited and reduces your desire for sweets.

  Absorb more dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can slow down the body’s absorption of sugar, and the brake blood sugar can slowly and steadily rise.

Generally speaking, adults need 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day. Whole grain foods, black beans, and apples are rich in dietary fiber, so they can also be considered as a dietary supplement.

  Use fatty acids to speed up the brain. Fatty acids in walnuts, canola oil, and canola oil can increase the health of brain cells and help you keep a clear head.

  If there is water in the body, the blood will start to thicken, and nutrients cannot be delivered to various organs, and people will feel tired.

Therefore, people can replenish at least 250ml of water every two hours to avoid the symptoms of dehydration in the body.

If you don’t like to drink water, some fruits with high moisture content are also good choices, such as watermelon and orange.

  Avoid excessive intake of caffeine in the afternoon. Professor Anthony from Harvard Medical School believes that adding 200-300mg of caffeine per day (caffeine content in 2-3 cups of coffee) can make people more energetic.

But if you absorb too much caffeine in the afternoon, it will seriously affect people’s sleep and make you feel extremely tired the next day.

  Strengthening the movement of human brain and body will suffer from the attack of fatigue, sadness, boredom, worry, anger, stress, etc. will cause brain fatigue, which will cause the body’s fatigue.

In life, it is inevitable to encounter joy, sorrow and sorrow. Only active mediation can keep your body in the best state at all times.

  The use of shower to relieve physical fatigue 55% of the participants in the activity believe that the use of “spa” can effectively relieve fatigue.

If there is no conditional spray, spraying water on the whole body can also achieve good results.

  Maintaining a good image A good image helps people build self-confidence, so don’t show people in a sloppy outline at all times.

Trust us, a good image will help you maintain a good mood for the day and help you succeed.

  It may be in line with the adult’s style to give emotions an outlet and keep the depression in your heart, but talking to others can effectively help you reduce your emotions and restore you to the best state as soon as possible.

  Music Music can help you expand your emotions quickly and effectively. Therefore, when you are tired, you may wish to turn on the audio of your favorite song.

  Minimize anger. Scientific research proves that anger has many effects on a person’s body. It affects your heart and lung function and makes you more tired.

  Yoga Breathing When people are under stress, they usually get used to shallow and fast breathing.

The yoga breathing principle encourages people to breathe slowly and deeply, which can increase the amount of oxygen inhaled and make people more energetic.

  Keeping the surrounding environment clean and damaged will give people a sense of loss of control. Therefore, regularly cleaning up your work and living environment will keep them in order, which can effectively regulate your mood and help you stay away from stress.

  Learn to rest If you have too much to do, will you reduce your sleep time as a result?

The survey found that about a quarter of Americans had to squeeze their sleep to work, which usually made them too tired during the day.

There is an old saying that people who do not rest will not work, so how can you change your status?

Here are some tips for friends to refer to above: Turn off the computer and TV after 8 pm The light from the TV and computer screen will disperse your drowsiness, so to ensure sleep, it is best to turn them off before 8 pm

If you have to work at night, then trying to turn them off an hour or two in advance, you will have unexpected gains.

  Put away your alarm clock When you are lying in bed and can’t fall asleep, watching the watch constantly will only increase your stress and make it harder for you to fall asleep.

Experts suggest that if you experience sleep problems, it’s best to put them in an invisible place after setting the alarm clock, which will make you forget the time and quickly go to sleep.

  Don’t make your room too cold / hot or too hot will affect your sleep quality. Setting the room temperature within a reasonable range can help you fall asleep as soon as possible.