Eating this small ginseng in the fall can not only improve your face but also prevent diseases!

Eating this “small ginseng” in the fall can not only improve your face but also prevent diseases!

People who pay attention to health care will be more inclined to eat seasonal foods in the diet, and they are rarely eaten in anti-seasonal foods.
At the moment it is autumn, many vegetables are ripe, among which radish is most liked by people. People who love radish are not bothered by three radishes a day. People who don’t like radish will spit it out and eat radish for them.It is really too painful.
In fact, radish is comparable to drugs, as well as “small ginseng”, it is obvious that you should eat more, then what should you think about radish?
Let’s take a look at the nutrition, efficacy, and food benefits of radish.
点击蓝字了解更多:喜欢吃萝卜的人注意了 再不看就晚了萝卜的营养萝卜营养丰富,包括:维生素、矿物质、碳水化合物、糖分、尼克酸、芥子油等,这些营养在人们食用It can promote absorption, and it is very good for regulating the body and promoting health care.
The effect of radish in Chinese medicine seems to be radish medicine and food dual-use, eating radish can nourish the body, but also promote health care, medicinal value is extremely rich.
Radish is sweet and cool, non-toxic into the lungs, stomach, can eliminate digestion, detoxification, and is very good for qi and cough.
Radish is rich in nutrients and has a high medicinal value. What are the benefits of eating radish?
Beauty and beauty eat radish can absorb vitamin C, remove free radicals in the body.
It also absorbs minerals, continuously promotes metabolism, reduces toxins in the blood, and naturally skin.
Protecting the stomach and eating radish, many people will not accept the spicy taste, which is just enough to promote the secretion of gastrointestinal fluids, and constantly protect the stomach and promote health.
Promote digestion and eat radish, can absorb amylase, digestive enzymes, etc. These substances play a role in promoting food digestion, may wish to eat more.
There is another reason why many people hate eating radish. That is to say that the fart after eating radish has increased. Indeed, such a situation exists.
This is because radish is a qi food, eat into the body, can promote the operation of the gas, which can better regulate the body, and at the same time, under the action of fart, can better promote health care.
Isn’t this better?
Note Many people will cut the skin of the radish when eating radish.
In fact, radish can be eaten with skin, radish skin is also a very good substance, you must pay more attention when eating, it is best to eat with skin.
As for eating radishes, I say so much.
I hope everyone can pay attention to the benefits of radish nutrition, efficacy and eating radish.
For radish, you should eat more to maintain health promotion.

The incidence characteristics and nursing strategies of elderly patients

The incidence characteristics and nursing strategies of elderly patients

Our department received 1000 cases of inpatients from 2008-11 / 2009-10, including 920 cases of 80 years old and above. Our department implemented clinical nursing of geriatric diseases according to the characteristics of the elderly patients, and received satisfactory results. Now the clinical features and clinical features of geriatric diseasesThe nursing strategies are summarized below.

  1 The characteristics of senile diseases are due to the reduction of tissue, organ and endocrine function in the elderly, the reduction of immune function, the weakening of disease resistance, and the imbalance of internal and external environmental regulation functions, which are prone to various diseases.

And after the disease, multiple organs, multiple systems, multiple diseases coexist, complicated condition, long course of disease, poor prognosis, easy to merge infection, complications and sequelae.

The etiology of hospitalized elderly people over 80 years old in our department is followed by cardiovascular disease coronary heart disease, old myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, cerebrovascular disease cerebral thrombosis, hypertension and diabetes, and respiratory diseases.

  2 psychological characteristics of elderly patients are often accompanied by psychological changes in the elderly, some feel lonely and helpless, worried about tension, rehabilitation and survival desire, hope to get timely diagnosis, good treatment and care.

Older patients have preferential psychology, choose doctors and nurses with high medical ethics and high medical skills, treat them with good drugs, worry about misdiagnosis and mistreatment.

  It is very important to implement psychological care for the psychological characteristics and disease characteristics of elderly patients.

In the nursing work, we must carefully observe and understand each other’s different psychological needs: lonely people, warm and enthusiasm; worried, giving explanations; depression patients, giving advice and comfort; depressed people, giving confidenceThose who are eager to seek success, give enthusiasm for help; introduce them to the medical ethics and medical skills of the doctor in charge, and communicate with the medical staff as soon as possible.

When clinical treatment and care are performed on patients, the patient is first explained clearly to obtain cooperation.

When working technically, exercise gently and minimize pain and tension.

The elderly are especially well-known and polite. When calling a patient, they should use the honorary name. Do not substitute the bed number for the name.

It is necessary to patiently and meticulously explain the problems raised by patients, so as to adhere to principles and care.

Carefully do well, give full care to life, and let patients feel that the ward is warm and homey.

Positive psychological care can reduce the effects that drugs cannot replace.

  3 care measures 3.

1 Predictive care for geriatric patients Elderly patients are often accompanied by chronic diseases of multiple organs, complicated and easy to change, especially the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, high risk, high mortality, in the clinical care, to achieve predictive care,It is very important to ensure patient safety and reduce complications.

Hypertension and atherosclerosis are important causes of cerebral thrombosis, and controlling hypertension is an important measure to prevent cerebrovascular accidents.

Slowly reduce blood pressure during treatment, avoid blood pressure falling too fast, strive to stabilize blood pressure within the normal range, generally do not take antihypertensive drugs before going to sleep, because nighttime blood pressure is reduced by about 10% compared with daytime, blood flow is slow, platelets and fibrin are easy to depositCauses a stroke.

Due to nighttime myocardial blood supply, oxygen supply is reduced, often arrhythmia, angina, and even sudden cardiac death.

Therefore, nurses on duty should be aware of each patient, improve their alertness and sense of responsibility, achieve predictive care, observe closely, and provide doctors with accurate and reliable disease information so that they can take correct diagnosis and treatment in time.


2 Nursing care for the elderly patients due to organ degeneration, detoxification and metabolic function in elderly patients, so the response to drug treatment is different, prone to adverse reactions.

Therefore, when formulating a treatment plan for a patient, the nurse should be familiar with the pharmacological knowledge, suggest medication based on the condition, and design a scientific medication care procedure according to the role, usage, adverse reactions, contraindications and precautions of the drug used.

  Before using the drug, it is necessary to strictly implement the “three checks and seven pairs” system, so that it is correct and correct.

When using the medicine, observe the changes of the condition closely, report the adverse reactions to the doctor in time, and take necessary treatment measures.

If the intravenous infusion is expected, the drip rate should be controlled as required. Once the drug reaction occurs, the drug is stopped immediately and treated promptly.

After medication, closely monitor the efficacy of the drug, record the necessary data, and provide first-hand materials for the doctor.


3 rehabilitation guidance for elderly patients 3 .


1 diet and nutrition due to digestive function in elderly patients, chronic disorders, difficulty in chewing, have special requirements for diet, that is, delicious color, easy to digest and absorb, rich in nutrients and eat less meals.

In diet nutrition nursing, encourage patients to drink plenty of water, eat small mouths, eat vegetarian food, do not drink alcohol, let patients eat fresh fruits in moderation, eat more fresh vegetables to increase vitamin intake.

Older patients can often eat peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, chestnuts, shrimps or shrimps, etc., to supplement the intake of selenium in daily intake.

Older patients should eat less spicy foods such as spicy food.



2 to ensure adequate sleep time elderly patients sleep short sleep difficulties, vulnerable to environmental, emotional and other factors, affecting sleep quality, lack of sleep can affect the clinical treatment effect, but also affect the disease rehabilitation process, it should be done before going to bed careTo avoid the stimulation of sound, light, cold, etc.

For patients who suffer from sleep due to illness, symptomatic treatment should be timely. Patients with hypertension should not eat enough at dinner, avoid increasing the burden on the heart, and prevent patients with difficulty in falling asleep due to heart-induced heart cramps. You can take appropriate amount of sedative.Older patients can maintain optimal mental state during daily sleep.



3 Strengthen exercise Exercise for the elderly to promote physical fitness, improve heart function, promote blood circulation, adjust temporary metabolism, prevent obesity, exercise thinking, delay aging, plan to change position, active limbs, and take deep breath for long-term bedridden patientsWaiting for bed exercise can also achieve fitness goals.

In the care of elderly patients, it is necessary to design exercise methods, methods and control the amount of exercise to prevent blind movements or unscientific movements to aggravate the condition.

Drink more water in the spring to eat more vegetables can detoxify

Drink more water in the spring to eat more vegetables can detoxify

In the spring, the metabolism of the human body has entered the most active period of the year. Nutrition experts suggest that spring is a good time to detoxify and strengthen the body. People should adjust their eating habits in winter and eat more foods that can excrete toxins from the body and enhance human immunity.

  In the spring, people must first add more water. Healthy adults need to drink about 2,000 milliliters a day.

It can control and eat some detoxifying soups and porridges, such as red dates, lily and ginkgo plus water and boiled tea instead of detoxifying and nourishing, can prevent respiratory diseases.

In the evening, you can eat vegetable porridge, use white radish and millet porridge, soothe the nerves, detoxify, and enhance the body’s immunity.

  In addition, in the spring, you should eat more dark vegetables such as spinach and fresh fruits in time to increase the intake of fiber.

If you choose black fungus, enoki mushroom, onion, color pepper, etc. to make a cold salad, the effect of detoxification in the morning is better.

At the same time, eat less, control weight, spring normal people daily plant oil intake should be controlled at about 20 grams, and eat less skinned meat, fried foods, etc., to reduce hidden fecal intake.

  In the cooking method, you should choose more cold salad, steamed, simmered, boiled, etc., less braised, oily, fried, etc., gradually changing from the rich taste of winter to the light taste.

Decoration pollution is more scary than imagined

Decoration pollution is more scary than imagined

Core Tip: Autumn is the season of decoration. After the house has been re-flavored, many residents have been busy moving to their new homes.

For a short time, some people will find that the body is different, some breathing discomfort, skin allergies, dizziness, nausea, cough, etc. These are the disasters caused by indoor decoration pollution.

  The artificial board threatens the respiratory paint to destroy the hematopoietic function. A large number of investigation data confirm that indoor pollution caused by a large amount of toxic gases is much more terrible than the gray sky.

Leukemia, formaldehyde, infant deformity.
These shocking words are increasingly associated with “decoration pollution”.

Some experts pointed out that following the “smoke type” and “incorporating tail gas type” pollution, modern people are entering the third pollution period marked by “indoor air pollution”.

  For more people, because the previous failure to recognize the decoration pollution may have serious consequences, the damage caused by people is regrettable.

  Indoor Environmental Investigation Report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More than 10,000 people surveyed live in more than 10 newly built or newly renovated residential and more than 30 high-end hotels, office buildings, conference centers and laboratories.

The results showed that indoor pollution includes more than 50 kinds of chemical, physical, biological, and absorbing substances. Among them, formaldehyde, benzene and alternative organic matter exceeded the standard by 20 to 30 times, and the highest reached 40 times.

Among the respondents, headache, dizziness, fatigue, poor sleep accounted for 30%; skin mucous membrane irritation accounted for 30% -40%; chest tightness, throat problems accounted for 30% -40%; rhinitis accounted for 40%About %. The World Health Organization has announced that 100,000 people worldwide die every year from indoor air pollution, and 35% of them are children.

  Is the five major culprits of indoor pollution really “renovation pollution is fiercer than tigers”?

Zhang Jinliang of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences said that the internal indoor air pollution sources mainly come from the following aspects: the pollution caused by the building itself, such as the background background of raw materials caused by certain building materials, and there is waste; interior decoration materials and processes bringPollution, such as plates, chemical fiber carpets, wallpapers, etc., especially low-grade materials, pollution is more serious; pollution caused by furniture and home appliances, such as plate furniture release formaldehyde, fabric sofa spray tape to benzene pollution.

Scientific research shows that the above materials contain more than 300 kinds of volatile organic compounds, of which the most important, the five most harmful: formaldehyde – mainly plate, such as wood-based panels, sandwich panels and adhesives and other building materials.

Long-term exposure can cause cancer of the nose, mouth, nasopharynx, throat, skin and digestive tract; while low-dose contacts can cause chronic respiratory diseases, pregnancy syndrome, etc., and even cause nasopharyngeal cancer.

  Benzene — mainly from paints, paints, glues, wallpapers, carpets, synthetic fibers and detergents, solvents, etc.

Benzene has a special aroma, but it is a strong carcinogen. Long-term rehabilitation can damage the human circulatory system and hematopoietic function, leading to leukemia.

  氡—The latest research published by the World Health Organization shows that cockroaches have become the second largest cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Professor Zhi Xiuyi, director of the Center for Lung Cancer Clinical Therapy at Capital Medical University, said that cockroach is a natural radioactive gas, colorless and odorless, like “invisible smoke”. Its main hiding place is thin slices and ceramic products such as ceramic tiles and sanitary ware.

The average strontium content per cubic metre of space increased by 100 Baker, and the clinical risk increased by 16%.

In the United States, about 60 people are killed every day, more than the number of people killed by AIDS.

  Ammonia – mainly from concrete additives and interior materials.

Ammonia gas is highly degradable, which has a fast effect on the eyes, throat and upper respiratory tract, and is highly irritating.

Short-term inhalation of a large amount of ammonia will cause tears, sore throat, cough, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, dizziness, vomiting, fatigue and so on.

Especially in winter construction, a large amount is present in the antifreeze.

  Total volatile organic compounds – the main purpose of furniture, wallpaper and so on.

Can cause immune level disorders, affect the central nervous system function, dizziness, headache, lethargy, chest tightness and other symptoms, may also affect the digestive system, loss of appetite, nausea, etc., severely can damage the liver and hematopoietic system.

  Will these five substances really decorate pollution and become “invisible killers”?

According to the maintenance, indoor pollution caused by decoration materials is indeed an important cause of cancer.

Toxic substances in the decoration may be associated with leukemia.

  It is best to have a “physical examination” in the new house. In the face of the newly renovated new house, how should we deal with the air odor?

Several experts have given you the following tips.

  Wood stone is used together.

Dong Jingsheng, deputy secretary-general of the China Consumers Association, said that when supplementing the decoration design, a single material should not be used too much. It is best to use wood, stone, glass and wrought iron materials.

  The artificial board is selected for about 100 yuan.

Wood-based panels are the easiest source of pollution. There is a simple standard when selecting: the wood-based panels of about 100 yuan per piece are relatively safe; the amount of large-core panels in a room of 100 square meters should be controlled within 20 sheets.

  Solid wood furniture is the most environmentally friendly.

Solid wood furniture contains the least amount of glue and less pollution; try not to place large or large-sized furniture in small rooms; do not choose the same furniture as floor materials, especially those with laminate flooring and other artificial flooring.Minimize the choice of wood-based panel furniture.
  Ventilate for one month.
Large, complex renovation works, preferably ventilated for a month to live.

For simple decoration or renovation, it is necessary to pay attention to opening more windows to allow air to convect, because the ratio of benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, etc. is larger than that of air, and it can be more indoors. Only air convection can drive them out.

  Give a new home a “physical examination.”

Too many people think that there is a pungent taste after the decoration, and there is no pollution.

In fact, this is not the case. In toxic and harmful gases, formaldehyde has a pungent odor, and it is colorless and odorless.

Located in front, it is best to find a qualified authority to conduct indoor air toxicant testing and evaluation.

  For office buildings with flexible decoration area, it is best to choose non-toxic and non-polluting building decoration materials and office furniture; the ventilation time is longer than that of ordinary families; it is best to conduct indoor air quality testing before living; some plants have adsorption to plasma, such asIvy, iron tree can absorb benzene and organic matter, spider plant, aloe vera and other absorbable formaldehyde.

Medicine supplement should be suitable for people’s fat and thin condition

Medicine supplement should be suitable for people’s fat and thin condition

Weight has a lot to do with people’s physical health, especially those who are too fat or too thin have certain unhealthy factors.

The substitutions for those who are overweight and lean are not the same. When the medicine is supplemented, only the appropriate conditions can be used to replace the appropriate drugs to achieve the effect of supplementation.

  1.People who are overweight should benefit from gasification. People often say that fat people are mostly qi, and fat people are mostly wet.

Some people who are overweight do not exercise regularly or participate in labor. They feel shortness of breath, palpitations, sweating, sorrow, heavy body and easy sleepiness. This is caused by qi deficiency and dampness.

If the qi is qi, you need to qi, qi needs to strengthen the spleen, then the puffy person should pay attention to the health supplement method is spleen and qi.

If you have wet skin, you should have a spleen. Only the temper is healthy and the water is wet and transported.

  For those who have qi deficiency and dampness, it is necessary to strengthen the spleen and replenish qi and phlegm and dampness. The tonic drugs that can be selected include Codonopsis pilosula, Atractylodes, Poria and Coix seed.

After spleen and phlegm, many people who are overweight will gradually lose weight, feel light and refreshed, and people who are often sleepy will become very spiritual.

  2.Thin people should nourish yin and yin deficiency, temper weakness or lack of yang, which is a common syndrome of people with thin bodies.

The spleen is transported to nourish muscles and limbs. The stomach accepts food, digests and absorbs water valleys. Therefore, when spleen and stomach appear qi deficiency or yang deficiency, it can not digest diet and transport nutrients well.

As a result, the muscles become thinner because they do not get yin and yang substances.

Therefore, people with qi deficiency should be mainly qi, supplemented by nourishing blood, and people with yang deficiency should be warm and yang.

Replenishing spleen and stomach can often replace the beneficial drugs such as ginseng, Codonopsis, Astragalus, and Yam.

Wenyang Yiqi can selectively supplement the drug with antler, purple river car and so on.

  It is often said that most of the thin people are yin and anger.

People with thin bodies often have insufficient yin and low fire. They often have fever in the hands and feet, dry mouth and dry stools. If you take hot drugs or eat spicy or fried foods, your nose and mouth will be dry and serious.The nose is about to run nose.

In response to this situation, you can use the method of nourishing yin and nourishing yin to replenish.

Commonly used tonic drugs are sand ginseng, American ginseng, Polygonatum, bird’s nest, lily, honey, black fungus and so on.

This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health net health channel

Leukemia patients should eat whole grains

Leukemia patients should eat whole grains

People who are used to big fish and meat are now focusing on “grain grains”. Studies have shown that the grains are richer in nutrients.

  The relevant experts of the blood disease diagnosis and treatment center explained why the miscellaneous grains are more nourishing for the perspective of Chinese medicine: corn: sweet and flat, with spleen and dampness, appetizing puzzle, and the effect of promoting blood circulation.

Linoleic acid in corn oil can prevent plasma from depositing on the blood vessel wall, and has a positive effect on preventing hypertension and coronary heart disease.

In addition, it also has the effect of diuresis and lowering blood sugar, especially suitable for diabetic patients.

American scientists have also found that eating corn can stimulate brain cells and enhance people’s memory.

The lutein and zeaxanthin contained in corn can prevent the occurrence of macular degeneration in the elderly.

  Rice: Also known as glutinous rice, its protein is far more than rice, high in surface, easy to digest and absorb, and it is beneficial to reduce the burden on the body and enhance the body.

Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice is sweet and mild, slightly cold, and has the functions of strengthening the spleen, replenishing the lungs, clearing heat and dampness.

Modern research has proven that glutinous rice has anti-tumor effects, enhances immunity, and lowers blood sugar.

Adding glutinous rice and rice porridge or adding appropriate amount of rock sugar can increase the appetite of cancer patients and reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

In addition, the alizarin contained in the glutinous rice has an inhibitory effect on the striated muscle, which can reduce wrinkles, and those who love beauty may wish to eat more.

  Sorghum: Sorghum is sweet and warm, and has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

In children with indigestion, you can take sorghum into the pot and fry, remove the shell powder, take 2-3 grams each time.

However, sorghum is warm and contains precipitated acid with astringent and antidiarrheal effects. Constipation is not suitable for consumption.

  Soybean: Soybean is flat and sweet, has the effect of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi. People with weak spleen and stomach should eat it often.

Various soy products made of soybeans such as tofu, soy milk, etc., also have medicinal properties: tofu can be wide and beneficial to the body, clearing away heat and dispersing blood, especially suitable for respiratory heat cough, cold, exogenous, sore throat.

  Rice: It is also known as rice, sweet and flat, with Buzhong Yiqi, spleen and stomach, in addition to polydipsia.

In winter, the indoor heating is hot, the air is dry, and you can drink rice porridge in the morning and evening, which can be away from the dry and dry corrosion.

It is particularly important to remind diabetics that different cooking methods of rice have different effects on blood sugar.

Studies have shown that dry rice cooked with equal amounts of rice has less effect on blood sugar than porridge.

Therefore, eating dry meals for diabetic patients is good for controlling blood sugar.

  Millet: Also known as corn, sweet and flat, has the effect of spleen and stomach, suitable for spleen and stomach heat, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and postpartum, the body after illness.

A layer of delicate sticky material floating on the porridge of rice, commonly known as “rice oil.”

Chinese medicine believes that rice oil is extremely rich in nutrients and has the strongest nourishing power. There is a statement that “rice oil can be used as a soup.”

  Wheat: Wheat is sweet, flat and slightly cold, with spleen and kidney, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves.

People who are upset and insomnia can use wheat and rice, and jujube to eat together.

In addition, wheat bran contains high dietary fiber and has a role in hyperlipoproteinemia, diabetes, atherosclerosis, acne, senile constipation, and colon cancer.

Reinventing the beautiful back

Reinventing the beautiful back

In addition to the beauty of the face, the temperament is good, and the body is good, and the body is good.

Modern people who are experiencing increasing pressure on life have too many people who have the habit of hunchback and do not feel conscious. The hunchback gives people a sense of lack of confidence and spirit.

However, if it is a long-term hunchback, it will not only affect the beauty. If the hunchback causes bone deformation for a long time, there will be spine spine wear, long bone spur, and compression to the nerve.

  Modern people have multiple sources of stress. They are not children, students, office workers, even lovers, friends, and husbands. Different roles and identities have different pressures. In the face of pressure, there are too many people who will notConscious hunchback habits.

  Some girls develop early, parents or schools have no time to give psychological construction or correct education, these little girls may worry about the same vision between the same, will hunchback to cover up.

  In addition, people who carry heavy loads for a long time may also become habitual hunchback because things are too heavy or poor posture.

Severe hunchbacks must be treated with a braces, and the effect is limited by the severity of the deformation.

Here are some ways to improve the slight hunchback on the back: from the back of the head, shoulders, buttocks, heel, all four parts of the switch, shifting action to develop daily habits, every at least 10 minutes, used to look upa feeling of.

  Always look in the mirror: Always observe your posture, always remind yourself to raise your head and chest.

2 chest expansion exercises: hands reach behind the palms, fingers up, palms opposite.

Develop actions to develop daily habits, each lasting 5-10 minutes.

  Moderate wearing high heels: wearing high-heeled shoes of appropriate height, people will involuntarily reduce the abdomen, chest.

But the heel should not be too high to prevent the toes from deforming.

  Pay attention to the sitting position: Try not to sit on the sofa, because the soft cotton sofa will be on the sofa.

And the chair is only allowed to sit, which helps you stay upright and not humpback.

Changing the habit of hunchback before morbidity can not only beautify the curve, but also make your confidence and interpersonal relationship significantly more important!

Treatment of senile pruritus

Treatment of senile pruritus

Gu Fang Qiaozhi elderly pruritus case: Li, male, 76 years old.

The main complaint is that the itching of the skin has been repeated for more than 5 years, and it has been in the winter. It has been treated with Chinese and Western medicine, and the curative effect is very small.

After washing the hot spring water half a month ago, the itching increased.

The skin is itchy around the body, with the buttocks and limbs, paroxysmal attacks, especially at night; the skin is dry, bloody, with skin hypertrophy and pigmentation; Shenpi fatigue, complexion, night can not be paralyzed, dry mouthThe knot is light; the tongue is light, the fur is white, and the pulse is fine; there is no obvious history of diabetes.

  Western medicine diagnosis: pruritus in middle-aged and elderly people.

  TCM diagnosis: rubella itch (qi deficiency and blood stasis).

  Treat qi and activating blood, dispelling wind and itching.

The party used Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang.

Group: 50 grams of Astragalus, Angelica, raw land, white peony, Kochia scoparia, 15 grams of night vine, red peony, earthworm, peach kernel, Chuanxiong each 10 grams, 18 grams of Shouwu, 10 grams.

7 doses, 1 day 1 dose, Shuijianbi.

After 7 doses, the itching was obviously relieved, the spirit improved, and the nightingale turned to safety.

Keep the above scutellariae to 60 grams, add 12 grams of fried atractylodes, continue to enter 10 doses, the same as before.

After 10 doses, the skin is more moisturized than before, pigmentation, scratches are reduced, and the skin only has a slight tear.

The effect is not better, and then 15 doses to consolidate the effect, and stipulate that it eats less spicy food, avoid hot water scalding and alkaline soap.

About now, no recurrence.

  Analysis: Old age pruritus is a common and frequently-occurring disease in the elderly, for different reasons.

The course of the disease is lingering, recurrent, and often worsened due to improper treatment of the patient.

Chinese medicine believes that “all kinds of itching is virtual”, elderly patients often have physical weakness and lack of yang, qi and blood deficiency, and even outside the body to lose weight, blood clots, poor health, dry and windy, abnormal skin and itchingIt is a kind of “itchy wind”, “all itch”, “wind itching”.

Fangzhong reuses Huangqi to replenish vital energy, and qiwang bloodline to cure the disease; with Angelica, Chishao, Dilong, Taoren, Chuanxiong, Shengdi, system Shouwu nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, nourishing yin and moisturizing skin; white blood stasis and blood circulation, and systemShouwu and white peony are mutually complementary drugs, which can replenish liver and kidney, benefit essence and blood; kojiko clearing heat and dampness, phlegm and wind and itching, night vine detoxification and soothe the nerves, Dilong pass through, lead medicine to the whole body toDrug power.

The compatibility of various medicines, qi and not evil, sputum without hurting the positive, so that the blood is accessible, the skin is raised, the drug is evidenced, so it is effective.

Get rid of the most simple way to lose weight

Get rid of the most simple way to lose weight

Every MM wants to have a slim body, but losing weight and having to go hungry really makes many MMs discouraged.

Let’s tell you about 9 super easy weight loss methods. Don’t deliberately diet without hard work, you can easily create a perfect body!

  1. Take a call and take your phone with you, and take 10 minutes to handle some of the things on your work list.

For example, call a friend or do some work.

You will get a sense of accomplishment and feel more relaxed, then you will forget that you have to open the refrigerator.

  2, shopping accurately, when you are shopping, walk lightly, let your arm swing at a 90-degree angle.

Walk as long as possible to increase your heart rate and burn your calories.

  3. When dancing and enjoying music at home, jump on a dance you like.

Dance can bring a good mood, and long-term persistence will make your body more slim and feminine.

Dancing is both a systemic weight loss method and a form of entertainment.

Dancing makes people happy and can reduce temporary accumulation.

  4, pack up and often clean up your things.

For example, tidy up the clothes in the closet and sort out the items in the room.

These actions are slow, but they can also help you burn calories!

  5, be kind to yourself If you often like to open the door of the refrigerator, like to pick up a can of Coke or juice to drink, those transfers also secretly flow into your body.

Apply nail polish at the time, or look at the magazine you are interested in, instead of using transfer to pass your time.

  6, after a small exercise after dinner, do a relaxing little exercise to help yourself consume the quantum.

You can take a walk with your cute puppy or play a small game with your family.

This kind of small exercise will help your mood to relax more, and also burn your aunt, why not?

  7, go outside and walk around with friends to go outside, go shopping, go to the park is a small movement that is good for the human body.

Three times a week, it can help you burn calories while also enhancing your relationship with friends!

  8. Put more low-fat food in the refrigerator and try to put more low-fat food in the refrigerator, so even if you want to eat, you will have a higher chance of choosing them.

Put some fresh fruits and vegetables in the most visible position of the refrigerator so that you may choose them when you open the refrigerator.

  9, eat less a day, eat less a cup of biscuits a day, drink a cup of coke, drink a cup of juice and other high-conversion food.

Although you just eat a little less, if you calculate it, you will find that you have reduced your intake of a lot of calories.

What to eat during the rain?

Dietary principle during rainy season

What to eat during the rain?
Dietary principle during rainy season

What to eat during the rain?
1 garlic in the spring to eat more onion garlic not only helps the needs of hair growth, but also helps the body resist more external damage.

In the spring, there are many colds and viruses, but garlic contains two effective substances, the antibacterial ingredients – alliin and garlic enzyme.

Alliin and garlic enzymes are present in the cells of fresh garlic. Once the garlic is crushed, they come into contact with each other, forming a colorless oily liquid, garlicin.

Allicin has a strong bactericidal effect and can help the body to infect external “bacteria”.

2 Amaranth leek has high nutritional value, including protein, trace, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin C, and also contains flavonoid glycosides, choline, acetylcholine and so on.

The dish is rich in vitamin C and carotene, which enhances the body’s immune function.

Can also lower blood pressure, stomach and digestion, treatment of gastric ulcer, stomach ulcers, ulcers, enteritis and other diseases.


Xiaomi ancients believe that: “millet soup match ginseng soup”, can be seen that the nutritional value of millet is high, for the elderly and weak patients and maternity, millet can be said to be the most ideal nourishing good.

The same weight of millet contains twice as much iron as rice, and vitamin B1 is 1 more than rice.


5 times, the dimension B2 is 1 times higher, and the cellulose is 2 times higher than the rice?
7 times.


Jujube, an ancient famous doctor in Tanzania, said: “Spring days should be acid-salted to raise temper.

“It means that in the spring, you should eat less acid and eat more sweet.”

Chinese medicine believes that when the liver is vigorous in the spring, eating sour foods that the liver is too strong and damaging the spleen and stomach, so should eat less sour food.

And people’s outdoor activities in the spring are more than winter, the physical exertion is prolonged, and the required conversion is increased.

However, at this time, the spleen and stomach are weak, and the gastrointestinal digestion ability is poor. It is not suitable for eating greasy meat. Therefore, the transformation can be supplied with appropriate sweets.

Jujube is just like this spring fragrance spleen.


Honey Chinese medicine believes that honey is sweet, into the spleen and stomach, can make up the benefits of Qi, laxative.

The weather in spring is changeable, the weather is cold and warm, and people are prone to catch colds.

Because honey contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, and the function of clearing the lungs and detoxification, it can enhance human immunity and is the most ideal tonic in spring.

Therefore, in the spring, if you can take 1-2 spoons of honey a day, take a cup of warm boiled water or add milk, it has a nourishing effect on the body.


Spring bud spring day food spring buds.

Confucius said “from time to time, not eating”, meaning that it is not (season) that does not eat this season.

The traditional Chinese medicine classic “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” also said that it is necessary to “eat the valley”, that is, to eat seasonal food.

All the plants in spring produce green buds, and there are many spring buds that can be eaten, such as citron, bean sprouts, garlic, bean sprouts, and lettuce.


The spring climate of leeks is different, and it is necessary to maintain yang, and leeks are most suitable for human yang.

Amaranth contains nutrients such as volatile oil, protein, traces and multivitamins. It has the functions of strengthening stomach, refreshing and strengthening kidney.

Spring 韭 is the best among the leeks, and the taste is especially delicious.

Its roots are as white as jade, green leaves are like green, and the fragrance is fragrant.

Spring 韭 eats a variety of methods, both meat, eggs, shrimp, cuttlefish, etc., can also be used as steamed dumplings stuffing.Add some spring scallions when fried green bean sprouts or tofu, especially aromatic and delicious.


Cherry has the reputation of “the first branch of spring fruit” and is currently cultivated in some places.

The cherry fruit is thick, juicy and juicy, rich in color and rich in nutrients. Its iron content is particularly prominent, more than 20 times more than citrus, pear and apple, ranking first in fruit.

Cherry is warm, sweet and slightly acidic, with Buzhong Yiqi, Tiaozhongyiyan, spleen appetizer.

Spring cherry can be sweating, qi, hurricane and rash.

It should be noted that the cherry is a fire, not too much food, the body yin and anger should not eat or eat less.

Can’t eat cherries, strawberries are also a good choice.

The principle of diet in the rain season.

When the rain is saved, the acid is increased. In the spring diet, the diet was raised: “Spring 72, the province is rich in sugar, to raise the spleen”.

In the daily diet, you should pay attention to eating less sour foods and eating more sweet foods to nourish the spleen and stomach.


Eat more warm food, rain, water should eat less lamb, dog meat and other warm items.

The most suitable rain season is to regulate the spleen and stomach, so eat more warm food in the diet to adjust the spleen and stomach.

Anyone who chooses sand ginseng, American ginseng, cassia seed, white chrysanthemum, etc. as a medicated diet.


Eat less greasy and eat more vegetables and fruits. When the rain is rainy, the weather is warmer, the spring is windy, the climate is dry, the morning and evening are colder, the wind and evil are increasing, the skin often appears, the tongue is dry, the lips are chapped, etc., so you should eat more fresh vegetables., fruit to supplement the body’s moisture.

Since the spring is the beginning of all things, the season when the yang is over, should eat less greasy things, so as not to help the yang to leak.