[Can durian be red?]_ Red_Impact

[Can durian be red?]_ Red_Impact

Durian is favored by food lovers in life, because the taste of durian is unique, and its strong and sweet taste makes the mouth feel very strong.

Durian is only produced in tropical regions. Therefore, domestic people must transport long-distance if they want to eat durian. The transportation process takes a long time and the environment changes greatly. Compensation for the quality of durian’s pulp is damaged. For example, some durians will appear.The performance of redness, let’s take a look at the durian redness.

Can durian shells be red?

If the durian looks moldy outside, there are red dots inside.

There may be mold in this durian, which may cause infection, especially aspergillus causes carcinogenesis. It is recommended not to eat it anymore.

The color of a normal durian shell is usually yellow-green on the side with spikes, and the white peony after peeling is white or slightly yellow.

Even if it is a red durian, its pupa is white with light yellow, so the red durian shell is an abnormal durian shell. It is best not to eat it.

What is the reason why the durian shell is red? The durian is generally red because the durian is too mature and left for too long to cause mold growth. Although Monascus is non-toxic and the metabolism is red, there are many types of molds with red metabolites.There is no way to determine whether it is harmful to the human body, so it is best not to consume it.

How to preserve durian shell without redness 1.

Eat fresh durian shells directly each time, discontinuously placing durian shells and durian shells. This can prevent durian shells from being left for too long, which can lead to mildew.


Fresh durian shells are dried into durian shells. The dry durian shells have a very low residue and are not prone to mold. After drying, store them in a cool, dry place.

What to pay attention to when eating durian shell 1.

When eating durian shells, all the outer spikes must be removed, and the white peony inside can also be stewed.


When the durian shell is under fire, you can drink the durian shell soup after eating durian. It has the effect of reducing durian’s hot and dry gas and is good for the body.


Do not use the durian shell with alcohol taste, it is spoiled and bad for your health.