2019 Asian Cup China vs South Korea match schedule

2019 Asian Cup China VS Korea match schedule
At 21:30 on January 11, Beijing time, the second round of the 2019 Asian Cup Group C started, and the national football team defeated the Philippines 3-0.In the first half, Feng Xiaoting once rescued his chest, but Wu Xi’s header just missed slightly, Wu Lei scored the world wave!In the second half, Wu Lei once again staged the flying fairy, and Yu Dabao came off the bench for 17 seconds.After the two-game winning streak of the national football team, the group qualified in advance to advance to the top 16.In the final round, the national football team will die in South Korea, competing for the first team.The Chinese football team made an advance appearance. Chinese fans warmly cheered the 2019 Asian Cup finals match, which took place in the UAE from January 5 to February 1.The national football group match against the Philippines on January 11 and the final round against South Korea on January 16.Wu Lei vs. Philippines scored twice for the 2019 Asian Cup schedule: Group A January 5 UAE VS Bahrain January 6 Thailand VS India January 10 Bahrain VS Thailand January 10 India VS UAE January 14 UAE VS Thailand  January 14 India VS Bahrain Group B January 6 Australia VS Jordan January 6 Syria VS January 10 Jordan VS Syria January 11 Syria VS January 15 United States VS Syria January 15 Palestine VS Jordan C组1月7日韩国VS菲律宾1月7日中国VS吉尔吉斯斯坦1月11日菲律宾VS中国1月11日吉尔吉斯斯坦VS韩国1月16日韩国VS中国1月16日吉尔吉斯斯坦VSVS组  1月7日Iran VS Yemen January 8 Iraq VS Vietnam January 12 Yemen VS Iraq January 12 Vietnam VS Iran January 16 Iran VS Iraq January 16 Vietnam VS Yemen Group E January 8 Saudi Arabia VS North Korea January9 Qatar VS Lebanon January 12 North Korea VS Qatar January 13 Lebanon VS Saudi Arabia January 17 Saudi Arabia VS Qatar January 17 Lebanon VS North Korea F Group January 9 Japan VS Turkmenistan January 9 UzbekistanStan VS Oman January 13 Turkmenistan VS Uzbekistan January 13 Oman VS Japan January 17 Japan VS Uzbekistan January 17 Oman VS Turkmenistan 1/8 finish field 37 A2 VS C2 field sequence 38 D1 VS B/E/F3 field sequence 39 B1 VS A/C/D3 field sequence 40 F1 VS E2 field sequence 41 C1 VS A/B/F3 field sequence 42 E1 VS D2 field sequence 43 A1 VS C/D/E3 field sequence 44 B2 VS F21 / 4 Finals 45 45 Winners VS 38 Winners 46 46 Winners VS 40 Winners 47 41 Winners VS 42 Winners 48 43 Winners VS 44 Winners Semifinals49 45 winners VS 46 winners field order 50 47 winners VS 48 winners final field order 51 49 winners VS 50 winners According to the schedule, the 2019 Asian Cup opener will be played between the host UAE and Bahrain, the time isJanuary 5, 2019.The national football team greeted the focus battle with Kyrgyzstan on the 7th. The success or failure of this game will directly influence the team of the national football team.In addition, the national football team will face the Philippines and South Korea on the 11th and 16th respectively. Original title: Asian Cup January 16 China VS South Korea specific timetable 2019 National Football Asian Cup match schedule