CBA All-Star Opening Ceremony Was Long for Tucao, 80% of Fans Called Asleep

CBA All-Star Opening Ceremony Was Long for Tucao, 80% of Fans Called “Asleep”
Minnan News January 19 News Last night, the theme of the opening ceremony of the CBA All-Star before the game was our city, our dream.However, the stage drama specially created by the director about basketball was met with mad talk by netizens. Everyone said that the opening ceremony was extremely boring and could not be understood at all.The entire opening ceremony lasted more than 50 minutes, and many fans said they were going to fall asleep.The little fans on the scene all watched asleep   Famous basketball expert Wang Meng also vomited on Weibo: the same plot every year.The Beijing TV basketball commentator Ma Chongyang also said: after playing for 20 years, his hair is white.The fan nicknamed Brother Crazy commented: Why haven’t you sang “Unforgettable Tonight”?Why haven’t Feng Gong’s sketches yet?The sunset song of my life spit out: I came back from get off work to prepare to watch the scores of the two teams. Who knew that turning on the TV turned out to be a gala party.I thought it was the wrong channel!In the survey score, there are 82.5% of people chose this option when they were asleep and unable to score, and 9% chose 50 points but couldn’t see this option.It is worth mentioning that the entire opening ceremony took nearly 50 minutes until the flag raising ceremony was held at 20:23.Many netizens believe that this opening ceremony is a waste of time.