Female Power Screening, Seeing Love and Freedom | Beijing News x National Grand Theater

“Female Power” Screening, Seeing Love and Freedom | Beijing News x National Grand Theater
The upcoming weekend is a feminine festival, and the third night of the online music theme show of Sauna Nightnet x National Grand Theater: female power-female beauty can intervene in us towards love and freedom.In this edition of the exhibition, you will see the passionate and feminine beauty, the elegant and intellectual beauty, they are lively and cheerful, or gentle and determined, their dancing graceful, singing is touching . The four screenings of this special show are “Military”Girl”, “Carmen”, “Aida” and “Jane Eyre”, in these four performances, you can realize the charm of the female power.Click to scan the corresponding QR code to see the corresponding performance video.The opera “Carmen” is one of the most famous classic female images in the world. The sexy and unrestrained “Carmen” has become synonymous with love and freedom.When the familiar melody of “Love is a free bird” sounds, Carmen in a red dress is surrounded by everyone, stepping on the unruly dance steps, the music of the Habanera style is swaying and quite mysterious, wanderingSex is accompanied by the emergence of triplets. A charming and ambiguous sexy girl is amazing. In fact, the storm on the wilderness is charming and wild. You will understand that there will be a feast of swaying feminine beauty in front of you.Photo courtesy of the National Grand Theater Opera “Girls in the Army” Whenever mentioning Donizetti’s “Girls in the Army”, someone will immediately think of the incredible nine High C, think of Pavarotti and SutherlandCooperating moving record, the classic version of Flores.And the temptation of the “Girl in the Army” version of the National Grand Theater far exceeds the nine High C, and even for the audience of the nine High C into the theater, they will also receive an unexpected surprise-a gorgeous and beautiful womanHigh-pitched melody, lively and cheerful girl Mary on stage, witty and cute big white bear, scenic Swiss snow mountain town . The two-hour opera combines drama and music perfectly, and can also see a lively girl in the military campHearty everything.The opera “Aida” in the yellow sands of the National Grand Theater, the sparkling Nile River, the mirage-like pyramids, and the Sphinx quickly turned the audience into the mysterious kingdom of ancient Egypt. Later, you will watchTo the sensitive and timid and fearless Aida, the gentle and savvy Egyptian princess and other series of distinctive female images appeared on the stage.The singing is thick and far-reaching, supplemented by three-dimensional projection technology, and the exotic dance costume is filled. This opera audio-visual feast is full of vivid and vivid ancient Egyptian pharaoh era style.The drama “Jane Love” provided by the National Grand Theater seems to be a woman in oil painting, with a thin, cold and arrogant temperament. Yuan Quan ‘s “Jane Love” has been performing for ten years and is still talked about by the audience.In Jane Eyre, the beautiful character of freedom and equality touched every audience deeply, and her twisted love story with Rochester was even more breathtaking.The true value of this moving story goes far beyond the entertaining satisfaction of “lovers eventually become dependents”. She is full of pressing questions about the nature of love and deep concern for the implication of human nature.Photo courtesy of National Grand Theater