Fang Shuo is still not fully recovered, Shougang to avoid losing streak to count on the Haohan combination

Fang Shuo is still not fully recovered, Shougang to avoid losing streak to count on the “Haohan” combination
In the 28th round of the CBA regular game tonight, the Beijing team made both appearances and welcomed back to Jeremy Lin’s Shougang men’s basketball team against the Shenzhen team at home to try to avoid a losing streak.Four in a row.Shougang returned to the Hamilton + Jeremy Lin combination.Figure / Osports Shougang Men’s Basketball officially announced last night to replace Youdu with Jeremy Lin and re-enable the foreign aid combination at the beginning of the season.After today’s pre-match training, head coach Yanis said that according to the status quo of the team’s backcourt strength, Jeremy Lin’s return became inevitable.”Fang Shuo’s situation is a factor that allows us to make substitution decisions. He also affects the design of the entire team’s offensive and defensive conversion tactics and tactics. He is not fully recovered. I hope he can recover soon.”Pointing out the reasons for choosing Dahan and Jeremy Lin as a partner, Yanis said:” We think it is more important to maintain the stability of the team. “Hamilton has come to the team for the third year. He knows the team and the entire league better. His stable output is the choice we want.”In addition, Zhu Yanxi has trained with the team. Although it is not yet possible to determine the specific time of the competition, his injury has been improving, and the team is more optimistic.”Shougang recently lost to Shandong and Qingdao in succession. Most of the reasons for the victory over Shanghai were due to the sudden failure of the opponent in the second half. The team dropped to sixth place. Yannis believes that although the current ranking is still high, the pressure is still very strongBig.”At first, everyone saw that the difference between many teams is very small, and the victory is only one game.The important thing is that we unite together to do what we should do and prepare for the future competition.”Beijing’s men’s basketball team has accumulated 3 consecutive wins after winning the Shenzhen team with 2 points at home in the last round. Tonight they will face the Zhejiang team who was killed in the last round.Marbury said that he needed to sum up the last lesson that was chased, and focus on preventing Shuangxiaowai in Zhejiang and local strong points Wu Qian, Zhu Xuhang and others.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Guo Li