She playing Zhao Jinmai’s girlfriends, the first drama is Step by Step | New actors

She playing Zhao Jinmai’s girlfriends, the first drama is “Step by Step” | New actors
Chai Wei started filming since she was a child. Many viewers felt very familiar when she saw her. Chai Wei faced the sauna. Yenet said frankly: “When I was a child, filming was more like playing someone else’s daughter, or when someone was a child, it was more like finishingtask.”Now, Chai Wei has her own complete story in the film and television works, which also makes her feel novel and overcome the pressure.In the face of the college entrance examination two years later, Chai Wei’s biggest wish is to be admitted to the Beijing Film Academy to receive more systematic and professional training to better improve his ability.He Xin’s strength imitates Lin Pioneer.Motion News produced Chai Wei Birthday: December 7, 2002 Birthplace: Zhejiang Cixi Masterpiece: “Step by Step Frightening”, “The First Love”, “Mian Yue Zhuan”, “Prince’s Promotion” Photography: Sauna, Ye Wang Guo YanbingBecause “Golden” plays He Xin, Chai Wei is actually very slow in character. When she has no expression, she will bring “Golden” temperament.But it was this characteristic that made her successful in the corner of He Xin in “The Little Love”.Chai Wei said that he was very nervous when going to the trial: “When I get nervous, I will show a cold look. I don’t like to talk, and I’m a little shy.Directors and producers may think that one of my conditions at that time was very similar to He Xin.”Chai Wei said frankly, when he first entered the group, the lead actors were very rusty, but because everyone was of similar age, they went out to dinner and chat together after work, and they soon became acquainted.Very real, we get along in private.”Cai Wei also revealed that he was actually very funny in private:” I am Sagittarius. Sagittarius is relatively lively and enthusiastic.It was only later that everyone discovered that I was not as cold as it seemed.My character is actually closer to He Xin, which also surprises everyone.”In this play, the thing that touched Chai Wei the most was the scene of college graduation,” because I haven’t experienced this kind of graduation, and this time I realized it in advance.After the filming of the scene, the whole drama is about to kill.After spending three months with the crew, I thought that everyone would soon be separated.”His childhood was called” Xiaolin Qingxia “. The first play was” Step by Step “Chai Wei’s hometown is in Zhejiang. There are many clothing factories nearby, and there are many opportunities to shoot print ads.When Chai Wei went to kindergarten, a magazine recruited a parent-child model to shoot the cover. Chai Wei’s mother used the mentality to try out the photos, but she was selected unexpectedly.”My mother likes to post blogs. She often posts my photos online. Later, many netizens said that I was” Xiaolin Qingxia “, and when I said it, my mother thought it seemed a bit like it.”When Chai Wei was about 8 years old, the staff of the” Step by Step Fright “crew found her and invited her to play the talented Cheng Huange.When talking about the experience at that time, Chai Wei found it very interesting, but the details were not clearly remembered, “I remember when I was a kid, I always laughed.”She added that because her previous experience was shooting in the plane, the first filming of a TV series suddenly caused special harassment,” I don’t know what I’m doing. “The goal of the former “Jiang Juyue” was that after the film school finished “Step by Step Fright”, there were successive film crews to contact Chai Wei.Chai Wei, who often performed “Zhen Huan Biography” at home when he was a child, did not expect that he would have the opportunity to appear in the young Zhiyue in “Jianyue Zhuan”.Speaking of having played other people’s childhood more often, Chai Wei said: “This kind of role is more to complete the character’s mentality, and it will be expressed with some skillful performances.”Chai Wei really felt the pleasure of acting because he appeared in” Mr. Underwear “,” You can have your own life experience and play a relatively complete role, there will be a sense of responsibility and pressure.You need to run in with the opponent actors.”But Chai Weiwei still doesn’t dare to watch his own work,” I will watch the retrospective of the scene, because I want to improve my performance, but the whole work after the broadcast is still not too dare to watch, there will be a sense of shame.Talking about his studies, Chai Wei said that his elementary and junior high schools are ordinary schools, but when he chose high school, he made his goals clear, and he passed the Beijing Modern Conservatory of Music.Chai Wei, who is about to face the college entrance examination two years later, said that her goal is the Beijing Film Academy. She is looking forward to receiving more systematic and professional training to improve herself.Fresh Q & A: Sauna Night Net: In “The Little Love of First Love”, you played Zhao Jinmai’s girlfriend. Is your private mode of getting along some kind?Chai Wei: We actually get along in and out of the movie in the same way. We often start shooting while we are still chatting, and we do n’t know yet.Sauna Nightnet: Can you chase the show yourself?Chai Wei: I quite care about what other people think and think of me, so I might go to see the barrage, but I dare not watch my own performance, and I do n’t know why I feel a sense of shame.Sauna Nightnet: Do you care about bad reviews?Chai Wei: I’m more sensitive and pay too much attention to some bad reviews.So I might go and see these comments and then improve myself.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Kunyu Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Li Shihui