-ST 高升 -The company’s stock has the risk of being suspended from listing

* ST high: the company’s stock has the risk of being suspended from listing
Sauna Night News April 22, Gaosheng Holdings Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: * ST Gaosheng) issued a risk warning announcement about the company’s stocks may be suspended from listing.The announcement stated that the company’s 2018 financial report was issued by an accounting firm with an audit report that could not express an opinion.If the company’s 2019 financial report continues to be issued with an audit report that cannot express an opinion or negative opinion, the company’s stock will be at risk of being suspended from listing;If it continues to be negative, the company’s stock will continue to be subject to delisting risk warning.The announcement also stated that the company disclosed the “2019 Annual Results Express” on April 15th. It is expected that the 2019 operating results will be compensated for, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be replaced in 2019.700 million yuan.The above data is the preliminary calculation data of the company’s finance department, and is finalized by the audit of a recognized accounting firm. The specific and accurate financial data is subject to the audited 2019 annual report officially disclosed by the company.Sao Yee Editor Zhao Ze